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Why Haven’t I Received My Second Stimulus Check?

Tax News I’m eligible but didn’t receive second stimulus check

UPDATE – January 11th

We know that some tax filers affected by the IRS error have not yet received their stimulus payment. We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to get you your stimulus payment as quickly as possible. 

Unfortunately, for some tax filers stimulus payments are still at the IRS.  Without the IRS releasing these funds to us, we do not have a way to get your payment to you. The IRS will need to re-issue your stimulus payment.

According to the IRS, stimulus payments are expected to be deposited into bank accounts by the end of January. You can read the full IRS statement here

If you are a TurboTax customer in this group, you should have received an email from us notifying you of the situation. We will continue to reach out with new information. 

We know how important these funds are for so many Americans and we continue to advocate on your behalf with the IRS. 

UPDATE – January 8th

We are happy to share that stimulus payments will begin to be deposited on January 8th for millions of our customers affected by the IRS error.  We expect most of these payments to be available that day, but banks could take a few business days to process. Payment will be deposited into the same bank account that customers received their 2019 tax refund.

Customers receiving a stimulus payment will receive an email from TurboTax informing them of the deposit.

We have been working tirelessly with the Treasury and IRS to get stimulus payments to our customers.  We know how important these funds are for so many Americans and we regret that an IRS error caused a delay.

We appreciate your patience as these payments are processed.  This update may not immediately be reflected in the IRS Get My Payment tool.

For more information visit our FAQ here.

The IRS recently began issuing a second round of stimulus payments to those eligible. Unfortunately, because of an IRS error, millions of payments were sent to the wrong accounts and some may not have received their stimulus payment.  

We have been working tirelessly on a solution with the Treasury and the IRS. As a result, our expectation now is that within days the error will be corrected and stimulus payments will begin being deposited into the correct bank accounts. We have also re-confirmed with the IRS that they have all of the correct banking information for our customers. 

We know how important these funds are for so many Americans and that everyone is anxious to get their money, now more than ever.  

We will keep you updated on our efforts, and we will stay on this until you get your money.

For general stimulus information, you can visit our Stimulus Tax Center here: 

For additional information about stimulus payments, including eligibility, payment timing and distribution details, the IRS urges people to visit for the most up to date information.

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  1. I just received my stimulus 5 minutes ago in my bank account my status on IRS also said not available, hang in there I believe you will get it soon, praying everyone gets their stimulus very soon.

  2. I just received my second stimulus check. Thank you Turbo Tax for all your hard work and cleaning up the Irs’s mess!

  3. For those who did receive their Direct Deposit today, did your IRS status page have the “Status not Available” error prior to today? Does it still have this error? Trying to figure out if what the IRS said is accurate or not. They said if you have this error you would not receive a direct deposit.

  4. I recorded the first one fine but this time the irs is saying there’s no information, and i haven’t been updated by anyone.

  5. Got the email but still no deposit and IRS site says the same. Did everyone who used Turbotax get the email or only those getting a deposit ? How do we know if we are getting it or not or if we have to wait and file with taxes ?

    1. Hi Rebekah,

      If you received an email from us today, your stimulus payment should be deposited in the next few days.

      Please be patient, it may take some time for your stimulus payment to be processed by your bank and show up in your account.

      I hope this helps.

      Katharina Reekmans

  6. Have not received any updates from TurboTax concerning this issue- still have not received stimulus payment for which direct deposit info was provided-cannot get in touch with or contact with a live person concerning this – this is unprofessional and unacceptable- not good customer service Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle,

      If you have not received an email please take a look at our list of FAQs regarding this issue as they may apply to you.

      I hope this helps.

      Katharina Reekmans

    1. Hi Jillian,

      If you have not received an email please take a look at our list of FAQs regarding this issue as they may apply to you.

      I hope this helps.

      Katharina Reekmans

  7. Turbo tax I have not received my stimulus nor have I received an email from you guys withholding my stimulus.

  8. I am seeing the same issue as most…I received the email from TurboTax that the error has been addressed and my direct deposit should be in my account on the 8th (which its not), I understand some banks can take more time however on the IRS site its showing the Payment #2 – Status Not Available and per the IRS I will have to claim it on my taxes however Turbo Tax is saying I will get the deposit. I like many others are very confused. Please clarify this for everyone as I did not have any issues with the first stimulus direct deposit.

  9. Why did I receive an email from turbo tax stating on the subject line “update for your second stimulus check” and I opened the email to find a big 5 ad?!?!

  10. Finally got my stimulus even though the irs payment status said not available. Thank you for working on this turbo tax!!

  11. I really hope that things turn around for everyone. I know It’s a low time for most and we need the money but you all are truly blaming and being brats in this comment section..

  12. If H&R Block fixed theirs already then turbo tax has no excuses so turbo tax has lost my business forsure my family was depending on this money and still nothing it is not fair

  13. Thank you TurboTax. My check just posted to my account. They are not lying. Please be patient. My payment also said status unavailable. I will be doing my taxes with you guys this year also. Mistakes happen. Thank you for taking care of us.

    1. Do you have a federal bank or a credit union? Mines a federal bank, still waiting on mine. I hope it comes soon!

  14. Will never use turbo tax again I needed that check for my bills and you guys could care less fix this my butt you guys are trash

  15. Has anyone who received this new Jan 8th email, that the problem has been solved ACTUALLY received their money yet? I frantically check my bank account.

  16. Thank you turbo tax! I know it’s not your fault! A lot of other taxing companies are dealing with the same issue with the IRS issuing payment to other accounts. I don’t hold y’all responsible! This stimulus is extra money we all didn’t have so it should be a blessing to receive it! Unlike the other rude comments. I have been with y’all for years and I’m not going anywhere! The rates are amazing and the customer service is impeccable! Thank you again for the continued support!

  17. It’s the day of the payment and I know I’m not the only person with a 0 balance just saying if the payments were sent out on the 1/4/2021 then why is it taking so long to get it I s what I’m trying to figure out

    1. Hi Denise,

      If you changed your bank account or if your account was closed, your bank has to reject this payment and send it back. We are working with the IRS and Treasury to find an alternative way to deliver your stimulus payment.

      Please check out our list of FAQs regarding this issue as they may apply to you.

      I hope this helps.
      Katharina Reekmans

  18. I’m with everyone else….Never using TurboTax again. This screw up couldn’t have happened at a worse time. If it was y’all’s money, there would be hell to pay. I’m so disgusted.

  19. My credit union released a statement saying as of yesterday all stimulus pmts that are being sent through direct deposit have already done so and if you haven’t received it by now you will most likely get your stimulus through the mail. I’m confused now with turbo tax saying we should start seeing direct deposit as of today. At this point I really don’t think I’m going to get a stimulus check. I guess I will have to file for the rebate on my taxes.🙄

  20. Payment Status #2 – Not Available

    Looks like whoever has this error isn’t getting their checks. Thanks so much Turbotax and IRS. Even if you somehow fixed this (which you won’t) I still won’t be using you anymore. Good job. Have fun loseing a significant amount of customers.

  21. So if I got the email from TT claiming my money will be deposited. The IRS GMP site still stating ‘Payment #2 Status – Not Available’…will I get the money DD or do I just claim it on my taxes? Was this just for the people who saw incorrect DD information on the IRS site? I still have questions, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  22. I received the first email but not the second……does this mean I will have to file on taxes? My information has not changed and been using TurboTax for 3 years. My bank is first commence credit union.

  23. Thank you TT for trying to clear things up. Reading the comment thread truly puts our society in perspective. We are all whinny , and entitled, and can’t recognize when someone’s trying to work through a problem and create a solution. They act as if TT is the problem, they are not. But yet instead of doing nothing and remaining silent they are trying to help. But a lot of you are so blind , you can’t see.

  24. Oh cool,vague reply’s to pacify us over a $3000 error.don’t worry we’re rich and my kids and wife aren’t hurting,not at all. I’ll be giving this to the end of today to see if it’s pending in my account. If not I’m taking my taxes elsewhere this year.

  25. First of all, this is insane! Everyone needs this money and yet a lot of us are still waiting. They pushed this right in the wrong direction! I am one of the thousands that have the Not available message….. so which is it, am I getting the stimulus or not?! I’m so frustrated and exhausted from stealing from Peter to pay Paul! I have a family to support and bills need paid.

  26. I agree with all you .. this make no sense at all turbo tax blame IRS —-IRS blame turbo one thing is said on IRS website and then we get an email payment arriving on 01-08-21 been waiting never again this unbelievable

  27. Well it’s Jan 8 & no stimulus yet! We shall see.. I am happy that Turbo Tax is trying to correct it.. I just don’t know what to believe, one thing says you have to file and they say the $$ is coming now.. Who knows! I got got my first one fine and I’ve been with Turbo for several years..

    1. They are actually truly depositing these funds now into whatever account you received your refunds in. I received mine into my account today (it wasn’t in there this morning but it showed up this afternoon. STPG website shows they are attempting to have everyone’s mo eh processed now and they started yesterday. They expect everyone who had accounts on file with the irs to start seeing them as early as today but by Monday the 11th is what their website shows. My it’s status kept saying Payment 2 not available or not enough info even though I know I was qualified to receive it and had not trouble receiving the first one. TPG is the bank that processes TurboTax fees when you do your refund through TurboTax, and the IRS basically just made a HUGE error by sending these payments to them. This happened to some accounts with that first stimulus but the IRS required them to send the misdirected payments back to the irs so they could reissue them, but this time it is nearing tax season and the irs advised they do not have time to reissue those payments so they advised TPG to go ahead and direct deposit them to the accounts that are in file with the irs. TurboTax and TPG are awesome for fixing this issue for everyone that the irs caused.

  28. Yes, my family and I can definitely use the stimulus money. But my goodness! The amount of greed and lack of compassion these days is sickening.
    TurboTax, thank you for working to get us our money. I do know several that have already received theirs after y’all resolved the problem.

  29. I paid for our taxes up front and did not use the feature where they take my tax preparation fee out of my refund and it has also happened to me. No check.. no money. I have 5 teenagers at home full time since school is still closed… literally eating me out of our house and our bills have doubled. Help. 🙁

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