File Today! The IRS is Now Accepting Tax Returns for the 2015 Tax Season

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Today the IRS kicked off the opening of the 2015 tax season and will now begin accepting e-filed tax returns.

You may have already filed your taxes and your tax return is in line ready to be processed when the IRS opens today.  If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, you can go online now and easily and accurately file your taxes with TurboTax to get the biggest tax refund you deserve.

7 Ways TurboTax Helps You Get Your Biggest Tax Refund

  • Go online and file with TurboTax and save – 60 million taxpayers have relatively simple tax returns (1040 EZ/1040A) and are paying too much to get their taxes prepared at a tax store.  If you have a relatively simple tax return, right now you can go online and easily and accurately prepare your taxes while saving money versus going to a tax store.
  • New mobile app allows you to file your taxes on any device – You can file your taxes easily and conveniently when and where you want.  TurboTax new mobile app allows you to seamlessly move across devices so you can start your taxes on your mobile phone or tablet and finish online on your computer.
  • Automatically import your W-2 – Don’t have your W-2 yet? Don’t worry, TurboTax Form Finder allows you to easily import your W-2 from over 1 million companies so you can get closer to your tax refund sooner.
  • Easier to file your taxes – If you are new customer you will be asked simple questions related to your tax situation so that you get every dollar you deserve. If you are a returning customer and you transfer your previous tax information into this year’s tax return, you may find your tax return is almost done after transferring your tax information.
  • More money beyond your tax refund: Like last tax season, TurboTax is the only tax preparation service working with to give you extra money on top of your federal tax refund when you use your tax refund to buy e-gift cards. You can choose to use part of your federal tax refund, from $100 on up, to purchase e-gift cards and TurboTax will add an extra 5% or 10% on top of it, depending on the product you’re using. This exclusive bonus is just another way TurboTax helps you make your hard-earned dollars go even further.
  •  Double checks tax deductions and credits – To make sure you get every dollar you deserve, TurboTax automatically double-checks your tax return as you go, searching for every tax deduction and credit you’re eligible for.
  •  Get your questions answered by credentialed tax experts – When you file your taxes with TurboTax online or on your mobile device, you are never alone. You can get your questions answered by credentialed tax experts, who are CPAs and enrolled agents available via phone or chat.

About 75% of taxpayers received a tax refund last tax season and the average tax refund was close to $2,800 last year so there’s no reason to wait to file.  According to the IRS, 9 out of 10 taxpayers will be issued their tax refunds within 21 days after acceptance of their e-filed tax return.


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  1. I Figured out the issue with my return. I filed 1/20/2015, accepted the same day and everything stopped. I finally received a letter in the mail stating since I had insurance through the Healthcare market I needed to send in a 1095 and 8962 form. I wont receive my refund for 4-8 weeks due to no one ever disclosing to me that I had to take additional steps in filing my taxes with me having insurance through the government. Long story short I’ll take the penalty since I owe $600 anyways for having this insurance! I’m so very disappointed.

  2. I’m thoroughly upset it has never taken this long to get my refund, all the irs2go website says is its still processing very disappointed

  3. Are they auditing alot of people refunds this year? If so how will u know if u are being audited? Thats the only thing i can think of fir everybody being delayed

  4. I did not use TurboTax and I am in the same situation as some of you. My return was accepted on the 26th of January and on the 28th the status bar disappeared with a message of “your return is STILL being processed and a refund date will be provided when available.” Well I called the identity theft number yesterday and “acted” like I was calling to request my transcripts for 2013 and 2014 and I actually got an agent who helped. He let me know the reason why my 2014 transcripts wasn’t available is because I am being audited and it will take an additional 8 weeks to process provided I submit what is needed. He did not tell me why but said I would receive a letter. I’m sure this isn’t the case for everyone but I am sick that this had happened because I have not done anything different that previous years.

  5. I filed on the 20th of January and according to the IRS to go app my refund was sent to my bank and said that I should receive it BY THE 4th and if I haven’t received it by the 9th that I need to contact my bank. Well, here it is the 10th and still haven’t received my federal. My bank searched their system and said that they haven’t received anything and I need to contact the IRS. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON AND WHERE MY REFUND IS.

  6. I filled on Jan 27th and accepted on 27 as well already got my state part back but still waiting on my federal… Why is it taking so long to approve my refund!!!?? If something was wrong would I have gotten my state back? I need answers please

  7. Dose the IRS process on the weekend I filed on the 29 of jan and still says being processing what’s going on with it

  8. I filed jan 7th got accepted jan 20th wmr and hotline says ive may have entered my social, status and amount wrong, which i did not have anyone had this happen?

  9. Hi, I have filed using turbo tax on 27th Jan. Turbo Tax sent me confirmation that it has been filed and accepted by IRS. But when I go on IRS, it says they don’t related data for me. Its worrying me now as its 9th Feb already, No acknowledgement from IRS yet. Plz suggest.

  10. I Figured out the issue with my return. I filed 1/20/2015, accepted the same day and everything stopped. I finally received a letter in the mail stating since I had insurance through the Healthcare market I needed to send in a 1095 and 8962 form. I wont receive my refund for 4-8 weeks due to no one ever disclosing to me that I had to take additional steps in filing my taxes with me having insurance through the government. Long story short I’ll take the penalty since I owe $600 anyways for having this insurance! I’m so very disappointed.

  11. I am getting really upset I filed and was accepted on the 31st. I have had 3 family members all filed after me already approved with their money. Of course they didn’t use turbotax, so what is going on with all of us who are filing using this form? Why is it taking longer than everyone else who doesn’t?!?

    1. Same here accepted jan 30 still processing others I know with that same acceptance date got a dd date for this week mine is still saying processing very upsetting

    2. Same here, I file the exact same day and I’m still waiting this is ridiculous! I have bills to pay off. If I would have known this I would have never filed.

  12. I have filed jan 31 and its feb 9 and still processing my return nothing is different than last year other ppl who has filed after me got there’s this week I’m confused is there a delay going on

  13. I filed my taxes on the 22nd and I also filed a friend of mine on the 23rd. The bars on the wmr site has disappeared. All its saying is still processing with the tax topic 152. My 21 days will be up on Thursday and my friend on Friday.

  14. Turbo tax last year was audited, waited 3 months nothing wrong with taxes.

    This year filed and accepted on the 20th and still nothing.

    1. Goodness you had to wait 3 months last year? I got accepted the 26th and still no change. My 21 days are up on the 16th. Getting worried. Excuse me I’ve been worried.

  15. I filed taxes 2 weeks ago and it still says refund is being processed? It has never taken this long before. Why is it taking so long?

  16. I filed on the 20th and was accepted on the 21st and I just got my refund approved today saying it would be deposited by the 11th. It’s about time!

  17. My husband and I did ours on Jan. 23, it was accepted and we are still waiting for “approval and refund sent status” I know of 4 other people who did theirs after me and they received theirs already. I wonder if it’s an Obamacare thing, My husband and I didn’t have any health care (we received a $259.00 penalty) but our 2 kids did have it (one through Tricare w/her father) and the other has had Medicaid since birth. I have looked at all the information they have “put out” and I don’t see anything resembling a reason other than “short staffed” for it taking so long. I am the queen of impatience lol but honestly, in all my years of filing (paper and efile) it has never taken more than 2 weeks to get a refund back.

    1. The insurance has nothing to do with it um goin thru the same thing and I had insurance thru mi job…I filed mines on jan. 30 and filed mi husband on jan 29 he received his back yesterday but um still waiting on approval….smh….

    2. I filed my taxes on Jan 24 and was accepted within hours but I still have no date.The irs website is consistently saying it’s still processing but I know a few people who filed days after me in have their money already.

  18. We seem to be having the same issueon our return it is taking longer than usual, other people who filed after us have been approved and gotten their refund, not sure what is going on previous years have gone really well

  19. Im having the same problem! I want to know is there a way i can just cancel out my taxes and go get them done somewhere? People i work with filed friday and already recieved their money!!

  20. Is this a turbo tax issue???? Because my state and federal are still processing!!! Did not have these problems last year and everyone that I know has filed around the same time or after has received theirs within at least 5 days! With different agencies!

    1. Hi Tesha,
      No it is not a TurboTax issue. There are others who filed using other methods and have commented on our blog that they are waiting as well.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  21. I filed the 16th and got accepted the same day. It’s now the 6th and it still says my refund is processing. Checked my transcript and it says cycle date 20150504.

  22. Many people have gotten refunds in my world. I however have not. But the march 1st thing is a myth. Is this a turbo tax problem?

  23. I filed on the 22nd and still haven’t been approved…my sis filed on the 25th and got hers on the 3rd what’s the hold up with mines?

  24. What is going on? I send in my refund the 16th….accepted the 21st and now its the 5th and I’m still waiting for my taxes to get approved….???

    1. U are mother alone i file mine on the 15th and they accepted it on the 16th it just says accepted by the irs. …im little freaked out to its been 21 days and u would figure if it was wrong they would reject it… Jackson Hewlett got my address wrong and no help from them…

  25. I filed and was accepted on the 20th of january. It is still processing and I have friends who filed after me and are getting their refund tomorrow. What is the deal?

  26. I have also filed and was accepted on January 23 & it is still being processed and not a date estimating when it will be deposited.There may be a delay.But, if you have direct deposit I would keep checking.Last year it was deposited and I didn’tknow until I checked my account and it was there.

  27. So my friend filled hers threw h&r block and got hers today… the irs send out direct deposit once a week Tuesdays and mails out checks on Thursdays once a week and only updates the Irs where’s my refund once a week.on Wednesday.. I filled mine threw turbotax and still not been approved after 9days but hopefully it will tell me something tomorrow.. if you are getting direct deposit check your bank or prepaid card my friends was deposited into her account and it says it was still processing on the irs site.. maybe they will answer some questions soon.

  28. I filed on jan 20 and got acepted and its feb 4 i still havent got appoved yet i wonder what is the hold up with my refunds someone i know we filed on the same day she got hers back and 10 days smh i hope o hear something soon

  29. My husband tax where accepted on the 23rd of jan, here it is feb 4th and still waiting for approval. Should I be concerned and when should I give them a call?

    1. Hi Kristi,
      The IRS states that it issues 9 out of 10 tax refunds that have been e-filed within 21 days of acceptance. It has only been 13 days so I would not be concerned.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      1. Hi Lisa,

        I called the Turbo Tax Customer Support line today concerning the delay in receiving my refund. The return was submitted and accepted on January 20, 2015, however there is no indication as to when the return will be approved. The gentleman told me the IRS notified Turbo Tax there is an issue with the filing system. Is this true, or was he just trying to get me off the phone?

      2. Hi Erica,
        I’m not sure about an issue with the filing system. I know the IRS expects to issue refunds within 21 days of acceptance of your e-filed tax return and it hasn’t been quite 21 days.
        Thank you,
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

      3. Well I have no bars. It says refund processing and a date will be provided when available. No tax topic either. Filed and excepted ont 01/22. And nothing this is the longest we have ever waited… Feeling concerned

  30. I filed and was accepted on 1/25. Its still not approved… Would be nice if someone from TurboTax could give us some insight. The last time I saw the little tracker it said 59% of people who filed on the 25th had already received theirs. Now the tracker is gone…

  31. I’m annoyed myself. I filed my tax refund on the 22nd with turbotax, it was approved the 23rd of January 2015…Here I am the night of febuary 3rd and still nothing. Its been accepted and is still processing. I called the national treasury hotline and have no offsets, so my refund is not being taken, the IRS is just taking forever. Although I don’t know that I can fully blame the IRS, I think its part Turbotax. My brother in law and sister both filed their tax returns after me, and have both already received federal and state back. They did theirs with liberty tax without a loan. I don’t think I will be using Turbo tax again next year. I chose turbotax because it was free and I thought paying an insane amount of money was ridiculous when I could get the same exact amount through a free website myself, but now I am fully understanding why paying the money to have them filed might be worth it.

  32. I don’t understand why the IRS has’t approved my refund. There is nothing different about it and I have no offsets. It was approved on Jan 20th, and here it is Feb 3, 2015. There have been at least two batches go out. What could be delaying mine?

  33. I filed on Jan 26th, accepted on the 27th and still processing. I must admit, i am getting very annoyed. I understand they are under staffed etc but this is electronic. Every year its an excuse for something. I just need an approval and a date. Doesnt even have to be a date this week, just let me know something. They are not to understaffed if they decide they want to take or “garnish” your wages but when it comes time to giving back what they owe to you then here comes the wait and the 99 problems they got. Smh. I think ill just quit checking it, is what it is.

    1. The electronic refunds take up to 21 days.Although it is electronically filed it still needs to be processed and looked over for errors. You unfortunately need to wait the 21 days,it is a waste of time to call before the 21st day they will only direct you to the wheres my refund site on Now if it is day 22 then definately call.Yes they are under staffed, but it does take some time. Some years your lucky and get it sooner but most of the time we wait .I hope that helps.

  34. I filed on the 21st of Jan. and was accepted on 22 of Jan and I still haven’t gotten approved. Has anyone noticed that the bar thing on the irs site is no longer there. It just says “you return is still being processed and we will let you know the refund date as soon as it’s available”.

    1. If you do not see the bar it means they are in the process of looking it over and processing it. If everything is good and checks out you will then again see bar and refund approved. This may take a few days. They have 21 days to process electronically filed return, and if there are any problems they will mail you a letter.

  35. Filed on 01/22, accepted on 01/22 and still not approved. Don’t stress yourself. Your daughter’sname being mis-spelled is fine. My social was wrong last year and it was direct deposited into my account on Feb. 6.

  36. I filed on the 28th, was received on the 28th. Still not approved. Getting kinda worried since my sons last name was spelt wrong. I called the lady who prepared my taxes at h&r block and she assured that they won’t pay much mind to the fourth letter in the last name. My daughters last name was spelt correctly, so you can see it was a simple mistake. Its getting aggravating because everyone else seems to be getting theirs but according to this site, a lot of people are having to wait later times. I remember getting my tax refund last year on Valentines day. Doesn’t seem like I’ll get that lucky this year.

  37. I filed my husband and I joint tax return (first year married) on jan 29. It was accepted on the 31st but still not approved. Like the others, I am wondering what is taking so long? Will this delay the “21 days to receive money date”? It has never taken this long to be approved for me.

  38. I filed on the 13 th of Jan. Accepted on the 20th dog Jan. Now it’s the 2nd of Feb. Still haven’t been approved. I’ve never had it taken this long before does anybody have any onsite on what’s going on this year

    1. I filed mine on 1/30 and was accepted same day. I keep hearing different things about a delay but It still says processing. When should i be worried and contact the IRS? Have any of u recieved an approval date yet?

      1. I filed mines on the same day 1/30/15 accepted the same day an as of today 2/10/15 I still haven’t heard anything…mines say still pending…idk wats goin on but this has never happened to me…its takin way to long….I wanna know b4 wats really goin on…smh….irs has to do better

    1. U have to wait 21 days from the day it was accepted I’m still waiting for mine to be approved as well and I was accepted on the 20th

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