8 Wellness Tips to Follow This Summer

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There’s something energizing about the summer season and I always find myself paying extra attention to my health. Right now, we’re gearing up for a trip next month and we’re using it as a deadline to get back into shape.
To start off every morning, I have a routine that includes some type of workout. Not only am I shedding some pounds, I feel better and have more energy to get everything checked off my to-do list.
Do you have some similar goals? Something that has also made a huge difference for me is changing my habits – even if they’re small day-to-day occurrences. Certain habits are keystone – think of them as super habits that you can include in your life that will turn into sustainable and bigger changes.
If you’d like to transform your life and stay physical, here are 8 habits to develop this summer. Or check out the below wellness tips for a full and balanced lifestyle.
  1. Plan Easy and Healthy Meals: Have you ever heard the saying “we are what we eat?” Unfortunately, because of stress and being busy, we make it hard on ourselves by going for fast food rather than healthier (and cheaper) options. The good news is that you can eat well and have a delicious meal, without becoming a chef. One of the best ways to reduce that evening crunch time is having a meal prep or an easy to make one planned. Grab a meal plan and make your life 100x easier!
  2. Be Active 20 Minutes Every Day: Does going to the gym seem like a chore? Take advantage of the warmer weather and head outside. Committing to doing something outside every day (walking, biking, even gardening) rather than hoping to knock out an hour-long workout, can give you the boost to making exercise a habit rather a punishment. And don’t feel like you need to jump right into a workout, taking it day by day helps you achieve those small goals that lead to bigger ones!
  3. Read a Book: You can explore different places, learn about people, and understand another culture a little better by setting aside some time to read each day. Throw a book (or a Kindle) in your bag and use some of that idle time to dive in.
  4. Stay on Top of Your Money: You can’t fix what you don’t know. Take control over your finances by tracking your spending. If you own your own business, apps like QuickBooks Self-Employed are easy to use and incredibly helpful.
  5. Turn Off the Distractions: How many times has your phone taken you away from a really good conversation? Do yourself a huge favor and turn off all the needless notifications. You may find you had more time than you realize and it gives you more time to focus on the real-time conversations you can have with people around you.
  6. Plan Some Getaways: Break out of your rut by changing your scenery. Whether it’s a far-off destination or just a hop skip and a jump away, a getaway can be just the thing you need to reset mentally.
  7. Try a New Hobby: When’s the last time you tried something different? Look at what your local community has to offer in terms of free or cheap options to learn. Some town recreation centers are the perfect starting point for finding fun community activities or renting gear to have your own “staycation.”
  8. Set a Goal for this Year: We’re almost halfway through 2018, but there is still plenty of time to accomplish something big. Go ahead and write down one goal you’d like to knock out before December 31st. Ready? Set? Go!
So there you have it! A few ways you can shift your mind, get your body in shape, and take care of yourself.

Thoughts on Wellness Habits

I’d love to hear from you. What are you doing to take care of yourself this summer? What trips or new hobbies are you planning?

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