A Letter to Our Customers

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To our customers,

I deeply apologize for the pain we have caused those of you affected by this week’s outage. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in dependability and customer service, and over the past two days, we have failed to live up to those expectations.

My leaders and I have spoken to a number of you and there is simply no excuse for having such a negative impact on you.

It is our priority to work with those of you who are affected and, where we can, make things right. We have all-hands on deck to help you resolve the issues caused by this outage.

I want to share with you what we know at this time about what happened. The disruption occurred during a routine maintenance procedure. An accidental but severe power failure during that procedure affected our primary and backup systems, taking a number of Intuit’s websites and services offline.

We worked to restore our sites and services as quickly as possible while bringing services back in the safest, most reliable way. We understand your frustration and are sorry it took so long. We understand the important role our services play in your business and life. And we take that responsibility very seriously.

I also want to share that we have no evidence of a security breach or attack on our servers. And at this time, we do not believe there was any damage or loss to customer data.

At this stage, we have teams monitoring the performance of applications and further investigating the cause of the problem so that we can learn from this outage and prevent it from happening again.

I want to thank you for your business and your patience. We will work our hardest to earn back your trust.

Thank you,


President & CEO

Intuit, Inc.

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  1. I am trying to get a copy of my 2009 tax return, but the turbotax.com website will not let me navigate through as it has in the past. I need this for my student financial aid application and am in a real bind. How do I get help with this?

    P. Jayne Osborne

  2. Please tell me how to obtain a copy of my 2009 return. I need this for refinancing my mortgage ASAP. I am not very proficient with computers, and I am really having trouble working with your website. Thank you.

    Janice Huber

  3. I have been trying to access my 2008 and 2009 tax return for the last 6 months. to turn in for my student loan informatin and i cannot do this without that information. I have requested my user id and password and when I use them they are not recogniized. this is really causing a major problem. I did like using turbotax but now I am not so sure

    Thank you, Laurie

  4. Hello im trying to recieve a copy of my 2009 taxes i need a copy for school. can u help me?

    thank you, veroncia ruiz

  5. I’m having trouble trying to get a copy of my 2009 return.

    Do you think you could help me. I need it this for college and I’m so desperateee! Please!

    Thank you so much!

  6. I am trying to get a copy of my 2009 return so I can submit it for financial assistance. I have followed all the steps I know, and all the ‘Ask Tina’ and everything. When it finally saves/views my 2009 return, it’s not a return at all.

    Help! Help! I need it desperately.


  7. I have similar problem with others in regards to 2009 return. I can’t find the file anywhere. I paid for the online premier edition, and now when I log into your site, it directs me to a page that indicates I have not even started a 2009 return. Please help!

    • Well,

      Good to see that you weent on to further your education. However, as a senior in high school you were as wise as most adults (or more so).

      Up until five years ago, I spent time in the Tampa area on an occasional basis. It is a wonderful spot. Be safe.

  8. I am a software developer and consultant so I know these things happen but I too am experiencing loss of data from my account. I paid for the online small business addition and was working on my return, had filed an extension, and now when I log into your site, it directs me to a page that indicates I have not even started a 2009 return. Can someone at your corporation contact me and let me know what has happened to my previously saved 2009 return? That would be greatly appreciated, I was trying to finish it and file it this week.

  9. When do you expect to have ItsDeductible online up and running? When I try to sign in I get a server not available message. Has the data I inputted earlier this year been lost? Thank you

  10. Where does this leave me when my return was 1/2 accepted? You say you are working with customers who have been affected by this blip, but you give us no address or information about how to contact you if we are one of those customers.

    Can you advise me?


  11. This is life in today’s world. Power outages are normal and there is no reason you should assume guilt. As consumers, we must always have a Plan B. In my case, I had failed to save my 2009 return’s pdf file. I knew better, and I am reminded to stay mindful of my own advice. Thank you for working so hard to fix the problem and for posting the explanation. I appreciate that a lot. This problem was not related to a lack of good customer service. You are not in my doghouse.

  12. Yes I am not sure if my issue is cause by the website going down, but I am trying to view my 2009 taxes and it is saying that there is no prior tax return. I have the emails showing that my refund was accepted by the state and the federal. I need my 09 return information ASAP because I have to fill out my student loan information and I cannot do this without that information.

    Thank you, Nick Snyder

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