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Ever wonder who’s behind your TurboTax software? We have more than a thousand employees who build and support TurboTax. They’re tax experts, engineers, product managers and developers, customer support agents and lots of other folks who work hard to make TurboTax easy.

Each of these employees has the opportunity to connect directly with customers so they can better understand what questions you have and to learn more about how we can make TurboTax even better. In fact, more than 85 percent of all TurboTax employees spend time with customers – that’s true across the team, from the GM of the TurboTax business down.

Last week, during one of the busiest filing periods, TurboTax employees from every part of the organization came together to help customers. They took time out of their day job to answer questions via phone, chat, email, even through Twitter.

There’s nothing more important to us than helping our customers. It’s part of what makes Intuit a great place to work. Our focus on delighting you.

55 responses to “TurboTax Employees Connect with Customers”

  1. Last year, when we filed for 2010 using Turbo Tax online, we paid one time to process both federal & state returns. This year, we paid again, thinking both returns were filed for the price we paid, just like last year. Then I got an email from Turbo Tax asking if we wanted to “finish” filing our state return. Now we are being charged $39.00 AGAIN! Why are we being charged DOUBLE? For that price we wouldn’t even use Turbo Tax! I want to talk to a Turbo Tax customer rep about these charges & misinformation.

    • Hi Celina,
      You may not have finished filing your state tax return. You can go into the program and click on the “Check E-File Status” Tab to see if your state tax return was actually transmitted. You would not be charged more than once per state filing. Also, please call 1.800.4.intuit for more help so they can look up the charges. They will be more than happy to resolve the issue.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  2. I need an answer, & am NOT getting any help. I can’t even find the right phone number to get assistance. I want the answer right now!

    • Hi Melanie,
      Sorry for your frustration. I don’t know what your question is, but you can connect with our tax experts through TurboTax Online or call 1.800.4.intuit
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  3. I am very angry with this Turbo tax. I asked a question and no one responds. The income calculation is incorrect that Turbo tax did, because it does not reflect the taxable income for my CSA pension only the gross. I looked for an answer only to read some garbage, that Turbo tax can’t show the correct amount for my CSA pension income, if this is the case I CAN”T use Turbo Tax. I have wasted nearly 2 hours with this I could have gone in person to the tax office a be done wit my taxes!

    • Hi Leandra,
      Sorry you are having difficulty. Can you please contact one of our free tax experts at 1.800.4.intuit so they can walk you through it or even do a live look at your computer.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  4. I e-filed my state and federal taxes on Feb. 8. I have already received my state tax refund back within a few days but I am still waiting on my federal. After being charged $50.00 to e-file and being told to expect between 10-21 days, I am very disappointed. A friend of mine used Tax Slayer (which I used last year and was cheaper) and received his refund in a matter of day. Now, I am also seeing that Turbo Tax is also lowering their fee. I feel as if I have been misled and believe the $50.00 fee should be refunded due to it taking longer than the 21 days. Originally the IRS stated I should receive my refund before February 28. Now when I check to see about my refund it says it is being processed. What does that mean? I can’t find anything else out. Please contact me with answers. You charged my credit card with the filing fee immediately, I believe I am entitled to an answer just as quickly. Thank you.

  5. Why is my taxable amount from “Distribution from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement, etc.” (i.e. Form 1099-R) showing up on a Form 8606 as an IRA when I have NOT checked the IRA/SEP/SIMPLE on my “Payer Information” form. This entry is not an IRA and I have never had this Form 8606 print out to be sent in in past years while using the same version of Turbo Tax. Why this year?

    • Hi James,
      Form 8606 is for nondeductible contributions to IRAs. Please make sure you did not enter anything indicating an IRA. From within the program click on the tools on the far right, Click on topic search, input form 8606. You will come to the “Contributions to an IRA or Roth IRA” screen. Make sure “none of the above” is checked off if you didn’t make nondeductible contributions.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene

  6. I am becoming very concerned. I noticed several peope have also been charged twice. Yet their questions are not being addressed.

  7. I was charged twice for e filing my return last night. I need my credit card refunded for the duplicate charge. Please contact me by email as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  8. My bank statement reflects that Turbo tax charged me twice on my debit card last night after I e-filed. I need the duplicate charge refunded to my credit card. Please contact me as soon as possible to resolve this issue.
    Thank you

    • Hi Mary,
      I am sorry there was an error. Customer service can help you with that. Please call 1-800-4-Intuit
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis


  10. I am using this for the first time. I am getting concerned with all of the comments about people not receiving their refunds. I truly pray that your company is not allowing a bank that does not make deposits on time to represent your company.

    • Hi F. Thomas,
      There is no need for concern.
      It has nothing to do with our bank. The IRS is experiencing processing delays. Please see their explanation here:
      Thank you for contacting TurboTax. The IRS is experiencing delays in processing some federal tax refunds due to changes in their systems. As a result, the original estimated federal refund date provided to you by TurboTax or the IRS may have changed. Your state tax refund is not affected.

      The most updated information is available through the IRS “Where’s My Refund?” tool, https://sa2.www4.irs.gov/irfof/lang/en/irfofgetstatus.jsp. Make sure to wait 72 hours after your return is accepted by IRS before you check your refund status.

      You can read the IRS update on refund status here: http://content.govdelivery.com/bulletins/gd/USIRS-282378?reqfrom=share#.TyHBCA5GIDY.twitter

      We understand your tax refund is important to you and we are actively working with IRS to ensure our customers’ refunds are processed as quickly as possible.

      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  11. I have spent 1 1/2 hours wandering through this site, looking for a phone number for customer service!! I’m not interested in reading assorted comments from people I don’t know; I just want to speak to a human being.
    I’ve been using Turbo Tax since its inception, but if I don’t get a phone number by e-mail within 12 hours, I will no longer be using this product!!
    Somebody get in touch with me! PLEASE!!

  12. I submitted my federal return in January, and had the fee for the progam taken out of my refund. I submitted my state form on April 15, and was charged an additional $82 to my credit card. Whereas I like the convenience, if this isn’t resolved, I definitely won’t be using online billing to purchase my product next year.

  13. Why was I charged twice….. I thought I had 3 downloads…. with what package the purchased.”

    How can a get a refund for the second dowland?

  14. I was charged twice for the state tax down load. On screen when I down loaded it I received a confirmation number of of

    TTD 4488191604

    I later received 2 e-mails stating that I was charged for this download & a second e-mail stating that I was being charged for a second download Confirmation number TTD 4488191810. Please refund the $19.95 to my credit card for the second download that I never placed.

  15. I submitted my daughter’s state taxes and paid with my credit card. When I went to do the efile I had to download updates before I could complete the process. I also had to restart the program etc. When I was finally ble to complete the efile my email showed two emails with separate account numbers, bith charging me $19.95. I need one of the charges removed. How do I do that? Or do I need to contct my credit card?

  16. After I paid, i reviewed the forms and found a mistake. The State return should have another schedule (schedule OS). I did not file. Who can I call to discuss this problem?

  17. My question is:

    We filed and our refund was supposed to be direct deposited. Our refunds came in the mail instead.

    We were charged $29.95 for Account handling fee paid to bank plus $10.00 reprocessing fee. This was deducted from our Federal check. We are senior citizens and can use that $39.95. How can we get that money back?

    Thank you,


  18. Hey my refund was deposited on Feb. 28th and still havenot recieved it, also looked on site to seeif there is a number to call but could not find one. HELP!!

  19. I was charged twice for the state filing fee yesterday. I need to speak with someone in customer service about having one of the charges refunded back to my credit card.

  20. Canada Old Age Security, according to a CPA, is a taxable benefit for US residents. Turbo Tax does not allow for this item to be entered. (It is not Canada Retirement.)

  21. I have a boss that lives in Florida 6 months out of the year. He started his return here in our city and needs me to get the file to him so he can finish it. It is not Turbo-Tax online, it’s is the disc version. Can I do this?

  22. What is a phone number where i can actually speak with someone about a connectivity issue. I can’t figure it out through the web support.

  23. In using Turbotax to complete my Federal and State of Michigan returns, the property tax amount I entered in the Federal return was not transferred correctly to the State return. Instead, a different, unrecognizable amount was entered and it would have cost me a $408 refund if I had not gone in and enetered the correct amount manually. Something in the program screwed up in this case. Let me know if you need more information.

    • This page appears to get a good amuomnt of visitors. How do you advertise it? It offers a nice individual twist on things. I guess having something authentic or substantial to talk about is the most important thing.

  24. I’ve been hospitalized since late November. Upon my discharge to my home this week, I attempted to download my 2010 Turbo Tax cd. It failed to download. What can I do?

  25. I purchased the download and received an order number, then my pc errored out and I downloaded again and received another order number. I do not want to be charged for two orders. I have not been able to get an answer for this. Can you help me?

    Also the download still does not work after I followed the instructions to correct the problem.

  26. hi ashley,

    i seem to have a problem with my return. i was shorted $1000.00 from my return. i talked to the irs and then i talked to someone at turbotax. at turbotax they told me that i have to call the bank you gals deal with because it was their missteak. why do i have to do all of this? i dont understand why i have to make all the calls to get my money that the bank messed up!

  27. I don’t know why I was billed twice for my Turbo Tax Service when I filed once jointly with my spouse. I need help with resolving this. I was billed twice on February 23, 2011. Can someone out there help me?

  28. I was accepted on the 5th of Feb and said my DD was Feb 18th and it is now the 28th of Feb and still no refund. I called my bank and they said they have not recieved it. and I called the irs and they couldnt give me much info =/ but i checked the wmr page and it gave me the reference code 1501

  29. I’, not sure did I filled out everything correct for tax return?I’ve some due of my state.And when I’ll get my taxes?Thank you

  30. I cannot get an answer as to why my state tax form has not been acknowledged. I filed Fed. & state at the same time, (in Jan.) however, state has no record of state being filed. Federal was recd.

    Please assist me with this as I cannot find an answer anywhere. Thank you!

    Rose Cote

  31. I purchased Turbo Tax Deluxe for Tax Year 2010 from a local retailer. However, evrything in the software is referencing tax year 2009 versus tax year 2010. Does my package have the wrong disc?

  32. We filed Feb 22 with turbo tax. Feb 23 state accepted yet here we are 72 hours later with no federal acceptance. Should we be concerned? Ashley states IRS accepts within 24-72 hours.

  33. Hi Crystal Spears,

    Yes, the e-mail you received is legitimate (I removed it from your comment before approving for security reasons).

    If you chose the Refund Transfer option in TurboTax, you would receive a confirmation e-mail from University National Bank of Saint Paul, MN. They will provide you an estimated date of when to expect your tax refund from the IRS.


  34. I have been charged for Illinois State Filing seperate from my main charge. Refund

    I have not be able to find a customer service number or who to write

  35. Would like to speak to a person on support.

    Two issues 1) Billing , not warned about additonal processing fee. I didnt need to have it taken out of my income tax. I dnt even know if your charging for credit cards

    2) I cant print, it just asked me for more money. I should be able to get a copy without paying again.

    • Employee home office worksheet. Keeps asking me to put something in 16B but I have only one home office. It won’t let me leave it blank. what do I do

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