Insuring Your Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

Health Care

With all the buzz about the Health Care Reform, you may be thinking about health insurance and how this affects you. This infographic takes a look at the average cost for certain hospitals visits if you are insured versus uninsured. Check out how much a hospital visit really costs!

Infographic by Column Five Media

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  1. My name Hezekiah Esau Baker, I am without insurance and have not been sick a day in my life.
    I feel sorry for all the people who have been sick or in need for insurance. But why isn’t there a plan for healthy peopl that are being required to buy something they never needed. I am 59

    1. Because accidents even happen to healthy people, even if not your fault, and the costs could cost you everything you own or ever hoped to have or do.

  2. The embed code is broken. it should be <a href=""&gt;
    <img src="; alt="Insuring Your Future infographic" title="InsuringYourFuture" width="580" height="899" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-8428" /></a>
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