The Rise of E-Filing

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Each year, more and more taxpayers are choosing to e-file their tax returns. In the past decade, the number of individual tax returns filed electronically has increased by a whopping 145%. In fact, by 2005, the more than half of all U.S. taxpayers were e-filing; by 2010, this increased to 70%. Additionally, 35% of all taxpayers are e-filing on their own, a nearly 10% increase in self-prepared e-filers a year prior. With the recent trends towards an increasingly online world, where e- and m-commerce are giving traditional retail and businesses a run for their money, these phenomena should come as no surprise.

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2 responses to “The Rise of E-Filing”

  1. I needed to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it. I’ve got you book-marked to check out new stuff you post…

  2. Well, I am very disappointed with TT this year. I can’t believe we are paying them to HOLD returns. For those of you with your “Well, the IRS said they wouldn’t process until the 14th…” And “It said when you itemized there might be a delay…” I say – TT KNEW ALL OF THAT AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN PRECISE! Why tell us all, there might be a delay… And some may not be processed until mid-February… WHEN THE POINT BLANK TRUTH IS TURBO TAX WAS GOING TO HOLD OUR TAXES UNTIL THE 14th PERIOD!! The maybes and mights are just Turbo Taxes way of stringing people along who probably would have gone elsewhere if we’d been told upfront – ITEMIZING WILL RESULT IN US HOLDING YOUR TAXES UNTIL THE 14TH OF FEBRUARY. That’s what TT should have put on their sight because they KNEW they were holding until the 14th. Now, various ones from TT are telling us that it may be the 25th of February – March 4th before our taxes are even processed because the IRS wants them to stagger their submissions. Why is it H&R block was able to submit the returns WHEN FILED and they actually then left it up to the IRS to get to them on the 14th or whenever they could… Again, Turbo Tax should have sent them in – that way – if by some chance the IRS got it together before the 14th, they could start processing as files were received. Again, since they did not – and knew they would not until the 14th – they should have said so UPFRONT without any of the maybes and mights stringing people along. For those of you who paid TT good money to only have your taxes held and this not adequately reported – I FEEL YOUR PAIN! RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I probably won’t use TT again – and I definitely would not recommend it! BE HONEST PEOPLE!

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