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TurboTax Spotlight: A Salute to the Veterans Who Make Intuit Possible

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Our mission to power prosperity around the world is fueled by our values, and it all starts by caring and giving back. That is why we proudly support US military members, veterans and their families in their communities, overseas, and in the Intuit workplace. 

Through our Intuit Military and Veteran Initiative, we are committed to creating job opportunities and fueling financial empowerment for military families and veterans via programs woven within the fabric of our company. Our active and passionate employee Military Network provides veterans and their families with the opportunities to translate their skill sets to grow, develop, and thrive at Intuit through education, recruiting mentorship, and outreach. 

To celebrate Veteran’s Day, we’re highlighting and celebrating some of the extraordinary veterans at our company who help drive this goal globally and help make Intuit’s mission possible.

Tony Lloyd – Group Manager in the Consumer Group Program Office, VEP and Assisted Tax

Tony Lloyd, currently Group Manager in the CG Program Office supporting Virtual Expert Platform (VEP) and Assisted Tax, was a Major in the U.S. Air Force and served for 10 years in regions including CONUS, Germany, Afghanistan, and the South Pacific. Tony says the most meaningful part of his service was the people, referring to them as an “instant family,” that was bonded by being in the foxhole together working toward a shared mission.

Tony has found his next team at Intuit, where he has a leadership role that uses knowledge and skills from his military experience, saying “Intuit has been a fantastic organization to work for. It trusts its employees – even new hires – with great responsibility, and provides the freedom and autonomy to manage pivotal parts of the business.” He champions the “Listen. Adapt. Innovate.” model from the military to help lead the evolution of Intuit brands over the course of his two and a half years at the company.

His advice to veterans transitioning to a civilian job is to “Look beyond the task of what you want to do and think about who you want to work with. Remember, the interview is a two-way conversation; the company with which you are interviewing should be as much of a fit for you, as you are for it. It’s not only about proving yourself. Highlight the learning agility obtained from military service.”

Ashley Millbern – Director of Finance, TurboTax Live and Consumer Services

Ashley Millbern, Director of Finance for TurboTax Live and Consumer Services at Intuit, served as a Lieutenant in the Supply Corps of the US Navy Reserves. Ashley says the ability to be a part of a cause that is important to all Americans, broadening her perspective, and the lifelong friendships she’s built are the most meaningful parts of her military service.

In her thirteen years at Intuit, Ashley has brought a crucial perspective from her military experience, sharing that the Navy helped ground her on what “stressful” really means — while corporate America can feel stressful, she believes it’s important to remember there’s a different bar when your life or your unit’s lives are on the line.

When it comes to Intuit, Ashley says the company continually considers the experience of our veteran customers and makes decisions that protect that experience. She has found incredibly supportive managers at Intuit who provided resources to help meet her Reserve commitments, especially when she was required to be away from work.

To veterans transitioning to a civilian job, Ashley suggests focusing on “demonstrating and articulating his/her soft skills and how they will benefit the prospective company and role. The military teaches you how to lead, learn fast, solve problems under pressure, and collaborate as part of your DNA – these are skills that any hiring manager would love to have on the team!”

Steve Belliveau – Senior Software Engineer, Mint

Steve Belliveau, Senior Software Engineer at Mint, achieved the rank of Captain in the United States Marine Corps, served for 11 years with three deployments overseas and as an F/A-18 Weapon Systems Officer in San Diego, CA. Like Tony, Steve will remember the people he served with as the most meaningful part of his service.

During his three and a half years at Intuit, he has been able to apply his leadership experience and soft skills from his service. The military required Steve to regularly solve unique problems that forced him to think outside the box and adapt as the situation changed, an ability that he’s found helpful in working on an agile software development team. Steve says he was drawn to Intuit because of the company’s mission and core values, which allows employees to be part of something greater than themselves, similar to what he experienced in the military.

Steve’s advice for veterans transitioning to a civilian job is “Find a mentor in the field you want to work who has made a similar transition. They can help you identify skill gaps, provide valuable insights, and help you start building your professional network.” He champions the Intuit Military Network that helps support the Veteran and military communities with chapters throughout Intuit’s various company sites.

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