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TurboTax Live It
TurboTax Live It

Got Tax Questions? Need Tax Advice Online? Just #TurboTaxLiveIt

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Every time we have questions, we always turn to search engines online for answers. But, how about for help filing your taxes online? There is a new way to do your taxes – while also receiving the advice you need, just TurboTax Live It!

Every tax situation is unique and deserves personalized answers. Whether you have questions about how a life event impacts your taxes, or you want to know how to make the most of your self-employment income, don’t worry, TurboTax Live has you covered.

What is TurboTax Live?

TurboTax Live combines the ease and technology customers know and love about TurboTax with on-demand tax experts, for ultimate convenience and confidence. You can connect live to a team of real tax experts in English or Spanish, for unlimited tax advice and a final review before you file-all from the comfort of your own home.

How does TurboTax Live work?

No need to leave the house – you can connect live via-one way video or chat using your mobile device or the web with a real tax expert on-demand or at a pre-scheduled time that works best for you. You can also get an offline expert review to get answers, advice or a final review, offering you and other taxpayers another convenient way of doing taxes on their own time.

When can I access TurboTax Live?

TurboTax doesn’t close its doors on Tax Day, we are available year-round and TurboTax Live  experts are available on-demand during business hours and for appointments. If you need help planning your quarterly taxes, experts will be there to walk you through. Do you have questions about new tax laws? Do you still have questions after you filed your taxes? Just TurboTax Live It!

Whether you have a simple or complex tax situation, TurboTax Live tax experts have the answers and the tax advice you need to get every dollar you deserve. A simple “click” will be your ally this tax season.

Are you ready to TurboTax Live It?

Check out these funny videos of social media content creators, Jenny Lorenzo and Jay Mendoza to see how they did it!

We invite you to join the conversation on social under the hashtag #TurboTaxLiveIt and share your experience.


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