The Advantages of Using Tax Software to Prepare Your Taxes

Tax Deductions and Credits NSFshot

It’s a new year and with it comes tax season.  The good news is you can use tax software to easily prepare your taxes.

There are several advantages of using TurboTax, so if you’re on the fence please take look at the list below.

Easy to Use

I want tax software to be extremely easy to use and follow. Good tax software makes you feel as if you’re answering friendly questions about yourself. I feel like we get the job done right answering TurboTax simple questions and verifying the information.

Tax software like TurboTax also helps you avoid duplicating work. For example, TurboTax easily transferred our information from our federal tax return to our state’s tax return.  It might not see like such a big deal, but being able to eliminate inputting information again saves time and allows for accuracy.

Learn More About Taxes

Yes, I do consider learning about taxes as a plus. What tax software can do is show how the current tax credits and deductions affect you.

When we bought the house in 2010, I saw how that increased our tax refund I learned about itemizing our deductions versus taking the standard deduction. We also learned about the tax deductions and credits we were able to take related to having our new baby.

Becoming more knowledgeable about your own taxes is empowering and easy with TurboTax.  You can answer simple questions about you and your life and accurately file your taxes and get your biggest tax refund.

Have a Question? Get Some Help

If I’m filing taxes using software, I expect to have some kind of safety net. I’ve used TurboTax for a few years now and one of my favorites is their Live Community or what’s now called the AnswerXchange. Over the years they’ve answered a vast amount of questions people have about their taxes.

In addition there are tax experts who are CPAs and enrolled agents available to answer your questions. That’s a huge relief for me as we file our taxes. We want to be honest and we want to take advantage of every legal opportunity to lower tax liability.

Thoughts on Tax Software

I feel very comfortable using tax software to file our taxes. How about you? If you used tax software before, what are some of your thoughts? How are you filing your taxes this year? Why did you choose that option?  Are you expecting a tax refund or do you owe taxes?