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Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of SnapTax, the first and only start-to-finish app to file your taxes from your phone!

This year, SnapTax is available for all states AND for both iPhone and Android mobile phones.  SnapTax is all about making it simple to file your taxes.  Just shoot, snap, file and you’re done.  So easy, it’s like magic! Here’s a snappy video to help illustrate.

SnapTax uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to snap a photo of a W-2 and transfer data to the tax return. Very cool! Answer some basic questions, check the return for accuracy and tap “File Now” when your ready to electronically file your return. There’s a running tally of the refund, or taxes owed, every step of the way. Your tax information is literally at your fingertips.

You can download SnapTax for free in the Apple App Store and Android Market and pay an introductory price of $14.99 when you are ready to e-file your return. The price includes federal and state preparation and e-filing.

Last year, SnapTax was limited to CA residents with an iPhone only and quickly achieved a 4 star rating in the Apple App Store. Feedback from customers was great. Avery Ryder, a 21-year-old college student and the first person to file a return using the app shared his reaction. “It captured all of my information perfectly and the import worked great … surprisingly great because I didn’t have to re-enter anything”, Ryder said.

This year, SnapTax is available to millions of taxpayers in all states. Designed for those with a simple return (1040EZ), SnapTax will quickly and easily walk them through the process. Sounds like something you may want to check out for yourself? There are some qualifications to help you decide is will work for you. Check out the Apple App Store or Andoid Market or go to So what are you waiting for…Snap to it!

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  1. Hi Joey,

    SnapTax is designed to work with OS 4.1 and higher to maximize the potential from the camera and device features. We do recommend upgrading to the latest iPhone OS version to get the most out of the phone if possible. I believe the upgrades are free.

  2. Worked perfectly with my G2; a bit surprised, given that the printer apparently was low on ink when mine was run.

  3. I would love to get this app for my iPhone, bi it only works for OS 4+. Pleaaaaseee make this compatible for OS 3+!! I wouldn’t mind paying $15 and more people will definitely get this app if it was compatble with os 3+

  4. Honestly I have a windows phone and this app is useless to me. If you are going to make an app you need to make it applicable to all Oss such as the Windows phone and the Blackberry.

    Oh and your commercial should not advertise the IPhone you should be advertising the app and the app only.


    The Evan inc. Team

  5. Apps like this one is exactly why I bought a Droid Pro…I told my husband I’d make my phone earn its keep. What a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to try it; great for people like me who sometimes type too fast and make errors with inputting data.

    Tweeted @auntiethesis

    • Hi Shel,

      You’re our lucky winner from Friday’s giveaway of the $15 iTunes gift card. Hope you enjoy it. I’ll reach out via email to get you your winnings!

      Thank you everyone for your comments and participation. Check back with us on our blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook Page this tax season for exciting giveaways, contents, quizzes and more.

      Chelsea from TurboTax

    • This is absolutely gold. I did not xceept that I’d get so much out of reading your write up! You’ve just earned yourself a returning visitor

      • Hi Lindy,
        Thank you. We are glad you like the blog. Check back for more interesting topics.
        Lisa Greene-Lewis

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