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IRS Update for Form 8863: Education Tax Credits

Tax News

IRS Update 2/8: 

Good News for your Valentine’s day and your tax refund!  The IRS announced today that they are now able to process tax returns that contain form 8863 with Education Credits beginning February 14th.  Form 8863 is used to claim two higher education credits — the American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.

Read the full IRS update

The IRS announced today that they will not be able to process tax returns with Form 8863 until mid-February.  This is a delay that will impact all tax preparation methods.


What is Form 8863?

Form 8863 is the form that is used to claim the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.

American Opportunity Credit:  The American Opportunity Tax Credit is offered to students who pay qualified tuition (and aren’t claimed as dependents elsewhere), as well as to parents who pay expenses for their dependent students or themselves.  This tax credit allows you to claim up to $2,500 per student. The full credit is available for individuals with a MAGI(Modified Adjusted Gross Income) of $80,000 or less, $160,000 for married filing jointly. It is 40% refundable, meaning that you can get up to $1,000 back even if you don’t owe taxes.

Lifetime Learning Credit:  The Lifetime Learning Credit a perk available to you if you paid qualified college expenses.  Rather than limiting your ability to get tax credits for education expenses for the first four years of college, it’s possible to use the Lifetime Learning Credit to offset your expenses even in graduate or professional school. As long as the educational institution is qualified, undergraduate or beyond, you can qualify for up to $2,000 in tax credits for your expenses. It’s figured on 20% of your tuition and fees, up to the first $10,000. There is a phase out as you reach certain income levels. Parents can claim this for dependent students.

Can I still File?

Yes!!!  TurboTax is up to date with all the latest tax law changes, including changes to the American Opportunity Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit, so you can be confident that you are getting every deduction and credit you deserve on your tax return.  We recommend that you file now with TurboTax, so you will be at the front of the line for your refund when the IRS begins to process these returns. Returns will be submitted on a first in, first out basis.  For the fastest refund possible, make sure you e-file and select direct deposit.

Last year, the IRS issued  9 out of 10 refunds in 21 days or less  and expects the same results this year.  Once your return is accepted by the IRS, you can track the status of your return you can login in to your MyTurboTax account at anytime.

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  1. How do you qualify for the full $2500 credit? last year i got the entire thing, but this year only $1900. While my tuition is exactly the same (within $100 of last years tuition.) I go to school full time and and work part time (<19K annually) to cover living expenses. I am just unclear on what the requirments are? Thanks TurboTax for any information you can give me.

    1. I don’t understand this, my return was accepted early on the 26th of January and it still says it is processing. I thought it was supposed to be prioritized by date of acceptance.

      1. Lori, you are in the same canoe as us sweetie. We did our return with H&R Blockheads on Jan 26th and today Feb. 8th they tell me to expect my return in mid-March. Can you believe this circus?

    1. Mark,

      Did you have Form 8863 in your return? And did you file here with TT or with somebody else? Thanks for any info you give.


    2. Mark, are you sure? I’m calling horsecrap on that. What day did you process your tax return and with who? TTax, HR Blockheads? Who? My return was filed through HR Blockheads on Jan 26th and is still not showing even being recieved by the website? Can someone give me an effing idea when to expect my return. We did file the form 8863 with ours also if that helps nail down an expected return date. Anyone? Anyone?

    3. My taxes was accepted on Jan. 25th and I haven’t got a deposit date yet? How did you already get a deposit date using the form 8863? Just curious??

  2. I had my taxes input onto Turbo tax but have not officially filed yet because I was making sure I’ve received all of my documents (from banks and what not). Turbo Tax has told me every day that the education form 8863 is not ready. Just saying.

  3. Can I file my taxes with another provider and not include the education credit? My taxes have been pending on the TT site since I filed them and I’m in need of the funds sooner rather then later. What will happen if TT does try to submit the taxes after I have already sent them in thru another provider?

  4. I just want to know why it seems mine hasn’t been put through. It says received by turbotax but not IRS. How is it supposed to be accepted if it haven’t went?

    1. Kizzie u can go refile it without the credit and amend it later if you can’t wait like myself… I just refiled mines on Monday an now mines is processing …all up too u ..hope this help

      1. Hi, just a fair warning for amending taxes. I had to amend last year because I forgot to put my school info in so in order to get my education credits I had to amend. By the time the IRS processes, then sends the form back asking for more forms and going through the red tape, you wont get the amended refund for months. It’s best to just file with the education credits and wait a couple weeks. Trust me, I have bills waiting as well as a car that needs to be repaired. But a couple weeks delay is worth getting all your money as opposed to settling for some that prob wont cover all your necessary expenses.

  5. Hi! Some returns were “accepted” by the IRS before they discovered that their computers needed to be reprogrammed. Those returns are now “pending” and will be processed in mid-February along with all the other returns with Form 8863. Hope that clarifies!

  6. I understand about the delay for students. But it says my return has been accepted and being processed on the website. I used the form 8863. Does that mean it is being processed? or is a default til Mid February. Thanks

    1. Hi! Some returns were “accepted” by the IRS before they discovered that their computers needed to be reprogrammed. Those returns are now “pending” and will be processed in mid-February along with all the other returns with Form 8863. Hope that clarifies!

      1. Christopher – have you all heard any NEW information on the 8863 filers. I was submitted and still pending since the 26th of Jan. I am trying to be patient – you all must know something by now – a projected specific date??? Also – will my return automatically go thru when you open the floodgates?

  7. I like everyone else could really use my refund. But I am not going to get upset because I didn’t know of a delay in advance, the way I see it is that I wait all year for my refund back so what is an addition couple of weeks. And before anyone starts to say “We got bills to pay”, ect…I have bills as well, but I had these same bills due prior to doing my taxes, and many of the bills will come due again after the refund is long gone. I have been a TurboTax user for many years, and this is not going to affect my using the program. When will people learn that when dealing with the government, they will do things on their timetable not ours! Mine isn’t a small refund either, it is in the excess of $5k.

      1. Hi TurboTaxChristopherT,
        I just had one question. The question is has Turbo Tax heard a date for when the IRS will start processing returns with form 8863. Many dates have been wandering around the chats from February 7th, February 11th, February 14th, and February 15th. Just wandering before trying to find out from the IRS. I have a friend that works at my local HR Block and they received a email from the IRS saying that the returns with Form 8863 will start processing on Feb. 7th.

        Thanks for your help

  8. Will we receive pain and suffering damages in addition to OUR tax refund check? This would really help reinforce your previous remark, “Enjoy it when it comes and I’m sure you’ll forget about your suffering.” Perhaps a refund from Turbo Tax in the amount of $32.46.

    1. Hi Denise,

      Who did you hear the February 7th date from? Just curious to see if it is true or somebody saying it in order to shut people up who are complaining.

      Thank You,

    2. Hi! As far as we know, it’s still mid-February. As soon as the IRS gives us an update, we’ll definitely pass it along to our customers. Cheers…

      1. Denise,

        In your chat you said “that I was told that the IRS will be accepting forms 8863 on feb.7″
        somebody else responded back”one of my friends who is a tax prepared say she got an email irs.” I have also heard about that date looking around at all the chats and also see Feb. 15th. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a correct date from the IRS. I emailed President Obama and was very professional and “unwhiny” about it but do not expect a email back….

      2. That’s the same old news (I think my crap dont stink rich boy) so obviously your behind the times. My return was one of the test ones. Once the IRS does start processing these ones my return will be done with the first ones. So Im just going to wait and try to avoid responses from one idiot on the blog. Later

      3. Paul,
        You are so negative! maybe you should just quit commenting, if you have nothing positive to say.

      4. Im being negative. More like being a realistic but then again most people do not know how to be a realistic instead they call people names (negative from Elizabeth) and (girl from Ben). But then people without a brain are more apt to call other people names. Also to end this is to say that this is not Elizabeth Currence Blog or Ben Blog it is Turbo Tax. I am a customer just like you and the last time I checked freedom of speech did not say that I had to be positive, negative, nice, or stuck-up like you!!!!!

      5. It’s odd that my niece and her husband filed taxes, she had the educational credits and got her taxes back yesterday. What is wrong with the system. I saw her tax papers.

      6. Sniffle sniffle paul. Get your refund yet? Hopefully you can’t pay your internet bill until it arrives so we won’t have to read more of yoir whining…

  9. I dont know why you guys are getting mad at TurboTax! If you do not like the service then go sit in line for hours and pay more just to hear the same thing TT is is dealing with millions of people and they cant control the IRS

  10. I have a question. If I received student loans for college this year and then received a disbursement check, is any of that tax deductible or a tax credit still. I’m very confused. Someone at work talked about the hope credit. what’s that and would I qualify?

  11. I live in NC and my state was accepted on Feb 2nd. I have been searching the web about the 8863 delay for us college students and some people notified others that the IRS told them via telephone could be as early as feb 5th they start processing the returns with 8863 filed as late as feb 11th. Either way, if yo got direct deposit, soon as the IRS accepts your return, you should get a DD date of a few days later.

    1. Hi! As far as we know, it’s still mid-February. As soon as the IRS gives us an update, we’ll definitely pass it along to our customers. Cheers…

      1. Christopher,
        Once Turbo Tax has a update from the IRS you said “we will defintely pass it along to our customers.” So does this mean that TT will put it on their blog or will they email every customer? Hopefully it will be better than notifying people by email of the problem with Form 8863 because TT knew about it on 1/28 and many people like I did not receive a email about it until 1/30 so just wondering if it will be the same or will Turbo Tax make a heated effort this time to get the message to all of its current customers?

    1. Hi! I’m afraid so. Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement, is used to complete Form 8863. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!

  12. I am in the same boat as all of you this is the only form (8863) that is holding up the acceptance of my return and my refund. Yes I was depending on that money to help pay bills, feed my family, and in general make our lives better it sucks that I am a mom, in school full time, and have 2 kids. Yes this sucks but you know what it just means that when we get out refunds we will be more thankful for the money and we are the ones who do not have to run back to AMEND anything at all in mid-Feb. lucky us right, we will just have to grin and bare it for now. PS I think we should all you-tube a big FU to the IRS and government about this in a form of a Thank you for keeping our money longer.

  13. Can anyone tell me what happens if I did not recei9ve any of the credits, but do have form 8863 attached to my refund. My 1040 (line 31) and the actual 8863 (line 19) says zero on the line for amount of credit. I did not receive the credit, but will my refund still be held up because the form is there?

    1. Hi! TurboTax would not have included Form 8863 if it wasn’t needed. Not sure how including form with zeroes would be affected, but it likely would.

  14. From some of TT responses on here I think TT is also frustrated with the IRS, however I have been a customer of TT since 2010, and every year it seems to be something else. I agree with the majority, I will probably never use TT again, I paid the $59.99 to have TT protect me and yet… I am wondering as to why if I did not have to file a 8863 does this mean I will receive a reject from the IRS, the least TT could do is offer a partial refund as you have not protected me. AND for the rude responses from TT team memebers.

    1. Hi! Are you experiencing an issue not related to the education credits? If so, please let us know so we can help! Cheers…

    2. I think that I will leave a positive comment on here because it is not up to Turbo Tax for someone to be cognizant of what is going on in the government. I have used Turbo Tax for over 8 years..never had a problem…I found out about the delay because I WENT TO THE IRS WEBSITE BECAUSE I KNEW FROM ALL OF THE NEWS ON THE FISCAL CLIFF THAT THERE WOULD BE SOME CHANGES!!!! HELLO! Stop waiting on someone else to inform you of what is going on in your country! Read for yourself!

  15. I’m in the same boat as everyone else and TT DID know about the delay when I submitted my return on 2/3. A head’s up would have been very much appreciated. Last year my return got caught in the “test” delay as well. Of course you never tell anyone until AFTER they have pressed the submit button and it’s too late to do anything about it. Very disappointed guys.

    1. Hi! The situation with the education credits is a nationwide delay, affecting all tax returns that include this form. No matter which tax preparation software, tax preparation service, or tax preparer you choose, all returns containing Form 8863 will be delayed.Hope that clarifies!

      1. The fact that it is nationwide is not my issue. My issue is that you guys KNEW about the delay and said nothing about it as I was working through the deductions section until after I hit the “send” button. Had I have known before I would have filed my taxes without this form and amended it later.

  16. Well, the notification that I received from TT after paying and transmitting the return on 1/30 that the efile will be delayed due to the 8863 form until mid – February to early March. This leaves a big “Blank,” meaning if you are waiting 21day to receive your refund after the IRS receives the file, you won’t and should not expect your refund until end or March to the mid April. We might as well suck it up. I only logged into the forum to see if there was an actual date released for the acceptance date of the returns, but we should only fight battles that you can win and we will never win against the government.

    1. Hi! You’d have to ask the IRS that question. As soon as they give us an update, we’ll definitely pass it on to our customers!

  17. I am not sure if I have messed myself up or not. I filed my return January 29, 2013 via Turbo Tax. My return was accepted by the IRS on January 30th and my refund is expected to be direct deposited on February 7. I got some 1098T forms in the mail on Saturday that I didn’t include in my original return so I went in last night and amended my return so I could add them. I think I worked too quick because I had no intentions on submitting them to the IRS (at least until I got my refund on the 7th). A message did state that this form wasn’t being accepted at the moment, but it was okay to file it and when IRS did start accepting them it would already be in line.

    Will this stop the process of my return/refund I am expecting on the 7th? And when is Turbo Tax suppose to forward the return for the American Tax Credit to the IRS?

    1. Hi! You should sit tight and see what happens with your amended return. You always have the option of amending again if you need to.

      The IRS hopes to begin processing returns with the education credits sometime in mid-February.

  18. please tell me why turbo tax sent me an email saying my taxes was accepted but the irs website says processing, which is it?

    1. Hi! Some returns were “accepted” by the IRS before they realized that their computers needed to be reprogrammed. That’s why you got the conflicting messages. Hope that clarifies!

  19. i like to know like everyone else whats mid february the 11th or by the 14 th. does not take that long to update and process form 8863.

    1. Hi! When the IRS gives us an update, we’ll certainly pass that information along to our customers! Thanks for your patience!

  20. I think everyone here blaming TurboTax needs to back off a little bit. This is in no way their fault. The returns that were accepted before the 30th were part of a test, and the test worked because it found a problem with some of the forms. I am also waiting for my return now as well because of my education credits and its stopping a lot of my plans as well. Please people just be decent to everyone. TurboTax is the middle man and however frustrated you are, they are as well. Now would be a good time to just be nice to everyone and thankful you are receiving an education, its a privilege denied to many.

  21. I filed right on the 28th, and it just immediately went into pending. I ended up doing my own research as to what was going on with my refund. I do also have the 8863 tax credits on my return. I thought the whole reason the irs delayed tax season until the 30th was for these types of updates. Why they would now need to wait until mid February is beyond me. But thats all irrelevant now that its filed because we cannot edit our return, correct? In my case, it just shows pending, i dont remember it saying accepted. So is this an indicator that it has been accepted? I checked the irs wmr tool, and has no info on my return. Why wouldnt it at least say received, or pending? In other words is my return just in limbo? If so, im just not even going to check on it until i get some contact about it.

    1. Hi! Your return will likely stay listed as “Pending” until the IRS starts processing returns with the education credits. Stay tuned…

  22. My question is this….I filed before the announcement….and my returns were rejected because of a turbo tax problem…I resubmitted them and my state was accepted but my federal is pending ( I am assuming because of this very credit that I am also claiming) so does that mean my federal should be fine? This is the first time I have ever used the Educational Credit.

    1. Hi! Your return will probably stay as “pending” until mid-February when the IRS starts processing the affected returns.

      1. “Your return will have to wait till the IRS starts processing returns with Form 8863” this is a bunch of bullcrap. I called HR Block and they said that the returns they are sending to the IRS with Form 8863 are being accepted. One of their customers “my brother” has Form 8863 on his and he has a deposit date of 2/8 and I called a couple of Tax Preperation places in my town and they siad they are not having problems with return with Form 8863 on them and that they are being processed and refunds have been issued. SO NOW EVERYBODY WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE????

  23. This same topic was in a discussion in August 2012 by the IRS, this topic should have been taken care of many times over again! Turbo Tax is last on the list to blame, thats a gaurantee. They are just business as alot of us are. As im sure Bob knows the being the middle man isnt always worth the salary… lol.
    I still would like to know the interest rate and amount there making on holding our money for this amount of time in which they are???

  24. Has anyone heard any update on this situation? I was really depending on this refund. Its sad that they are saying mid feb. It couldn’t be that hard to fix, its not like its a new form.

    1. What about you did send your an the IRS rejected it can’t you resubmit it….when I called them they say they don’t see or have anything filing 2012

  25. I checked the IRS website and it appears form 8863 is avialable and has been updated. It allows you to print the form; maybe the IRS is still trying to work out the kinks, but if that was the case, why would the form be availabe for print on their website? The whole thing is confusing. What is also funny, they can be late making the forms available or providing your refund, but the public cannot be late in filing and paying them back. Sounds like a conspiracy!!!

    1. I filed form 8863 on 1/25/13 and got a message said that my refund would be in my accound NO later than 2/19/13 lets hope so.

  26. It seems that if u touch your return while in pending you will be placed at the back of the the way I still do nit see anywhere on web site that this will hold up your rerun..I have told my family and friends not to do this and also NOT to use turbotax..go to any other preparer..someone that will tell u the truth..RT dies not care they have your money now

    1. Hi Karen,
      This is an industry wide issue. Believe me we wish would have known sooner. The IRS didn’t even know until they performed test right before they opened the season on 1/30. Through testing they discovered they couldn’t accept form 8863 until they made modifications to their system. Please see the IRS announcement dated 1/28
      Please understand no matter where you go everyone in the industry is impacted by this.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      1. Hi Lisa, I would like to know the answers to two questions. My niece field her taxes too the education credit. She received her refund yesterday. I saw it myself. Mine says pending. and can’t get an answer from anyone. Then I saw a post that said that they a tax professional received an email IRS would start process form 8863 on Feb 7th. Why have we not heard from Turbo Tax??

      2. Why have we not heard from TT yet? When this originally started they did not email any of their customers until 1/30 even though they knew on 1/27. They didn’t even tell people that many of us, like me, had been in the batches of test runs the IRS had done. After all these questions with dead end answers it is like what are we to do?

      3. If you can get the answer, please let me know. I know my nice has paid her bills and able to buy her children necessities. She said she had no problems with her tax return (filing the 8863 form) return hit her bank acct. yesterday.

  27. What a bunch of whiners !!

    the IRS is delaying the use of these forms –

    suck it up and GET OVER IT

    This is so typical in this me generation ; the last poster crying because the software provider ( T T ) isnt “responding ” anymore to her whines ( yes Paul you are a girl )

    I am sure if there were a toll free number you babies would be calling 6 times a day to complain and whine ( about your $25 fee you paid to get your taxes done )

    1. We are supposed to be nice on here. Obviously you do not know what that means. Call me a girl, obviously you are a bully right. I am not going to say anything else because I am not the one calling names. I also do know what is going on now, EXACTLY, what is going on and will not tell anybody that acts like you because you are a real piece of f!#$&* crap.

  28. I am very upset!! I filed my taxes on the 29th of January and TurboTax didn’t tell me anything! This announcement was made on January the 28th! It is unfair that we don’t know exactly when the IRS will be accepting them and processing them!! I don’t think I will use TurboTax again!!

    1. Really, nobody knew that there was going to be a delay I too filed my taxes and they are also delayed because of an educational credit, but you can’t be mad at the software reguardless of where you filed you could not have gotten your taxes back any sooner, have you ever dealt with the IRS, let’s assume you did file and then filed an amended return, you are anticipating not winding up in a random audit??? Be mad at the lawmakers not being able to come to an agreement in time, nearly causing a fiscal cliff putting the poor people that are trying to make the software reallly far behind.

  29. I went on the IRS site for Education Credit. It stated that it was an issue with the document and they have to test it. I have no information from TT, but IRS stated Mid-Feb for this..You are right there is NOTHING in TT that told us that this was an issue..I am still waiting for a reply from TT but don’t think I will get one….I will NEVER use TT again….Don’t think they really care because they already have your money and you cannot do anything about it..Maybe I should start my own tax company…I know how to read…and look for updated information…DO NOT CHANGE YOUR will not get it until all others have been processed

    1. Hi Karen,
      We know you are frustrated, but TurboTax does care. Unfortunately TurboTax as well as everyone in the tax industry did not find out that the IRS could not process form 8863 until 1/28. As soon as the announcement was made we put something on the blog regarding the delay. The IRS performed test before their opening date of 1/30 and found that they have to modify their system in order to accept form 8863. Please see the IRS announcement
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  30. I filed at H & R block and my education info was not accepted. The tax preparer kept trying and finally had to ask her supervisor and the lady came and told me the IRS just announced it. That also means you will have to pay for an amendment out of pocket since it isn’t the tax services fault. This was a last minute announcement and probably a way to delay returns to keep money longer- and it worked!!

    1. SHAME on the IRS, the President ( yes, I voted for him twice!), Congress (DOUBLE SHAME) as they all kept the fiscal cliff face off going until the very end and if many of us had known that our tax returns, etc., would be affected even when settled; I’m sure we would have all been screaming. Terrible and the White House who pride themselves on being for the “little guy” have said nothing about this delay. I can only assume the IRS will be challenging and scrutinizing each as in an audit. Wow! shameful….I heard there were many delays this year.

    1. Sam… Yes, you will receive pain and suffering damages in the form of your tax refund check. The reality, however, is that this always was and is YOUR money. Enjoy it when it comes and I’m sure you’ll forget about your suffering!

      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

      1. why tt send me an email saying my taxes accepted but irs website says processing but nothing about approved?

      2. Dear Turbo Tax Bob, How much ruder can you get? I.E your response to Sam???
        In another question I was not prompted to fille a 8863 with my education credit/deduction. Does this mean I can expect my return to be rejected soon?

      3. Bob, I don’t think that was rude at all. I.E. Daisja response to you!!! I honestly don’t know how you put up with some of these remarks…

  31. What I want to now is what does mid-February mean? – the 15th – the 11th – what?? Also – my boyfriend submitted his return – was accepted the 30th and is being deposited on the 4th – I hope they are that quick with mine when it is accepted. Also – since I filed with TT and an 8863 on 1/25/13 does that mean it will go in AS SOON AS THE IRS is ready – will I be first in line? Do they notify TT first or what?

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      As far as we know, your tax return will be submitted as soon as the IRS can process form 8863. They are making changes to their system so they can process the form. This is something they were not aware of until they performed test right before they opened on 1/30. When the IRS makes any further announcements we will keep you informed. So check back on the blog. Please see the IRS latest announcement regarding form 8863
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      1. Your Returns Have Been Sent
        What this means:
        Your returns were successfully transmitted. Please remember that the IRS does not begin processing returns until January 30, 2013. Since you e-filed before this date, the earliest you should expect to hear from the IRS and most states is January 30.

        Next step: Keep watching your email.
        We’ll send you another message when your return(s) are accepted or rejected.

        Transmission Confirmation
        Returns sent 2012 Federal Personal
        Returns transmitted on January 26, 2013, 9:32 AM PST
        Estimated government acceptance date January 30, 2013
        E-file status Check current e-file status

        I received this from Turbo Tax, I am confused. If they were sent ?? Why is so many posting that anyone with education credits has not been sent to IRS. Can the IRS accept or reject my taxes before actually process them in Mid Fed?

  32. My return says pending but, when I got a 1099R unexpected i went to see what i should do, It gave me the option to continue with return I saved and exited, I am a college student Im aware of the delay. this doesnt have anything to do with it. I need help? Turbo Tax has not answered, the site says ask a question, I have the only respond I get is from nice folks like trying to get help. This is not good turbo tax, Word of Mouth, is a strong action!

    1. Mary… The Live Community where you posted your question is a community effort. That means it is supported by customers like you and from our own staff. We try to ensure all questions are answered but can’t guarantee that.

      If your return says Pending then you cannot make any changes to your return unless your return is rejected. Only then can you add the 1099R that you missed. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until your return is Accepted by the IRS and then file an Amended return that includes the changes resulting from the 1099R.

      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

  33. Has anybody noticed how we first get no response from the IRS and now we are getting no response from Turbo Tax???

      1. Whatever dude. I paid almost 2,000 in federal income taxes. Also last time i checked freedome of speech is granted to me by the Constitution of the United States of America. So I can do this all day long if I wanted to. Also have you heard about “cyber bullying” you might wanna delete your last response about “Paul the word is out to get you, best just get yourself and quit whining” Moving On…..

      2. Whoa.. 2 whole thousand? Wow. Yoi are big time. Can probably afford a good lawyer for my “cyber bullying”, aka free speech. You are making up stories or people are lying to you. Either way, it appears you are stuck waiting like the rest of us. You’re not special. PS .. im waiting on a lil over three times your total federal taxes paid in refunds. No whining here.

      3. @Paul, Can you please explain how you paid $2,000 in taxes yet your receiving a refund of almost $10,000? Just curios!

  34. I am very unhappy about this too. Looks like they are singling out us college students and making us wait. I do not know how the IRS can accept a return and then say we have to wait. My return was ACCEPTED on Jan. 24th but now this. I have form 8863 on my return so I’ll be waiting. Also the IRS updates WMR every night but cannot update their system for a form that is the same as last year and the year before. Also to let everybody know I talked to a person here on chat with TT and was told that I could redo my return without the 8863, have it accepted and get my refund, then do a amended form in March but this person was wrong. My return got kicked back and the IRS explanation “another return is being processed until this name and SSN” and a new return cannot be accepted.

    1. Paul… It is unfortunate that you filed before the IRS announced this change on Jan 28. It is also unfortunate that there is nothing we can do for you at this time since it is on hold at the IRS.

      This is not the outcome we want for anyone since we know all filers eagerly anticipate the refund to pay rent and utilities, and make payments on necessary and unforeseen expenses. It’s YOUR money and you deserve it!

      Had you not filed before this news, you could have filed without the credit and then filed an amended return once the IRS starts processing the education credits.

      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

  35. I do not currently attend college but am paying on my loans/loan interest. Why did my refund get delayed if I am not currently a student?

    1. AshleyB… Your return can be delayed for many reasons other than the Education credits. The IRS may be doing additional validation or something else. Check the status again in a day or two.

      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

  36. How do I find out if my State is one that is impacted by the following:

    Note: If your federal return is being held, your state return may also be delayed. Some state tax authorities require that the federal return is accepted before they can start processing.

    1. AM… Check the status of your state return. That will indicate whether it is pending or in processing.

      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax


    1. Kay… The Tuition and Fees deduction will NOT delay your refund. The impacts just the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit. However, if you qualify for one of the credits, it is generally worth much more than the deduction. So I would not encourage you or others to compromise your refund by opting for the deduction instead of the credit. It’s your money and you deserve to keep as much of it as possible!!!

      Good question.
      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

  37. Will turbotax let us know the estimated time our refund will be processed or will it still say “pending” until mid-feb. when the IRS starts processing returms with form 8863?

    1. Lydia… We won’t update the estimated refund date until the IRS starts processing these returns. When they do, we will have updated dates available for you. Until then, we have to rely upon dates provided by the IRS.

      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

      1. Thank you Bob. Have been trying to find this answer. Sending you a little good mojo – for all the harassment you are enduring. I will keep my fingers crossed and hopefully they will begin processing the 8863 returns before mid feb 🙂

      2. My status stats that I will receive my refund before Feb 20th and I filed with the 8863 credit. So does this mean I will get my refund before Feb 20th? It also says on the IRS website I will receive my refund within 21 days for accepting my refund.

  38. If turbo tax does not want to lose customers then you all need to reject the taxes and allow people to take the form off if they choose to so they wont go elsewhere

    1. I agree with you danielle! Since this form was not mandatory & pretty much to help us they should let us file without it. Its no like the IRS have the tax return. I was told by a TT expert earlier that they are holding them until IRS opens it in Feb. Makes no sense.

    2. Danielle… The IRS accepted these returns before they even made the announcement about the delay. At this point, it is impossible for us to reject those returns the IRS already accepted but can’t process. For all returns submitted after the news of the delay, we will provide warnings to all customers who may be impacted by this.

      I know this is frustrating and we are doing our best to keep everyone informed of the latest news as we receive it. By the way, everyone is affected by this delay. Going elsewhere will just put you further back in the processing queue.

      Bob Meighan, VP TurboTax

      1. BOB- I understand your not the irs but i do want to ask the question, We are the United states of america and we cant fix an electronic issues in a timely manner. Millions of americans are suffering right now for the simple reason that we ARE depending on this as we do every year. My self mny reason for the need is that my landlord wants to move back in her house now i must move and the tax money was going to help me and now after paying for new house and this months rent for the old house I’l flat broke. Depending on the government is never reliable. But if i sold drugs and was unemployed on welfare Id be much better off. (Heres my question…) Do really think its taking the amount of time as they say it is taking to fix an issued thats been in discussion since atleast August of 2012…. COME ON!!!! They can change sales tax from 7.75 to 8 by a click of a buttom.

      2. This is untrue. I used turbotax to file today (2/4/13) and it processed fine with me claiming the education credit. I didn’t even know about the delay until I just read the IRS website. I am not upset with the delay but you are providing false information by stating turbofay will issue a warning because they didn’t today.

      3. Syrina Sturdivant,

        Are you talking about Form 8863 in your return that you did on the 4th? Was you return accepted? I am just curious because my return was accepted on January 24th and I have the Form 8863 and I am still waiting.
        Any information that you want to share will be helpful not only to me but many other people reading these.

      4. This is my second time responding to this….. I filed on 2/2 and no warning was provided to me about not being able to file form 8863

      5. Well, regardless. The people who submitted their returns that you are still “holding” before you submit them to the IRS should have the right to a refund or credit by you so that you can take out the returns that you are holding and allow these people to re-do their taxes however they choose. This is my case, i submitted my return after you knew about the IRS not accepting them (before i had realized it, i submitted on the 30th so your still “holding” mine) yet you wont let me make a change to my return so that i don’t have to submit form 8863 and i can get my return early. I’m practically homeless here and my kids are starving, have some decency and let me re-submit the return you are “holding” If you were to be the only tax preparers who would allow this to happen (because H&R block is doing the same thing you are, not allowing people to change even though they haven’t been submitted to the IRS yet) you would look like the good guys and you would have my business forever as well as tens of thousands of others.

    1. Hi Robert – Unfortunately, Turbo Tax didn’t know until the IRS announced this just the day before yesterday. This blog article was posted the same day as the IRS announcement in hopes of getting the news out to our customers as quickly as possible. It is frustrating, I know. Keep in mind, that since you filed your return, it is “in line” for when the IRS does begin processing returns for this credit. The IRS will process them in the order they are received.

      1. That is good news Karen. I have been reading all the comments I can find to get this answer. I filed on the 26th with the 8863 – and frankly am happy with my refund amount. Good to know I am “in line” in order of filing. Thank you – I still love turbo taxes – they have assisted me to do my family and sometimes help my friends with their taxes for years. Have you guys heard anything about the speed of refund deposits. It seems the IRS is actually processing and DD quite rapidly once processed. Hopefully around mid feb. my refund will “fly” into my bank account.

    2. their reply to your question is true. I filed my return on 2/1/13, and did get the message about the delay re: the form claiming education credits. This is the IRS’s fault, not Turbo Tax’s… This is why people should wait until after the last day of January to file their returns. I had my Federal “accepted” within 3 hours, but it hasn’t been processed with the IRS yet, it’s in their virtual pile of returns…. however my State, been a week and it’s still pending…. not sure why the State is still pending, as each State is different.

      1. I e filed my return two weeks ago and it still hasnt said accepted so im going to try to call theis,im from texas f

  39. i would have never took the credit had i known that i would have to wait even longer! i wish that turbo tax would have told me that while i was filing…. 🙁 very disapointing since i thought turbo tax was up to date on there system….

    1. Hi Christina –
      I understand your frustration. Unfortunately, Turbo Tax didn’t know until the IRS made the announcement the day before yesterday. We do our best to keep everyone informed as soon as possible. This blog article was posted the same day as the announcement was made by the IRS.
      Thank you,

      1. how did H&R Block know but not turbo tax? I know someone who filed with H&R Block and they said the IRS will not process that form until mid Feb, so they did not take that credit and they already have there return. She will amend for that credit in Feb. Turbo Tax seems to be behind, or just crooked?

      2. Hi,
        So sorry Allison. The entire industry found out about the delay at the same time when the IRS sent out an announcement on 1/28, which was after the majority of tax laws were passed on 1/1/2013. See the IRS announcement dated
        We would rather you get every dollar you deserve and claim the credits and deductions you’re eligible for the first time and not inconvenience you and have you come back and amend your tax return.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

    2. I am so frustrated I cant even get an answer either way yes Im a student yes its delayed, I have other issues with my return. help

      1. Hi Mary,
        The best thing to do if you have other issues is to talk to our tax experts via chat or in person. Go to the “Help Along the Way” tab, then type your question where it sounds like you typed before, when an FAQ comes up just go all the way to the bottom of the page and click on “contact us”
        You will be asked what topic your question has to do with so you can be routed to the correct tax expert.
        It sounds like you received a 1099R after filing right? If your tax return is accepted you will have to amend your tax return to add that in. If it is still pending or not accepted yet you can not just go in and add info from the form. If your return is rejected then you can go into your tax return and add info from the form.

        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

    1. Hi! You won’t find this form in TurboTax, nor do you file it with your tax return. The copy you receive in the mail is a copy for your records. (If you don’t believe us, look at the bottom of your form; it should say Keep For Your Records or similar.) Cheers… –Christopher

      1. This Christopher person is the same person that said we could remove the form 8863 from our return, efile it again, and then amend our return later. Amazing how we cannot get a straight answer from anybody…

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