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TurboTax Dependents Credits and Deductions Calculator


Questions about dependents are one of the top questions taxpayers have. With the TurboTax Dependents Credits & Deductions Calculator, just answer a few simple questions about your kids and you’ll find out if you can claim them and what dependent credits and deductions you are eligible for based on your situation.

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  1. can I claim my grand daughter ,she just born 11/12/2015.and my daughter stay with me all year.
    I understand I can claim my daughter ,but my grand daughter i am not sure she just live with me on 11/12/2015

  2. Hi-
    Someone told me that since I’m a single mom & have 2 children living at home – I only claim 1 (my ex claims the other) I was told that since the children live with me the majority of the time & I have low income that I could receive more $$ back for last yrs taxes. Do you know if this is true?

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