How Do I Download and Install Multiple States?

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In today’s mobile society, filing taxes in multiple states has become a common practice.  Filing your taxes can be nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about how to handle this type of scenario (or any other!).  Thankfully, TurboTax not only supports multiple states, but makes it easy.  We’ve heard there is some confusion about how to obtain and install multiple state products. Before you pull all your hair out over this – or worse, spend your hard-earned money for someone else to do your taxes – let’s see if we can make this clearer.

TurboTax Desktop products

The TurboTax Desktop Deluxe and Premier versions include one free state product download (unless purchased in a state that does not have state taxes).  You can purchase as many additional state products as you need for $29.95 each.  If you’re using the Desktop Basic version, you can purchase and download as many TurboTax state products as necessary for $29.95 each. If you choose to e-file, an additional e-filing transmission fee of $14.95 applies for each state return.

You can purchase as many state returns as necessary but e-filing is limited to three state returns per federal return.  If you need to file more than three state returns with any one federal return, you must print and mail your return.  You can purchase state products for TurboTax Desktop either from within the product or from

Here’s an example: Cheryl works as a consultant for a major computer company.  She sometimes moves several times a year and has lived and worked in Arizona, California and New Mexico in the last year.  When she files her federal taxes this year, she needs to file 3 state returns: Arizona, California and New Mexico.  She uses TurboTax Premier and knows that she’ll get one free state product and that she’ll need to purchase the other two.   She has decided to download the state products from within TurboTax, so she follows the steps below.

  1. Cheryl opens TurboTax and then opens her existing tax return.
  2. She selects Download State from the Online menu at the top of the screen.
  3. She selects the box next to the first state product she needs – she chooses Arizona.
  4. She then follows the screens to download and install it.
  5. To purchase the two additional states, she opens her tax return and selects Download State from the Online menu at the top of the screen.
  6. She selects the box next to California.
  7. When prompted to choose either Buy Online or Buy by Phone, she chooses Buy Online.
  8. She follows the screen prompts to purchase, download, and install the selected state return.
  9. She follows steps 5-8 for to purchase, download, and install the New Mexico state product.

Piece of cake.  Cheryl is now ready to complete her tax return.

TurboTax Online products

You can also file multiple state returns using the TurboTax Online products. You can purchase a TurboTax Online 1040EZ state for $24.95, and TurboTax Online Deluxe, Premier, and Ultimate state products for $29.95 each. E-file transmission is included at no additional charge.

TurboTax Online allows you to purchase a maximum of three state returns for each federal return.  If you require more than three state tax returns for one federal return, you need to use TurboTax Desktop.

See our article on Multiple State Tax Returns for more information on this topic.

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  1. Turbo tax charged me $44.99 to download each state. In addition to the $24.99 fee to e-file each state. It cost me $150.00 to do taxes for two states. Doesn’t seem right.

    • The last couple years there was a glitch in the turbotax software that with some manipulation allowed you to pull in multiple States for free. They finally fixed it unfortuneatly.

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