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Surviving Black Friday And Cyber Monday with Your Finances Intact

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Just when you thought Black Friday and Cyber Monday couldn’t possibly get any bigger, marketers around the country are opening earlier, offering deeper discounts, and even streaming live video online.

Seriously – Reddit is turning Black Friday into a 24-hour television event so you can enjoy the craziness from the safety of your homes.

And what’s at stake? Your sanity and your wallet. But thankfully, there are ways to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and still maintain a positive balance in your bank account.

Know What You Want Before You Spend Money

Even the best of us fall to the temptation of spending more money that we intended to. One of the best ways to maintain your Black Friday dignity and keep more money in your wallet is to know what you want to buy before you step out of the house – or in the case of Cyber Monday, before you turn on your computer.

If you’ve ever opened up an advertisement for Black Friday, you know that there are way too many deals for just one person. There’s absolutely no way a single shopper could take advantage of every deal offered on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Knowing this, you should plan accordingly and make a spending budget and a list of your top 5 or top 10 most desired purchases.

Once you’ve got your budget and list figured out, stick with it. Don’t waver, don’t get tempted by the crowds. Stick with your plan – remember you made it when you were calm and rational.

Have a Precise Plan of Attack

Not only do you need a budget, but you need to plan out your day to maximize your savings potential. You are the savings general on the battlefield of Black Friday. After you’ve made your wish list, reorder the items by how hard they might be to get. Remember, retailers usually have only 1 or 2 items at their best deals, so put your biggest deals at the top.

For the things on your list that might sell out quickly, make sure to visit those stores first. You’ll also have to decide how early you plan on venturing out on Black Friday. The earlier will always be better when facing the crowds on the biggest shopping day of the year.

Always Have a Backup

Disappointment always looms over the Black Friday shopper. There’s no worse feeling than having money to spend but finding everything on your wish list has been sold out. What can make matters worse is being surrounded by thousands of deals without any direction.

When you’ve finalized your list, tack on a few more items at the end. When the inevitable happens and your most-wanted deal is all gone by the time you show up, you can still have a small victory by purchasing some of your backups.

Coordinate with Friends and Family

Sometimes, you can get your loved-ones involved in the Black Friday savings madness. With so many options and so many retailers to visit, involving your family and your friends can help extend your reach and help you participate in more savings.

Of course the people who are helping you would have to be those who wouldn’t normally be shopping for themselves on Black Friday. When your platoon heads out to the great glass and concrete jungle, make sure to bring your phones for communication, your list and your budget, and plenty of sustenance to keep you all going throughout the day.

When you’re facing down the potential deals of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, remember to set your budget, refine your list, choose your options wisely, and enlist others to help. If you can follow this simple advice, you’re almost guaranteed success. Happy shopping.

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