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TurboTax Life Events Calculator Helps Estimate Tax Savings

Tax Planning

Whether you got married, had a baby, or purchased a home last year, your life events can feel exciting, scary, emotional, and expensive all at once.  Although life’s transitions may bring about some expenses, these life changes can also bring big tax breaks at tax-time.

Don’t worry, no matter what time of year you face life’s transitions, TurboTax has you covered with tools, resources, and tax experts who are CPAs and Enrolled Agents to help you understand how your life events impact your taxes from the comfort of your home.  Check out our Life Events Calculator that helps you understand how life changes impact your taxes and gives you an estimate of how much your 2019 life changes can save you on your 2019 taxes.

*Note:  Our Life Events Interactive Calculator is for estimation purposes only based on your entries and doesn’t cover all possible deductions, credits or life events.


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