IRS Announcement: Tax Relief for Victims of Colorado Storms

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After a week of severe rain storms followed by heavy flooding in Colorado, the IRS announced today that it is providing tax relief to individuals and businesses impacted by the storms.

The tax relief will postpone tax filing and payment deadlines until December 2, 2013.

Businesses who filed for an extension to file their 2012 corporate taxes until September 16 and individuals that received an extension to file their 2012 personal taxes until October 15, will now have until December 2, 2013 to file their taxes.

3rd quarter estimated tax payments which were due today, are also now extended to that date.

How Can I Get an Extension if I’m Impacted?

The IRS will automatically identify taxpayers located in covered disaster areas and will apply automatic filing and payment relief.

Click here to see the IRS announcement.

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