How to Save on Summertime Blockbusters

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Summer… it’s the perfect time for barbequing, to enjoy the hot weather, and see the latest blockbuster movies to hit the theaters of course!

Whether you are gearing up for a family flick, date night rom-com, terrifying thriller, or an action packed smash hit, the cinema has it all this summer.

And while the movies may keep you entertained on a summer night or two, it does not have to break the bank.

So grab the early showing, toss the 3D glasses, and relax as we share this summer’s movie savings and survival guide.

  1. Save on discounted movie tickets:

Trust us! Such a thing does exist, and if you have a Sam’s Club, AAA, or Costco membership – you are in luck. By buying tickets directly at the store or office, you can typically save a few dollars per ticket. Don’t have one of these memberships? Go to, and save up to $5 per ticket from eight different main cinema chains. A major selling point here is that these types of tickets never expire, so this is great for bulk purchases. For a third option, keep an eye on discount sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, who do feature movie ticket packages. Be aware of the expiration date, and you could save up to 50% off regular priced tickets.

  1. Make a day trip of it:

Matinees often offer lower prices than their late night counterparts, sometimes up to 50% off. Check your local theater for details, and enjoy the day time savings.

  1. Silence your phone:

Avoid the angry stares by silencing your phone, and get rewarded for it! If you are journeying to a Cinemark theater, download the Cinemark app, and enter CineMode. If you stay in this mode for the whole movie, you earn free coupons for concession purchases.

  1. Get in with the in crowd:

Many chain theaters offer reward programs for their members. Like the Cinemark app, AMC Stubs and Regal Crown Club give members upgrades and discounts on various items, such as concession stand coupons and movie vouchers.

  1. Skip the 3D experience:

Is everything really better in 3D? Most likely not, and these shows cost moviegoers above average prices. If you are up for it, inquire about the 2D experience, and enjoy the same great movie, without the added price.

  1. Strategize your snacks:

Although tasty concession stand treats are delicious, ask yourself if shelling out money for popcorn, candy, and soda is worth it. You can also fill up on lunch, dinner, or snacks beforehand – to avoid feeling the snack attack when you hit the theaters. If a snack is a must, look to see if an option offers a free or discounted price for refills (typically popcorn). Then divvy up the treat and refill when empty!

  1. Head to the drive-in:

What better way to officially enjoy summer’s nice weather, than to go to the drive-in. This experience typically offers two movies for a lower price than your average walled cinema. Check for a theater near you, and pile (safely) in the car.

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