Into Investments with Humphrey Yang: Investing During Inflation

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Episode 3 – Investing During Inflation

For episode 3 of our new investment series with investor and content creator Humphrey Yang, we’re here with the ins and outs of investing during higher-inflation periods!

What exactly is inflation? We hear about it in the news and, now, many people around the country are experiencing its effects in stores, gas, online, and at home. But what can we do about inflation, and how can we use our investments to help us navigate it financially? 

Watch as Humphrey and this week’s guest, Andrew, talk about current financial trends and how inflation is impacting the market, our investments, and even our mortgages. They also dive into sneaker reselling, collectible assets including NFTs, and their unique financial paths.

Don’t miss out on more great investment tips from Humphrey Yang:

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