The Taxing Life of a Pro Athlete

Income and Investments

While most pro athletes probably don’t sign their contracts based on how much of their salaries would be taxed by individual states, it may cross their minds.  Let’s take a look at how individual states may tax income of a pro athlete.

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  1. Just a small clarification, a Washington Redskins football player plays in DC, not WA, and therefore has an 8.5% tax (rather than 0).

  2. The Redskins are associated with Washington DC, where there’s an 8.5% state income tax, NOT in Washington state where there is none. They play in Maryland, which has a 5.5% state income tax.

  3. This article states that the Washington Redskins owe no taxes in Washington state. This is only true for one main reason: they are not based in Washington State. Having grown up in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, I can assure the writer of this article that the Washington they refer to is Washington, DC…unless there are two NFL Redskins teams…

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