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The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, health care reform?  Not sure what it is or how it impacts you?  You aren’t alone.

Intuit TurboTax created a health care calculator to help you find out if you’re eligible for health insurance through a state or federal Marketplace, Medicaid, or Medicare or if you’re already set with your existing health insurance plan.  It will also let you know, if you qualify for a tax credit or subsidy from the government to help you purchase your health insurance.

Check it out to learn how health care reform impacts you so that you can make the best decisions for your health and your wallet.

For optimized mobile experience, please use the calculator here (https://ttlc.intuit.com/health-care)

156 responses to “TurboTax Health Care Eligibility Calculator”

  1. My husband has health insurance through his employer but we couldn’t afford to get the insurance from his work for me and we don’t qualify for Obamacare. Is there any insurance that is really cheap where I can get insured and not get penalised for not having insurance. Thank you

  2. i was diagonosed with thryroid desease on June 4th, 2013, did not have insurance and spent time in hosipital then had to see a specialist, so i’m on social security, drawing widows pension, do not make enough for Insurance i was also working up to june 1st, 2013…to make ends meet, well i still having problems, but i went ahead and took out Obama care started on May 1st, 2014, thinking i would be getting better and better and go back to work but have not, i canceled Obama Care in November will be canceled on November 12, 2014….just new by now i was not able to work until i get better with this desease, so my question is since i just draw widows social security can i fill out income tax or not?

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  4. I need assistance in obtaining health insurance. I was on McLaren Health Plan Medicaid and had 2 right hip replacements and still require more physical therapy and also contracted C-diff in Regency of Grand Blanc post surgery and still have it. Since then, I have only qualify for Medicaid with a $922 monthly deductible of which I cannot afford. Please reply and thank you Susette Rohl

  5. I submeted my application on line I am a 53 year old male that income is 20,000 a year it said I would get assistance with the payments but they have sent me three bills so far for over 300.00 each so there saying I owe them over 900.00 there’s no way I can afford this what do I do?

  6. I was wondering if I would have to include my husband’s income in my app because we do not do our taxes together??

  7. Can you tell me exactly what income to use? Gross or net? Do I include child support or spousal support payments?

  8. If a 58 year old (personal policy, no kids,single) makes 44,000/yr, he gets a 5K subsidy. If he makes 45,000, he gets nothing.

    That can’t be right…

  9. I’m 42 yrs old, household of 4 with no insurance, our annual income is 48,000 . According to the tax calculator I should get assistance and pay out of pocket around$100 per month but when i filed my application it is saying my monthly premium will be $948 per month! I haven’t finalized my app. yet to afraid because i can’t afford that i be better off paying the penalty! So why do you think my monthly premium is higher?

  10. My 19 yo grandson works less than full time for min wage since last June. He does not go to school. His mother is on Az Medicaid and he has not been eligible for it. Under the new rules, will he now be eligible or does he have to purchase divergent coverage.

  11. I have health insurance through my employer. Is the 9.5% rule applied for employee only or it applied to every family members in the employer based insurance? My son and wife work part-time, so they are covered with my employer. My sons premium is very high. Can he get his own insurance through affordable health care?

  12. The question “Where do you live?” excludes U.S. citizens who do not reside within the fifty states. I assume I will nevertheless be forced to comply with Obamacare, yet I cannot proceed beyond that step.

  13. I make $10,000 a year and live in Florida with my parents. I am so so poor, I don’t qualify for Obamacare, Florida does not include me in Medicaid, and the chart says I should be paying $270/month for healthcare…….yeah, sure, and what exactly will I live on after that? What idiot makes up these stupid laws? I guess if I don’t buy insurance, the IRS will come get me and I will have free healthcare in jail. Oh, so that is Obamacare!!!! Thanks Barrack!!

    • I think the caveat here may be that you live with your parents. Also it is set up so that the younger you are the more you pay. 🙁

    • David
      Kind of an expensive road to becoming politically aware – vote your interest, everyone. Call\write your senator and vote in 2014.

    • Unfortunately if your state does not expand the Medicaid Program then as the law is currently you will not be eligible for a tax credit subsidy for Marketplace insurance. However, if you are not required to file a return, so if you make 10,000 or less then you will be exempted from the Penalty.

    • My daughter is in the same position, but it is NOT Obama’s fault. If Florida would opt into his plan, both you and she would be eligible for Medicaid, as she was when we lived in NY. And her coverage with Medicaid was WAY better than any of the available health care plans. So don’t knock Obamacare, knock the Florida legislature for deciding not to participate in it!

      • Completely disagree. If the Feds want a program, then fund it!!! Typical of every higher government passing laws and forcing the smaller agency to comply and pay for it. My dad is a teacher… I see it all the time….those in power at any level know exactly what is best in the classroom and what he needs to teach. And the schools have to pay for implementation. Too much government.

  14. My insurance is cancelling me, it was healthy NY and I received a letter that it would no longer be effective after 12/2013. Before I only paid a copay and no deductible. Now for the same price they want me to have a $4000 deductible. I can’t afford it. I filed jointly with my husband last year but we haven’t been living together for several years. I think it would be better if I just dont get any insurance and pay the penalty because I wont get anything out of it … if I get cancer I would have to pay 50% of chemotherapy…. duh. I would just have to die anyway. I don’t know what to do and am very depressed about this..

  15. I only paid 6000.00 on my tax return because I receive a death benefit for my daughter and myself that is not taxable.. So do I include that money when I do my insurance? But how do I show it with no tax return showing it..

  16. I am currently 64 , & will turn 65 in in May of 2014. I can apply for Medicare Feb of 2014. However the deadline is Jan1 of 2014. Seems silly to get ACA for just a matter of a month +. How will this effect me?

  17. I pay a small fortune in health ins. premiums for more than 2 through my employer (but the HMO carries 0 ded and 0 co-pay). Could I get my 2 children on another less expensive plan while leaving myself on my employer’s plan?

  18. The open enrollment period with my employer ended in August. I am paying more than 9% of income towards insurance. My employer says I can not switch to the insurance marketplace until next year. Am I stuck with my unaffordable insurance? Thank you

  19. I used your calculator and the amount is different than the amount that was calculated when I applied for health care through Highmark, we are only getting 551 subsidy not 1450 subsidy that your calculator came up with.

  20. My daughter is on Medicaid. Her 19 y.o. son is no longer covered due to the AZ rules for not covering childless adults (those over 18). He does not go to school and started his first job last June that is less than full time at minimum wage. He should apply for the subsidized coverage, correct?

    • Hi Mary,
      The Marketplace would use your total household income reported on your 2012 tax return to determine eligibility so you should use what they use. They will also ask if you expect any changes in your income.
      For more answers to your specific health care questions, visit http://www.TurboTaxAnswerXchange.com
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  21. I currently have an individual health insurance plan (expensive) for myself, my husband goes on Medicare next month…I work part time, he is retired on SS, what is considered our household income when looking for insurance for me? Also, why does it ask how many children, is this living with you or total number of children…our kids are all adults.

  22. If I pay more than 12% of my salary for health insurance, will I receive a tax break on my 2014 taxes.

  23. My husband and I have been separated for 3 years and he lives in another state. He has Medicare and I am uninsured. How does that affect me? Will our incomes still be combined?

  24. I am retired and have insurance through my pension.
    The premium quoted to me on this site for Obamacare is 2 1/2 times what I am paying now for less coverage and much higher deductibles. If this is what government health care really is, we should get rid of it!

    • Since you already have health insurance why even bother to look for other coverage?
      Anyone who has Medicare, pension insurance, employer provided, covered by spouse or parents (kids up to 26 yrs old) do not need apply. This is only for those who have no health insurance. It is based on income with top amount no more then 8% of income. There are programs to help with out of pocket expenses depending on income.
      my son in law has coverage through VA and Medicare due to disability, my daughter and two grand children found a plan for less then 200 a month, copay’s and deductibles the same as our youngest daughter who is covered under our pension plan.

      • I don’t think he was looking to sign up. He was simply pointing out the ridiculous prices. $200 a month is alot for me! That’s a car payment, a pg&e bill that I won’t be able to afford now. I believe in natural healing. I’m being forced to pay for something I’m not even going to use! Sorry but he is right, we need to get rid of it!

      • Hi ya it’s for everyone and ya better hope more people look and sign up to get those prices lower… cuz if they don’t well guess who’s rates are going up?? Yours lady . yours…. and next JAN 1015 A LOT OF PEOPLE who HAVE insurance won’t .. and well lets hope they took a look here and decided to vote accordingly before then

      • Sierra: I think there may be a exemption for those who can show proof of medical exclusion. My 94 yr old aunt is exempted from Medicare & ACA for provable religious reasons.

    • Hi Anna,
      No, they will go by your total household income.
      For more answers to you specific health care questions, visit TurboTaxAnswerXchange.com
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  25. I am Retired US Military and live overseas, I have dual citizenship and I’m covered under Australian Health Care System. Since I am retired military I have TriCare Standard. Will I be subject to a penalty?

    • Hi Jeff,
      No, only individuals who are uninsured will receive a penalty.
      For more answers to your specific health insurance questions, visit TurboTaxAnswerXchange.com
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis