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TurboTax Embraces Customer Reviews for Viral Growth in its Biggest Online Year

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Name of Entry: TurboTax Reviews

Name of company entering: Intuit, Inc.

Category: Energizing

What are TurboTax Reviews?

At TurboTax, we believe the most powerful recommendation for any product comes from a friend or someone you know. This year, TurboTax took that naturally occurring offline behavior to the web by enabling customers to share their tax filing experience with their Friends, as well as customers looking for reviews on TurboTax.com.

What Makes TurboTax Reviews an Effective Use of a Social Application?

TurboTax is approaching reviews in a new way: taking a fairly “traditional” user generated asset (reviews) and adding in a layer of social networking on top to allow our customers to be our best sales people- and it’s working). TurboTax provided the platform for customers to be the gasoline in a reviews engine filled with over a hundred thousand of unbiased user-generated reviews on TurboTax.com. After customers contributed their TurboTax review, they were able to share via a “Publish to Facebook” option. At the end of their TurboTax tax filing experience, customers also had another option for sharing their excitement about finishing their tax return via “Friendcasting,” the act of posting a short blurb to your Facebook newsfeed.

TurboTax Reviews drove the following business results:

• “Friendcasting” is four times more engaging with a 30% higher conversion rate than banner ads

• Sharing on Facebook drove acquisition with a 25% higher new customer mix than online advertising

• Customers posted more than 100,000 unbiased reviews on TurboTax.com

• TurboTax Web units increased by 18% in 2010

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7 responses to “TurboTax Embraces Customer Reviews for Viral Growth in its Biggest Online Year”

  1. I have used Turbo Tax before but will tell you this is the last year I will ever use it. Spent 6 hours on the phone and computer talking to people from their company, trying to correct this issue, and still it is wrong. Now have to wait till July to get a refund I should have had in two weeks. I am a bookkeeper and could have done this myself but just didn’t want to bother, what a mistake. What a bunch of BS. Their programming is obviously wrong and they have no responsibility for that!!! Good luck if you chose this for your taxes!

    • Hi Linda,
      Sorry you are having problems. Can you please tell me what your issues are and why you think you’re not receiving your tax refund until July. We would like to help you further.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  2. turbo tax is by far one of the worst tax filing software i have ever used. you pay extra to get your money faster and it never happens like that… 100% rip off i would not recommend this service

  3. I will never again use Turbo Tax. The 2010 version for the state was a complete and utter nightmare. I finally gave in and filed a state return which I know is resulting in a much lower refund than I should have had simply because the software does not allow for filing statuses to be different on the state return from that of the federal return. After entering 3 different returns, I finally conceded that the software is horrible.

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