Last-Minute Vacation Deals

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Next week, everyone will be enjoying their last summer break.  Worried that you’ll be stuck at home or worse, stuck in traffic from all the Labor Day travel? If you’re willing to try different things you should be able to find something that will make your long weekend wonderful and memorable.

You still have time to plan a little getaway; using the web, I was able to find some last minute ideas for getaways, flights, and staycations.

Road Trip Vacation ideas

Depending on what area of the country you live in, there are different mini vacations you can take without going broke.

If you want to go somewhere and avoid a bunch of tourists in the same spot, visiting one of our wonderful national parks is a fantastic option. There are some breathtaking parks around the country.

Wine tasting and winery tours offer opportunities to relax and enjoy the scenery.  Check out your state’s tourism site to see if they have winery tours available. I love trying out new foods when we travel and I enjoy discovering hole-in-the-wall places, so when I heard about I knew I found my perfect road trip site.

If you have a passion for plays and stories look into your local theaters to see if they have something that may pique your interest. You don’t have to go to Broadway to have a good time. I would check out your local radios stations’ sites to see if there are any free or cheap concerts and music festivals going on

Do you need more ideas on what to do on your trip? Check out these sites to find some great destinations and attractions.

Finding Last-Minute Flights

If you have the time and money for it, leaving the country for a bit can be the perfect getaway. If you don’t want to pay extremely high prices, but it’s too close to your vacation time, then try out sites like Travel Zoo and Last Minute to see what deals they have.

If you’re traveling by plane, here are some useful sites to keep you up to date from the Bureau of Labor:

Depending on where you’re going, hotels may be hard to come by and rates may be outrageous. Minimize it by planning ahead today.if you’re willing to hunt online, you may find a steal.

Your Weekend Plans

What are your plans? Are you going on a road trip, staying local, or getting away from it all?

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