Tax Form Arrival: What Other Tax Forms You Should Expect in the Mail

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You’ve likely started receiving your relevant tax forms in the mail, which includes your W-2. The IRS required employers and other financial institutions to send out W-2s and other tax forms by January 31. So what else should be making its way to your inbox as you prepare to file your taxes? Here’s a look at the most common forms you should be on the lookout for:

  • Form 1099-MISC: For income you earned as a freelancer or contractor (see the video below to learn more)
  • Other 1099 Forms: Banks and financial institutions will send a 1099-INT for interested received on savings and investments or a 1099-DIV for dividends and distributions from investments
  • Form 1098: For mortgage interest you paid last year
  • Form 1098-E: For student loan interest – this is tax deductible!
  • Form 1095 A, B or C: Depending on your health insurance coverage, you may receive one of these three forms detailing your health insurance. You do not need 1095-B or 1095-C to file your taxes, they are just for your records. If you purchased your health insurance in the Health Insurance Marketplace, you will receive Form 1095-A, which is just like entering a W-2 in TurboTax. You may also be able to automatically upload your 1095-A pdf in TurboTax to eliminate data entry.  You can use our inFORMation tool to determine which to expect.

TurboTax W-2 Snap and Autofill allows you to jump-start your taxes by snapping a photo of your W-2 with your phone or tablet no matter what device you are using. TurboTax will then automatically put your information directly into the correct form.  TurboTax also securely imports your tax information directly from 1.4 million employers and financial institutions, eliminating data entry and increasing accuracy for effortless tax preparation.

So now that your tax forms are making their way to you, get a jump-start on filing your taxes! As always, TurboTax is here to help answer any of your questions.


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