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What is the current IRS status on processing returns?

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Last updated 2/15

Congratulations on finishing your taxes!

We know how important your tax refund is to you. Good news, the IRS started processing tax returns on January 30th.   Returns will be processed in the order they were submitted and as soon as your tax return is accepted, we will notify you by email.   This notification could take up to 48 hours.

The IRS estimates that you should receive your tax refund within 21 days of your return being accepted.  The IRS issued more than 9 out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days last year and expects the same results this year.

Once your tax return has been accepted by the IRS, you can track the status of your refund by logging into your MyTurboTax account or checking the IRS Where’s My Refund Tool.

IRS Update:  The IRS announced today that they are experiencing high traffic on their Where’s My Refund Tool.  As a result, there may be limited availability during busier periods. The IRS has asked the entire tax industry to remind customers to only check Where’s My Refund once a day. IRS systems are only updated once a day, usually overnight.


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  1. I efiled feb 4th my tax return was accepted on feb 5th here it is march 21st still no refund irs website says processing. I never recieved any sort of letter I’ve called multiple times to the irs all they tell me is they do not know why my taxes are being held just they are being further reveiwed. They told me it is going to be at least another 9 weeks and could be longer we were really depending on the money we have four children we were going to use our return for our closing cost on our home but now we have to take out more loans to do this I also am a college student who needs my transcrips so I can file my fasfa which is due end of next month but I cannot get those until my taxes are done being processed so I may have to drop out as I have no way to fund my schooling so much for trying to better my life

  2. I efiled feb 4th my tax return was accepted on feb 5th here it is march 21st still no refund irs website says processing. I never recieved any sort of letter I’ve called multiple times to the irs all they tell me is they do not know why my taxes are being held just they are being further reveiwed. They told me it is going to be at least another 9 weeks and could be longer we were really depending on the money we have four children we were going to use our return for our closing cost on our home but now we have to take out more loans to do this I also am a college student who needs my transcrips so I can file my fasfa which is due end of next month but I cannot get those until my taxes are done being processed so I may have to drop out as I have no way to fund my schooling do much for trying to better my life

  3. Hi! I filed my taxes thru TT on 2/5 and IRS accepted immediately. On 3/5 I received a letter instructing me to visit a secured website to provide information for ID verification. I answered the questions asked, and was told I had successfully completed the verification process; IRS would now continue processing my refund. My question to all of you, is how long, if any of you have had to do the ID verify process, before a refund is received?

  4. I filed my taxes feb 10th, received a letter from the irs monday they sent the letter out in feb 27th, I think I did something wrong when I was filing, but the irs person, told me it could take up to 60days for them to reveiw my return, omg I’m so angry me and my kids need a car, and this is driving me mad.

  5. I got a letter in the mail saying that I needed to verify who I was for security reasons or my tax return would not be processed the paper accidentally got thrown away does anyone know the website or phone number I call to do this?

  6. Has anyone else been accepted in February, then received a letter to verify your information, then after you did that received another letter stating that their doing a thorough review that it could take up to another 60 days which would leave me receiving my return at the end of June. STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY RETURN and it is now JULY! Has anyone else been in this same boat and received their tax refund yet???

  7. i mailed my taxes on april 15th and still have not received my tax return and its July 2nd! IRS keeps putting me on hold and wont give me any info on my tax money… anyone have any advice on what i should do?

      1. I would love to no if anyones got there taxes back yet this year and if n e one knows the current status this year if there running on time or watnot…

  8. filed on 31 jan , flaged for verification, verifiedy on feb 19, verified on april 23 and still no refund. have called and all i get is another number to call.. or we have you taxes and they are being processed.. its now been a full 5 months and i try to get into the irs to day , i was nice to everonen i talked to band yet i got hung up on 3 times, like it was an accident you know.. i was told by one agent that the reason was that half the irs had been layed off and they were short on man power.
    the president is out of the country when he should be here taking care of this mess and giveing orders to the irs to get their act stright.
    i have contacted my seantors & congressman and alll i get from them is a run around. the irs has become to powerful
    to exist any more, its time to shut it down.
    if not it will be worse..
    i lay this back on teh obama administration.
    weak leadership and no hands on and no figherprints one.. the way obamas works..
    its time to shut the irs down

  9. Well here we are at June 3rd and I still have no refund. I have called them several times with a different answer each time. I e-filed on 1/25/13 and it was accepted by the IRS on 1/28/13. It is getting quite ridiculous. The IRS is right on time for every one of my pay days to take what they consider to be theirs and I have to wait for months. Put off a move to another town because of it and had to sign another lease. Come on IRS, get your shit together.

  10. Yesterday, finally I got my return it took over 3 months with e-file, the good thing is I was counting with that money for vacations in July and not to pay bills like I did last year, I can’t imagine the frustration, overdrafts, late fees I may incurred if I was counting with it this year, lesson learn there is no 2 to 4 weeks anymore!!!!

  11. It just getting better I checked the status and it said delivered I called the IRS and I said what happened? it wasn’t deposit on my account. So they told me to check with my accountant, I call him and he said because randomly the IRS check the deposit accounts from the accountants his account was in a review pocess consequently the IRS deposit (the one I was waiting for so long) was returned to the IRS on the first week of May.
    I called the IRS again and the answer was I have to wait 3 weeks because the IRS needs to see the deposit was return and then 4 to 6 weeks is going to take for them to send me a paper check in the mail. Ill keep you posted maybe by thanksgiving I would get my return!!!!

    1. Wow Sam! That is a nightmare! Pease keep me posted. I am looking at June 23rd for my return. I still don’t have an DD, but they told me to call back if I don’t receive it by then. This year has been horrible in regards to this big mess!

  12. I can’t believe this the time that I am waiting for my return has to be some sort of record. My return was received on Janurary 28th, 2013. I still don’t have a DD. I spoke with an IRS rep today and she told me to call them bacn six weeks from today if I don’t have a DD. Not call back if I don’t have my return’s money in hand, just call back in six weeks if I don’t have a DD! I am never filing a return again!

  13. I honestly don’t think it is the fault of Turbo Tax. The IRS seems to be incredibly slow and inept this year for some strange reason. I e-filed on March 19th and got another letter in the mail a couple of days ago from IRS, after I did the telephone verification, saying they would now need to verify me with “others”? Basically, don’t bother them for another 60 days. This now puts any possibility for a refund into July. Trying to get through to them, for me, has been an impossible nightmare. The last time, I was on hold for over 2 hours and finally had to hang up as my cordless phone was about dead. I just imagine all the employees sitting around watching the phone lines light up like some kind of over the top Christmas display and pointing and laughing. GADS!

  14. Well after filing on Feb 13th and being accepted Feb 15th, I finally will receive my taxes tomorrow. I had called on March 8th after the three weeks when I noticed there was no DD. I called the fraud center. Since I have the world’s worst mail carrier and my bank account has been hacked twice this year because of his constant errors and him giving 50% of my mail to my neighbors, including my tax forms I was extremely worried about identity theft. The rep told me there was no problem and said the end of march I should have my return. So the end of march comes and goes and still nothing. So I call the second weeks of April and guess what….identity theft. There’s a big red Flag on my return stating it needs to be reviewed. The flag was on my prior years return as of Feb 3rd. So the other lady didn’t even check! But thank God, I got a really great lady who went through everything with a fine tooth comb while I was on the phone with her. So three weeks after she pushed my return out of the holding status and into the review department, I got my return. At least it’s pending in my account right now as I type this. So, it turned out the system mistakenly flagged our return as identity theft when there was actually no duplicate return. Just keep calling. Be sweet to them and maybe you will get someone over there at the IRS to be sweet back to you. And it doesn’t hurt to pray. I pray you guys all get everything sorted quickly and easily. It’s been a tough couple of months while we waited to pay off bills that we were hoping to have payed off months ago.

    1. Why haven’t you reported the mailman to the Post Office’s Inspector General’s Office?

      1. LOL…I’m sorry I have to laugh because I have. In fact I lost count of the complaints after 22. If I called every time I was missing a piece of mail it would be anywhere from 1-4 times a month. I have tried and tried to get this person fired and so has everyone else on my block. We cannot get rid of him. We’ve all gotten the excuse that he’s a rural route carrier and they have different rules and regulations that they must follow.

  15. I filed on March 1st. On March 25th I get a letter telling me I need to verify my identity. I do and then call a month later to find out where my refund is. After an hour on hold I finally talk to someone who tells me there’s been a hold put on my return. He tells me to call another number, I do and they told me it was because of a problem with the software I used to file. What software did I use to file? You guessed it Turbo Tax. That’s right, I was told by the IRS the problem with my refund was the software I used to file. If i don’t have my refund by June 1st, I will be homeless. Thanks turbo tax, for potentially putting me on the street. This is the last time I ever use your program. Next year I’m filing by hand or with an accountant.

    1. you got a lot more problems than Turbo Turbo Tax. If you are at the point where if you don’t get your refund you will be homeless, what do you do next month? Geez!
      Blame Turbo Tax but you need to get a job.

  16. Sorry I’ve been busy to keep you posted for those new let me tell you I e-file with an accountant and it was accepted FEBRUARY 3rd, I wait 3 weeks so i called and they said it was an error and they have to fix it manually which means i have to start counting 4 to 6 weeks from February 16, which means April the latest that is what the operator told me.
    I contacted them 3 times during that period to make sure I’m not missing anything or they will send something by mail, I called April 16 and they said they just lifted the hold and I should expect to get my return between 4 to 6 weeks counting from April 19. I’m talking at the end of May territory. I don’t understand the exagerate delay, I’m telling you, May 3rd is going to be 3 months since I file my taxes, my frustration is over. I stop checking the website because always says in progress. Now lets wait how much longer it takes I will keep you posted weekly if possible or when I get my refund maybe sometime this year hopefully by Christmas if is going to continue with this non sense.

    1. ersright person who claimed I now was told it will take about 16 weeks for processingI have been following comments for the past 3 months. I appreciate the comments since it really helps to hear that you are not alone in waiting for an IRS refund check. I’ve been waiting since Feb. 21st. With no letter from IRS I ‘ve been calling over and over again and found out in March that it was with the Identity Theft Dept. Once I verified over the telephone for 45 minutes that I am infact the person that filed — I was told that it was going back to processing and I had to wait. Contacted IRS last week and the rep said a memo went out on March 15 inside IRS that they were seriously backlogged in the Identity Theft Dept. and it might take up to 16 weeks to resolve waiting claims. That would be July 2013. But he said it may not take that long because they are hiring more people to help and they go in the order that they were received. That is the only update I have hope this helps.

  17. I really can’t beleive what the IRS rep told me today. She told me yes, the hold was lifted from my return, but for some reason the processing department just has my return sitting there. She told me she put a not on it that they should put a rush on it because I need to use the irs data retrevial tool for my fasfa, but she said it could be another 4 weeks until they get to it. This is a major problem of me now because the college I want desperately to attend wants me to fill out both the 2011/2012 fasfa and the 2012/2013 fasfa. I am so sad right now!!!

      1. I am still waighting on my return too. Had to file form injured spouse wich takes an extra 11 weeks. well my 11th weekhas come and gone I called and they said atleast another 2 weeks. so its just not you all. Im in need of my tax return ills are payed but had a storm and my roof wasdamaged pretty badly. come to find out my dads insurance on the house has elapsed due to my brother not paying it for him since he has power of attourney. So i am stuck repairing the roof an since i have not worked since Augest of last year money is in short supply.

      2. Truer words have never been spoken Sam’s nephew! Half of the year will be done before I see that return, but I am more worried about the hold up for my registering for school! I need the info for my fasfa!

  18. I guess everyone got their return! I am still waiting and I still don’t have a dd yet! IRS accepted my return 01/28/13!

    1. Got a letter from IRS in the mail saying my return was under review and I’d hear from them by June 3rd, WTF? I efiled on 3/19/13. I am seeing my return on the WMR website, (finally) but just says processing. No estimated DD date or anything else. I don’t know what is going on this year, but it can’t be everyone’s fault. I think the main issues are with the IRS, though there were some screwups with various tax preparers, it can’t account for all the problems people seem to be experiencing. I guess all we can do is hurry up and wait. I am so glad I wasn’t depending on my refund this year.

    2. Jasmine, I would call the the IRS and see if it is not setting in the Idenity Theft program. Mine was setting there and I did not receive a letter from the IRS until after I called. My return was setting in Idenity Theft since Jan 22 I called on March 11 they said they were releasing it to me and I never received it so I called April 15th and the nice lady said they never released it and she kept me on line until she found out the released it and I received it today. The number is 1-800-829-1040 and just keeping pusing 0 and finally they will say your call will be transfered. Good luck

      1. The last time I contacted the IRS was April 9th and 10th. On the ninth they called me and said my return was LOST and I should file again on paper. This was so akward so I called on the tenth talked to a nice person and she said she released the hold, my return was in the identity theft dept., but I have not heard anything since and I’ve been told simply to wait! If I don’t receive anything by May 9th to give them a call back! I am angry because after being told 21 days call back, four weeks call back, six weeks call back, is all I’m being told! It is so frustrating! AARRGGHH!

      2. Shawna, did you receive your return? My return was placed in the identity theft dept as well. I had called the identity theft dept on march 8th and was told there was nothing wrong with my return ( I don’t even think she checked). I had called because I have a mailman who is the worst on the planet and half my mail goes to my neighbors so I was concerned when I hadn’t received even a DD after 3 weeks. So then I called again two weeks ago on the 12th and I was informed that my return was on hold in the identity theft dept and she was releasing it to processing. So I keep checking and still no DD. I realize it has only been two weeks but I’d like to hope mine is coming soon. Did you get your return or just that letter?

    3. TX filed my 2011 late. I found out because the IRS sent me a nice letter stating they never received it. Called TX and “NO REPLY AT ALL” because you cant call them. I personally had to print the TX return and go to the Post Office “the worst” and Mail. Was refunded for 2011 from the feds but when I filled with TX feds would not accept. This is the first reply from Jasmine “if she’s real” Really? Please keep me posted. Thank you

      1. Please read what I posted earlier today, but I am on hold with the IRS right now to make sure everything is ok and this mysterious HOLD was lifted for sure. Will keep you updated Paul!

    4. if you filed already from TurboTax and saved your information, just reference that to complete the fasfa… that’s what I did. not really much information required from the return to do it.

  19. Really? There must be about a million ID thefts this year. I filed and was accepted 3/19/13. IRS sent a letter saying I needed to verify myself. I did via the website they gave me. Finally got through via telephone and was told my refund was on hold because my first name had been switched with my middle. WTF? Still says “no record found” on WMR website. I really think something shady is going on here. No one I know has gotten their refund as yet, with the exception of one. This really sucks a big one!

  20. I’m a little weirded out but somewhat relieved…my efile was rejected this morning too…IRS said someone else already used one of the ss numbers on my claim. Turbo Tax reviewed and stated I had to MAIL the return in…but my state only accepts electronic, so even though the prompts from TurboTax were there…BOTH Fed & State were once again efiled. I hope this doesn’t create a bigger mess! Yikes.

  21. I have seen friends and family screw themselves over and shoot themselves in the foot, year after year, by *depending* on getting their tax refund within a certain time frame. It’s just a REALLY BAD IDEA to do that. I understand that people are broke and unemployed. But if you *depend* on getting your refund within a specific time frame, that’s the same thing as spending it before you got it.

    Then, if there are any problems getting your refund on time, you COST YOURSELF money by being charged late fees &/or NSF fees for payments you couldn’t make because you didn’t get your refund when you thought you would. You actually LOSE money when you plan to pay for stuff with refund money you didn’t got yet. The net cost to you is not worth it!

    Look at it this way: you didn’t have all that money for over 12 months (while it was being collected from your checks). So what’s another 2, 3, or 4 months? Patience will save you money. Impatience costs you money. I never spend my refund money before I get it. Never. You can screw yourself up really badly if you do… seen it happen over and over again.

    1. I agree with this to a point. I was one of those people who depended on their tax refund to get them out of a jam. I got behind on my rent and was supposed to get evicted. I went to court, spoke with the building manager and lawyer and they gave me until 2/20. Guess what??? that was the date of my refund. THen Guess What???? I didn’t get it. Well they gave me an extra day. On 2/21 they locked me out. I was lucky I called the IRS and they told me that I would get my refund on 2/27. I did but the bad part was that I spent 5 days in a hotel. That was the first and last time I depended on my tax refund to get out a jam….

  22. I’m hoping this will help someone out there. I filed my taxes on Feb 13th and they were accepted Feb 15th. So I waited the customary 3 weeks before calling about my tax returns. So on March 8th I called the Fraud center because I was worried about identity theft since I have the worst mailman on the planet and he gave my tax docs to my neighbors. She told me the end of March and that there were no problems with my return. So I waited until yesterday since there was still nothing about my return. I called and waited on hold for over an hour only to be hung up on. So then I called later that afternoon and finally got someone who cared. Turns out there was an identity theft issue that the Fraud center should have caught but didn’t. The System made a mistake and registered and flagged my return for review because it said my 2011 returns had been submitted twice although no second return was found. So this lady sent my return on for processing and removed the code that would have help up my return for the next 3 years. It would have been at the very least mid-may before it had gotten sent to anyone to even be looked at. So now I’m looking at a minimum of 6-8 weeks again but at least I have an answer and it should be resolved. Keep calling and be sweet to those who you talk to. This lady went above and beyond for me because I was very cordial. She even thanked me for being sweet because most people yell and scream. So remember that. It is your money but they are their to help you get it…not keep it from you.

    1. My e-file kept getting rejected as well by the IRS. I called and they told me I had to talk to the fraud department. They told me there was no fraud and gave me an e-file pin that did not work. I called back and spoke to the fraud department again, and once again received a e-pin that didn’t work. I called a third time and spoke with a supervisor who gave me still a different e-file pin that didn’t work. I guess I’m doomed to paper file for the rest of my life. I don’t think we are having problems because of fraud, but rather IRS e-file glitches.

  23. just got notice that our efile was rejected because someone else filed using my spouse SSN…

    not sure what to do now, never had a problem with efile before.. very worried!

      1. thanks, my wife called them as instructed on that website and you’re right.. we have to mail in our ID and forms to get processed. 180 days at a minimum 🙁

        thanks for the info

      1. I am wondering, is this a TT issue? It seems like a lot of people here are falling into that category that it is ID theft.

  24. this ID theft must be a huge problem this year… my efile just got rejected saying someone filed my spouses SSN already…

    argh! not sure what to do now… never had a problem with efile before.

    1. I think it happened to me for the state only. I received my federal on 2/27 and a few days later I received a letter from the New Jersey Department of Taxation. In the letter they wanted me to send in my W-2s, my social security card and any 1099s that I may have gotten for the tax year. I was a victim of Identity theft last year. So since I do not just send my information especially stuff like that to just anybody, I called them to ask why are they asking for my information. They did not come out and say that there was a return already filed in my name, they told me they had to verify who I was. That was about 5 weeks ago. they told me it will take about 90 days, so now I am looking at June for my State refund.

    2. I don’t think so… when my wife called, the IRS agent confirmed that a primary return had been filed with her information.

      we have filed for the past 20 years with her as secondary SSN… so, it was definite fraud in action.

  25. I also wanted to say that I am glad to see that I am not the only one getting screwed by the IRS and Turbo Tax.

  26. I file my Taxes in Feb. And i still havent seen it. I file by paper. I check where is my refund website everyday. Its still say the same . Still being process. Need some answer.

    1. Hi Sam — “Processing” means that your return is with the IRS. Any delays are on their end, and unfortunately TurboTax has no way of knowing what the issue may be.

      You may want to try contacting the IRS directly. Their contact information is available at the attached link. Good luck! –Christopher

      1. IRS told me that there is a delay getting people their refunds due to the Additional Child Tax credit. Its been 10 weeks since I e-filed using Turbo Tax. They said that they had to verify the kids on the form are my kids… If these kids aren’t mine I’m divorcing my wife and suing for cruel and unusual punishment!

  27. I come to this blog frustrated and confused….filed my return on 2/2/13…recieved acceptance 48 hrs later. ON Feb 22 recieved my state refund. Its april 10th stillno federal refund. Called IRS twice…first timeshe said my e-file was rejected and voided b/c of problems with previous returns and need to send original copy signed. Sent original they recieved it march 27th. Now have to wait another 4-6 weeks for processing. Called today to follow up and the rep told me that they signed off on it yesterday to go to different department for processing…WTF!!!…she said 8 weeks to recieve my return…..i am really pissed!!! idont know what else to do!…guess i will have to wait till June to see that money 🙁

  28. I file February 15 through Jackson Hewitt. Not only have I not received my refund yet 4/10. But after calling the IRS various times I found out the the IDIOT who did my taxes put me in for double payment on my first time homeowners tax caredit and ended up paying $1000 instead of $500. WHERES MY REFUND??? Wish I could charge them interest…

    1. I feel your pain. I was told that my refund was delayed because of a mistake the IRS made in processing the 2008 First Time Home Buyers Credit repayment. The repayment is $500 per year. They told me that for some reason they have ALL tax returns liable for only $250 even ‘married filing jointly’ returns. My return was e-filed and accepted on Jan 31. I was told my return was erroneously sent to corrections and released to be posted on March 6. It could take 6-8 weeks to receive my refund. I called the advocacy line and asked if the IRS was giving priority to the returns that THEIR mistake had delayed. They told me there was no difference being made in processing returns…I should be patient. It could be May before I see my refund and it’s THEIR mistake.

      1. OK…so I called the IRS to get yet another update on my return. I was told that NONE of the answers I had been given up to now by the other IRS reps are correct. I was told that my return was in the errors department as of March 23 and it would be a *minimum* of 19 days for it to be released for posting. Once it’s posted it will be a *minimum* of 4 weeks before I see my refund. So that puts me at getting my refund on May 9 at the very earliest. That is almost 4 weeks past the date I could send them money if I owed them. Pretty pathetic. If I was going to be late with my taxes I would have to file an extension. They, on the other hand, have no responsibility to contact me in any way regarding my refund taking in excess of 14 weeks to process, and nearly a month past April 15.

  29. Why is the IRS now telling me to scrap the return that was accepted by them from me in Janurary! They are actuallly telling me to do my return all over on paper and start this process all over again I can’t beleive this! It really is a bad situation this year WOW!!

    1. IRS told me the same thing a few weeks back. I called a CPA and she said not to do it. She told me to call tech support for the service I used and to get verification that my return was indeed accepted by the IRS. I did that…then called IRS back and some lady apologized that I had been told to submit a new return. She finally told me what had really happened…it was an IRS mistake. The CPA told me that submitting a new return would have caused even further delays because it would look like I (or someone else) was trying to cash in twice on my refund. So you may want to call the IRS again…

  30. I had filed with h&r block on february 25th. same woman and everything from last season and yet the irs couldnt identify who I was.
    I webt into the branch office in march and found out that they opened an investigation march 6th. I was told it would be 6 to 8 weeks from march 6 date.
    now ive called the taxpayer advocates and irs again. my account is closed but theyre now estimating another 6 to 8 weeks from april 3rd, when they closed the damn thing, so it might be until june. wtf!?
    the taxpayer advocates dont do shit to help, and the irs is playing b.s. ima begin calling the news media as well as sending out letters to congress and irs figureheads. I refuse to be bullied. that was money for my first car and theyre not gonna piss on my parade..

  31. I filed with turbotax on feb 23rd. Immediately accepted. Waited for a few weeks. Got a letter from the IRS. Diversify. Did that and it has now been almost a month. Called the IRS the other day on hold for 2 hours and when I finally got someone they said the system went down. Great! They said it may be 4 more weeks. I have alway filed with turbotax and never had this problem. Really need the money but as usual we are at the mercy of the IRS.

  32. Update : I called yesterday to see if I can get an advocate to speed up my return (Filled on Feb 3)and I have to show prove of eviction notice or things like that now she said to wait until April 19 this is just crazy!!!!

  33. I filed on Feb. 14th, was accepted on Feb. 14th. It is now 8wks and I am still pending, won’t let me resubmit for Fasfa or get a transcript, my daughters college is giving us till May 1st. Just keep praying it gets done soon! Guess I will call tomorrow and see how much longer!

  34. I filed my federal return on Feb 3rd, and it was accepted the same day. The check your status website has said that it is still being processed. I finally called the IRS today, and after waiting 50 minutes, I find out that my refund is “being held” – but the rep I talked with had no idea why, and he also said that there was no evidence of the IRS trying to contact me to let me know there is an issue. Apparently my refund was just going to sit for who knows how long. He said he had no idea why this happened, but in his “script” at the very bottom, it says I need to mail in a copy of my complete signed returned to the IRS in California, along with W2s and my student loan interest 1098-E form. After I mail that in, the IRS should contact me, he says. How ridiculous is this?! Is anyone else having this issue?

    1. Wow! That stings! My return was accepted on Jan. 28, I still have not even received a date yet! This is really ridiculous! I am on hold right this moment trying to get answers about when I can order a transcript, I’m not even worried about the return anymore, I need the transcripts for my FASFA!

  35. Enough already!! It doesn’t make anything go quicker because you vent your spleen!

    I have called to the IRS number I was given twice this morning – wait was no longer than 4 minutes, and in each case the IRS agent was friendly and helpful. The call center staff has a difficult job, and treating them as the enemy doesn’t help at all.

    Lighten up! You’ll have an easier time dealing with delays and difficulties.

    1. Well I do agree to a point. It does not help when you are argumentative from the start. Every time I callled the IRS I spoke to them in a courteous manner and they were helpful. If you call them and start off from the onset as being defensive, well you are going to get the same in return. As I stated several times here if you just calmly state your case without being accusatory they will go the extra mile.

      1. Has anyone from Texas called and talked to a live person? I have tried several different numbers including several different local irs offices and have yet to talk to a live rep. Maybe i am calling on the wrong week day? Any positive advice is welcome. thanks.

  36. Filed feb 2,2013 None of the forms i filled were associated with the ones the irs said would have Delays. I called the IRS after 21days they said ” since the 21 days have elasped we have to send your return to the error processing department. it could take up to 30 days. 30 days was over March 28th. I have not received 1 letter or 1 phone call. Everyone says they don’t see anything wrong with my return they dont understand whats the problem. Now they sent my return to Tax payer Advocate i was told i will be contacted within 7 days. ( I know they will not contact me trust me ) April 9th will make 7 days. I called in April 2nd to tax payer advocate. Tax payer advocate says their is still a process after 7 days. I have already gave up on my tax return for 2013 all thanks to turbo tax and the entire IRS staff and BS computer system. ( P.S i was told by several reps their is nothing wrong with my return, i have received NO letter)

    1. I live in Austin, TX and I called the help center at 1-877-553-8824 number and had to wait about 4-5 minutes then I did speak with a person. Took him about 15-20 minutes to be able to actually help me, but he did help me with the bar code to accept my code. So I’m finished. Whipeee!!! It’s done and over with.

    2. same deal, got letter, called , verified, 4 to 6 weeks , no info, no refund. the one years i really could have use the money to good advantage.. .. tried to call, been nice and polite, but all i get is call this number, then they say call this number. seems like its just past the buck time at the irs, the woman who talk to me about the verification, seem to be more confused about it than i was..
      she said , your varified, your refund will be 4 to 6 weekls, … so i have waited.. to no avail, no one to call except the nubmers they pass on to me. i have to ownder if this couldl be due to the so call sequester. could the irs have order to hold up money just to
      make things look worse than they are..
      well, maybe tomorro, something to look forward to, and whe it doesn not show up , something to fret over..
      your government at work. no offense irs, iknow you have a large job… but seem youj could be a little more efficent.

  37. The blog has been very quiet now I guess everybody got their refund, well my weekly update as promise. Filed with e-file through an accountant received February the 3rd I have student credits I called in 3 occasions so they said we have to do it manually wait 8 weeks counting from the 14 of February which based on why I’m seeing that is going to be April 14 not before is anybody else going through the same waiting 2 months already???

    1. I used turbo-tax to file and my return was accepted on 2-7-13. Since then, I received a statement from the IRS stating I owed $669 additional for 2011, but nothing about my 2012 taxes.

      The “where’s my refund” website still shows it is still being processed. It is now approaching 2 months since I filed.

    2. I was charged $111.98 by Turbo tax even when I haven’t received my tax refund as yet I know they are aware of this situation but, just like everyone else they don’t really care what happens to you as long as they get their’s I called and all the they said was I was charged for the forms that I used. Okay this caused an overdraft to my bank account which they charged me $36.00. So now I didn’t get my refund still getting processing message, Turbo Tax crabbed their money Suntrust overdraft fee and took my little income that is a direct deposited to my account with them, I am a single mother who really need this money and could use it now.

      1. i called turbo tax, told them the irs was verifying me and their money would be their when the
        irs deposited my funds… 4 to 6 weeks or longer
        they told me they would waver the fee and i could pay it when my refund came thru.. .then
        they went ahead and deducted it from my bank account and throw me into overdraft. cositn me another 60 dollars in fees..

        dturbo tax can shove it next year. i will use someone else..

      2. Hi Joe,
        Sorry about the issue your having. Can you please call customer service at so they can help you.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

    3. FILED IN FEB AND AS OF TODAY…NO REFUND!!! Contacted the IRS over 4 times and these people are reading from a SCRPIT To tell us BS!! They screwed up and we are left to wait and not get answers!!! Calling the 800 number is a scam in its own. When you reach someone they place you on hold only to be hung up on. And the I was told everything was fixed on 3/15/2013 and everyone should receive their return on 4/1/13..TOTAL BS

    4. I filed e-file on february 3rd and have education repayment deductions. I have called various numbers only to receive an automated system. I am guessing i am in the same boat as you as i haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone at the irs to tell me whether or not they need additional info. i haven’t received any documentation in the mail so i am at a loss.


    5. I’m still waiting. My taxes were sent in and accepted on 2/14, and I still haven’t received a word back. It’s really frustrating. I claimed the lifetime learning credit, which is what I guess is causing the delay. I just want some kind of estimate on when I’ll get it. I wish I could charge them interest!!

  38. Hi Everyone. I promised to let you know when I receives my DD. I just checked the IRS website, and will see the funds by April the 8th after using the American Credit form and being accepted and in processing since 2-15. Hang in there!

  39. My return was accepted on jan.28th. So on Feb. 22nd I called the IRS because I had not received my return and was still getting the message that my return is being processed. I received letter 4883c stating that additional information was needed before processing could continue. I was asked to fax a copy of my 2012 return which I did on March 1st, I called back yesterday and still could not get any info, but still getting the message that my return is being processed. Has anyone else gotten letter 4883c, and if so did the problem get resolved? This is a big headache!!!

    1. I received that letter as well from the state but they didnt say what they were missing or needed. just said it is taking longer to process and additional info may be needed… yet nothing!!! i received my federal, yet not my state!

      1. Still nothing yet! Called IRS today and they told me that my refund is pending!?!?! But on the where’s my refund site still getting the ” your return is still being processed! My return was accepted Jan. 28! I was also told today that I might have to wait an additional 3 to 4 weeks.

      2. I received a letter from NJ last month saying that they needed me to send additional information for my refund to be processed. they asked me to send them a copy of my ss card, my w-2, and any 1099s that I received. So I called them and they said because I am getting a refund they had to verify who I was. I asked them did they not get that information from TT because I electronically filed. They told me that they do not get anything from them other than a notice telling them that you are entitled to a refund and the amount. So I sent them the information they requested and now I have to wait 90 days (less than 60 now). Seems like we are getting screwed by the Government and the State this year.

  40. Updated I filled my taxes withe-file through an accountant in February 3 I have education credits which push my date until February the 14 because the same history i called the IRS and said they found an error on my application so they are doing manually which may take up to 8 weeks starting from february the 14 not the 3rd which was the original date I filled my taxes, now rumors are they are going to start sending money on April because of spring break they may be delays and this week would not count. Lets see, if by April the 6 I do not get my refund I will try with an advocate. I will keep you posted every week or as soon as I get my refund so don’t blame your Tax companies Turbo Tax, H&R and others because this has nothing to do with them this is a big screw up from the IRS this year!!!!!!!!!

    1. I filed my taxes on February 15, 2013. I used efile. It was accepted by the irs on February 16th. I got the bars saying received and then accepted. Around March 7th I called to see if everything was alright because i was then getting the message saying processing and date would be given when available. I was told that a letter was mailed out to me and i had to call the number on the letter and that my refund would not be processed until i called He gave me the number to call because he did not know if they sent the letter to my old address or new address I call the number Feb 7th. I was verified and told that it would take 4-6 for my refund to be processed. I was able to order my transcripts on March 15th and on March 16th I received a message on WMR system stating that my check would be mailed on March 22, 2013. On March 26th I received my check in the mail. It took about 19 days after being verified for me to receive my check in the mail. 4 days after the treasury department mailed it out. Good luck to you all. You have to keep on track with the irs. This has been the worse filing season that I have experienced so far. I only had education credit. No dependents and filed iingle.

    2. I am having the same problem. I actually completed my taxes on January 24 and wasn’t told it would be February 14 when they could be submitted with my Education Credit. I am still waiting for my refund. For a month now, my status on Where’s My Refund is refund is being processed. H & R Block said they are seeing customers refunds coming through with the Education Credit but still haven’t seen mine. Hopefylly it is soon.

    3. I had the same issue, and received my DD date today Sam, I don’t see why you would not see the funds by April 6th =).

    1. Hi – Are these state tax forms? All federal forms are ready now. If you’re using a desktop version of TurboTax (download or CD-ROM), be sure to update the program via “Online” – “Check for Updates.” Hope that helps! –Christopher

  41. Updated Finally Irs approved my return with home energy credit form that they accepted on 3/4. However they reduced $1000 on my tax return which I don’t know what the hell it was and will DD on 3/27


  42. I just want to confirm there is a serious issue with TAXES this year. I filed on JAN 30TH. ACCEPTED on Feb 1, 2013. Was told by IRS rep.. my taxes were not processed until FEB 14, 2013 because of the EDUCATION CREDIT delay. I called back two weeks later. for and UPDATE because WRM says PROCESSING. I WAS TOLD…they found ERRORS and my file was transferred to another DEPARTMENT. I still haven’t received any letters in the mail and every time I call or check WRM.. they say its being process. Almost 3months later and I still have no DEFINITIVE ANSWER on my DD. I tried to order a transcript based on the information someone provide on this BLOG.. and it said ,, NO TRANSCRIPT is available. Im sure the IRS/GOV knows many people were unemployed, and many people experiences hardship this YEAR. why would they do this. THESE DELAYS are a major inconvenience for so many people and the PROFESSIONALS who handle our TAXES are not KNOWLEDGEABLE.. they have no REAL ANSWERS and they have not been very HELPFUL.. I just wanted to ADD my comment to this BLOG. HOPEFULLY this will serve a purpose.


  43. Hopefully this gives someone a ray of hope. I filed on feb 14 through HR block with the EIC, so of course, it was delayed for what seems like forever. SO yesterday I was finally able to order a transcript, then when I woke up this morning my bar was back and I had a DD of MArch 27 so hang in there guys. I will let you know what happens that day, so keep your fingers crossed for me. everyone on here has been such a help, if nothing else, just for letting me know I’m not alone, so thanks you evryone

  44. I filed my taxes thru efile on the 12th of march not too long ago and it’s the 22nd called today to make sure with IRS and they confirmed . I went to some agency that was new and upcoming really thought guy was scamming me but turned out the complete opposite just waiting on that check says it takes several weeks . Anyone know how long is several weeks in IRS language ?.

  45. Accepted January 25th still no refund! After calling 3 times and having rude people answer the phone finally got someone who was nice. She said their was an error they are trying to fix themselves and that she would have some one call and tell me my new refund date. Well it’s been 5 days no one called. And what does she mean by error? That I made an error or they did! It is unacceptable that two months go by AND no refund or a letter even saying there was a error! God forbid you try calling them and making them answer questions!

    1. This is THE SAME thing that I Am going through! filed through jackson hewitt 1/20. still say s processing! NO LETTER! they are so Rude!


  47. I don’t know what in the world they are doing this year with income taxes, but I know they messing up a lot of peoples finances that depend on this money to pull them out of debt from the winter months. I’m a student, and this money helps me get through paying my bills most of the year while Im out of school, untill im back in and working via workstudy. This is ridiculous. I filled on 1/31, the dang thing wasn’t even started in processing it till 2/14, its 3/20 and they still processing? WTH?! Pardon the profanity, but really? It’s taking two months to process a simple claim?! Then these fools got the nerve to send me a letter last week stating they just started processing? HUH? But the email said it was being processed on 2/14….this some bs, now im facing sitting in the dark for a while till it comes?…THANKS ALOT!

    1. @CiCi Dont feel bad…I am in the same boat. I recieved a letter from the IRS stating they are holding my refund until they finish reviewing my tax return. They expect to complete this task by May 2nd. 2013. The funny thing about it is i had ) income for the 2012 tax year and only got a return because of the education tax credit. Now I have bills from Christmas that soon need to be paid and am flat broke. I wonder if the IRS are going to be paying us intrest on delayed refunds? God knows if we owed them money they would be knocking down the doors as we speak.

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