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Friends with Tax Benefits: Listen Now

TurboTax Launching Friends with Tax Benefits Podcast

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From Intuit TurboTax™, Friends with Tax Benefits has got you covered. A podcast where money talks – but we’re speaking your language.

Ever wonder how much TikTok creators are actually making? Are you afraid of doing your taxes wrong and having the IRS come knocking on your door? Are you a millennial with an unmentionable amount of student debt but homeowner aspirations? This weekly 12 episode show, launching March 17th wherever you listen to your podcasts, is designed to meet you where you are and help get you where you want to be. Real advice from people who have been there, too.

Meet our hosts:

podcast host

Lauren Thomas is an award-winning social media strategist and Senior Communications Manager at Intuit. By day she leads social media content and campaigns for TurboTax (and yes, that basically means she gets paid to scroll on TikTok). She can regularly be seen on the speaker circuit, inspiring marketing strategists everywhere. In her downtime, you can usually find her working on a passion project, binge-watching Netflix, or taking classes in everything from creative writing to improv comedy.



podcast host

Katharina Reekmans, or Kat, is an Enrolled Agent and a Tax Analyst for the TurboTax Blog team. She has years of experience in tax preparation and representation before the IRS. She unravels tax laws so that the average person can understand them. Beyond serving as a tax professional, she got a real estate license when her family set out to buy their first home. NBD. An ultimate DIYer, from tackling home renovation projects on the weekend with her husband to turning her Cricut custom designs for her kids into a side hustle. She’s always down to talk money moves and life hacks. When she’s not in Florida you can find her and her family in their home in Haiti.


podcast host

Daniel Thrall is a group manager for our customer success team at Intuit TurboTax. What gets him up in the morning is doing everything possible to ensure all customers have access to the help they need during tax time. While he may reference his past lives from time to time, including being in a band and his early career as an English teacher, his present days are consumed by family, ambitious kitchen adventures, non-fiction books, and cycling every day. He may not know much about pop culture…TikTok: What is that? The Kardashians: Who are they? But he’ll certainly have an opinion.


Join Lauren, Kat, and Daniel from TurboTax each week as they make personal finance and taxes accessible to everyone. Every episode, our hosts get three minutes to dish out real and actionable tips in our ‘3 for 3,’ as well as answer commonly asked questions Q&A style. Believe it or not, these friends know how to make personal finance fun. Be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

The views, information or opinions expressed during the Friends with Tax Benefits podcast series are solely those of the individuals involved and do not represent those of Intuit, TurboTax or any of its brands. The primary purpose of this podcast series is to educate and inform. This podcast series does not constitute financial, legal or other professional advice or services.

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