Couple on Valentine's Day
Couple on Valentine's Day

Tips for Having a Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re on a budget – bummer! Good news, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a great Valentine’s Day that you’ll remember. You just need a little thought and creativity to make it a day you’ll both love. Here are some ideas to get your brain moving in that direction.

Make time for their favorite activity. What has your honey been asking you to do? Does she pester you to take salsa dance lessons with her, and you never will? Is there a RomCom she’s been wanting to see for so long that is now out on video?  Does she complain that you are always focused on your phone instead of her? Does he wish you’d sit down and watch the sporting event with him? This is your time to shine. Grant him or her that wish, and your partner will love it and you for making the sacrifice.

Offer to take household chores off their hands. Do you pester him to do things around the house such as fixing the loose floorboard, emptying the dishwasher, or shouldering part of the burden for driving kids around? Let him know that you are not going to ask him to do a single thing around the house for a whole entire week (or even for a day or two). I’ll bet before the week is over he’ll be volunteering to do some of the things that in the past you’ve had to nag him to do. Why just Valentine’s Day? It’s a week of extra love to show how much you care and share.

Share how much you love and appreciate them. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Follow in the poet’s footsteps. Every morning for a month, text your partner a reason that you love him or her. Set an alarm so you don’t forget. That planned thoughtfulness will have their heart go pitty-pat each and every day.

Feed your sweetheart’s fancy. Do they have an insatiable sweet tooth? Bake a special cake or some wonderful cookies they love. Does she love scarves? Visit a second-hand shop to find some pretty scarves and wrap them up for her. Buy a mug in his favorite color and decorate it with decals of his favorite obsession – sports, cars, tools, whatever. 

Make them a thoughtful, DIY gift. If you really don’t have money to spend, make a poster with pictures of all the treasures you wish you could give them, and give it to them with a tender note about how much you love and treasure them every day of the year. PS. Adding a scrumptious chocolate bar can’t hurt.

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