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TurboTax 2009: Like GPS for your taxes

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Easily guides you to your maximum refund

TurboTax 2009 is here!  I know it doesn’t feel like tax season yet, but it’s just around the corner and this year’s TurboTax will make doing your taxes easier than ever.   In fact, customers tell us the new version of TurboTax is like a GPS for their taxes.  It easily and accurately walks you through your tax return, effortlessly guiding you to your ultimate destination – the biggest tax refund possible.

What you’ll see in TurboTax 2009

Step-by-step guidance. Built-in guidance for more than 350 possible deductions and credits, including the 2009 Stimulus, helps you get the biggest refund possible. More than 95 percent of U.S. taxpayers will benefit from the Stimulus and the average American family could receive up to $13,000 in tax benefits.

Checking as you go, so there are no detours. Real-time error check immediately flags errors and missed information. Fix mistakes or come back later when you have more info.

Double-checking for commonly overlooked deductions and credits. Don’t miss important credits such as the earned income tax credit. An estimated 5.6 million eligible taxpayers failed to claim this credit last year, potentially missing out on as much as $4,600.

Providing instant answers. We’ll give you easy ways to get answers to your questions. Among these: instant answers from other TurboTax users and tax experts online via the TurboTax Live Community.

Including audit support with every return. The TurboTax Audit Risk Meter helps you reduce risk of an audit before filing. A downloadable Audit Support Center assists you in the unlikely event you’re audited.

Instantly transferring investment and wage information. You can easily, accurately and securely import 1099 investment and W-2 wage information from more than 140 financial institutions and payroll providers directly into their tax return.

Get You Some TurboTax

If you are looking the for TurboTax 2009 destktop product go to TurboTax.com or you should be able to get it in stores after Thanksgiving (if you aren’t in a turkey coma).  TurboTax Online is expected to be available beginning Dec. 1.

Check out our product comparison chart to see which TurboTax product is right for you.

17 responses to “TurboTax 2009: Like GPS for your taxes”

  1. I filed 2009 taxes the state of AZ has no record. These were completed using TT software on a computer that no longer is running, is there any recovery from TT when electronic submitted thru TT?

  2. You and I filed my mother-in-law’s taxes in 2009. The IRS notified us that they do not have the information and are threatening to charge us a large amount if they are not paid. I do not have a copy of the return I filed with you. Her name: Frances Biggerstaff.

    Please advise.


  4. Hi. I just noticed that your site looks like it has a formatting hitch at the very bottom of your web page. I’m not entirely sure if everyone is seeing this same glitch when browsing your website? Maybe it is just my browser i am employing Opera

  5. I complted my 2009 taxes today and file them. To my suprise there were several entries missing. There were breaks and signons during the process. Is it possible that information was lost during the breaks? Bob

  6. On April 14, 2010 I filed my taxes online turbo tax and have the copies my returns IRS serach is saying they never received them what shall i do to correct this issue. The fee for efiling shows on my accout.

  7. I am using 2009 Turbo-tax. I am filing MI part-year and KS-resident tax. Why do I have MI tax forms appearing in my KS state-tax returns?


  8. I have been audited and I need do a correction on my already filed 2008 return. Pleas email back an answer.

    R Aroneck

  9. On 2/17/10 I filed my taxes online turbo tax and have the copies my returns were nver sent to the IRS and my bank account shows that I have adeduction for turbo tax on 02/19/10 please help me with this matter!!!!!!!!!! 1

  10. My name is Sarah Jalandoni my friend tom assist me w/ my tax return on January 20, 2010. And I have not recieved my tax returned through Turbo Tax. (e-file).

    The information on the computer informed us that i would receive it from 6 to 10 days after that.

    I would gladly appriciete if some one can return my call on my behalf of my tax return.

    May you please contact me @ (904)924-4338

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    Sarah Jalandoni

  11. Hope this shows up somewhere, I cannot get a straight answer from ANYONE FROM TT.

    I bought the program and did my taxes, they were rejected for date of birth, I know my DOB is not wrong yet Turbo seems to think I need to SEND them in instead of e-filing which is what I paid for. The old PASS THE BUCK routine, blame the SSA, IRS or your to stupid to know your date of birth DUH.

    I need an answer!!!! Why are so many people having this problem??? I don’t want to hear a lame excuse. Give me proof “ie” feds called social called, SOMETHING!!! that’s it before I say something I’m not proud of

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