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Introducing TurboTax Self-Employed for 55 Million Self-Employed Americans

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For self-employed people, from freelancers to independent contractors to on-demand workers, tracking finances and preparing taxes can be a year-round struggle. If you’re self-employed, you understand the effort of untangling co-mingled business and personal expenses and staying on top of record keeping. The average self-employed worker has more than 1,000 financial transactions per year, yet only one-third actually claim business-related expenses, according to Intuit research. That means you could be leaving money on the table!

“The most surprising and challenging part of being #SelfMade is the amount of organizational skills that it takes to stay on top of paperwork,” said SherriAnn Cole, self-employed makeup and hair stylist (pictured above).

That’s why we launched TurboTax Self-Employed: to free you to invest more time in your work and help you be confident that you’re getting every business deduction and dollar you deserve. TurboTax Self-Employed includes these money and time-saving benefits:

  • SmartLook™: Provides customers with priority access to a live, one-way video connection to credentialed tax experts. Customers can also schedule an appointment with an agent at a time and date that works best for them.

  • ExpenseFinder™: Finds deductible business expenses that self-employed filers may not know they can claim, saving them money. Customers then confirm which expenses apply to their business to help them get every deduction they deserve.

The product also comes with QuickBooks Self-Employed at no extra cost when customers file their return through TurboTax Self-Employed. QuickBooks Self-Employed provides easy, year-round tracking with:

  • Expense Tracker: Tracks and categorizes expenses in real time throughout the year
  • Mileage Tracker: Tracks miles automatically and logs trips right from a mobile phone
  • Receipt Capture: With a snap of a picture, receipts are stored for easy access to proof of expenses

If you’re one of the 55 million self-employed Americans (that’s 36% of the workforce!), TurboTax Self-Employed is designed just for you. Sign-up today and get started!

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