6 Ways to Save When Throwing a Quinceañera

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Quinceañeras are a very special rite of passage for many young Hispanic women, and for their families it’s likely one of  the biggest events they’ve ever planned. As overwhelming as throwing a party can be, keep in mind that with some thoughtful planning you can have a day to treasure forever and not break your budget! Here are six ways you can slash your Quinceañera budget without sacrificing style or fun.

Start with the Budget

It starts with the numbers. Sit down and chat with your family about your preferences and budget for the big day. Are you and your family absorbing all of the costs or will you have any extra help? Tools like Mint allow you to keep tabs on your expenses so you’re not stressing over money. (You have enough to deal with!). Once you know what you have to spend, you can then allocate it the way you want.

Spice It Up with Some DIY

Personalize your Quinceañera with DIY projects that reflect your personality. Each person is different and your special day should be a reflection of that. From online invitations to paper Mache centerpieces, let your uniqueness shine. Pinterest has thousands of ideas for you to choose from. Then choose what big features matter most to you and which ones you can wisely cut back on or leave out.

Skip a Saturday Party

If most of your guests are in town, a Friday night Quinceañera can give you the venue you want at a fraction of the price. Do you have people flying in on Saturday? Then a Sunday afternoon event can allow them to be there with you on your special day and keep money on your pocket

Accept Help from Your Loved Ones

If you have talented friends, like a photographer or baker, who want to contribute towards the celebration (and you think they can handle it), go for it! Extra hands can make the load light. We all have that one friend, aunt, sister or cousin that can do wonders with an eyeshadow brush. Get the glitter and glam without going broke! You can then use your money towards other features of your Quinceañera.

Donate Your Dress

When we sometimes get caught up with planning celebrations, we sometimes lose an opportunity to think about others and give something truly meaningful. Giving can be incredibly rewarding and gratifying. If that sounds right up your alley, you might want to look into donating your dress to a worthy cause like The Princess Project and The Glass Slipper Project.

Make Savings a Habit

While things can get chaotic as you’re planning your big day, it’s still possible to stash some cash away so you can start young adulthood off with a financial bang. If you haven’t already, start transferring some money each paycheck into savings. It’s a great habit that will help you reach your dreams faster without relying on debt.





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