New Online Receipt Organizer Makes Returns a Snap

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Now you can say goodbye to lost receipts. And say hello to full refunds on your returns and a simpler way to find and organize your receipts for rebates, insurance or warranties. It’s a first step to getting rid of all the scraps of paper from your wallet and the bottom of your purse and instead, easily accessing them online.

Many people keep receipts because we tend to think of them as money. However, most of us (80% in a recent Intuit survey) don’t organize our receipts at all. And not surprisingly, more than half of us get frustrated when we can’t find a receipt when we need it. The Container Store and QuickReceipts, new from Intuit, announced a partnership today, making The Container Store one of the first retailers to allow you to automatically collect, store and organize your receipts online. It’s free and easy because QuickReceipts does all the work for you in three quick steps:

•    Step 1: You buy something – Just do your normal, everyday shopping.
•    Step 2: We store your receipt – The Container Store sends QuickReceipts your receipt, securely, electronically, and best of all, automatically.
•    Step 3: Need the receipt? Need to return something or make a claim? No problem, we’ve got it!

Quick Receipts also includes some cool features like sharing favorite purchases with your friends through social networks, and seeing The Container Store’s latest offers. And with the QuickReceipts iPhone app, you can even look up your receipt while you’re in the store in case you need to stock up on something but can’t remember that part number.

While we don’t yet have all the stores we’d like yet, we’re excited about how simple QuickReceipts is to use and what shoppers are saying about it.  You can sign up today (it’s free) at We’d love to hear from you. Tell us which retailers you would like to see work with QuickReceipts and we’ll update this post as we add more of your favorite stores.

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