IRS Announces Immediate Tax Benefits for Contributions to Philippines Typhoon Relief

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Today, the IRS announced that taxpayers who made cash donations for Philippines typhoon relief on or after March 26, 2014 and before midnight on Monday, April 14, 2014, can get an immediate tax benefit when claiming the donation on their 2013 return. If you’re thinking of giving back, it’s not too late.

Similar to the accelerated relief provided to Haiti following the January 2010 earthquake, this provision only applies to charitable cash donations for relief related to Typhoon Haiyan victims. Donations can be claimed on taxpayers’ 2013 or 2014 tax returns, but cannot be claimed twice.

Contributions made by text message, check, credit card or debit card qualify for this special option. Donations charged to a credit card before midnight on April 14, 2014 are eligible contributions, even if you do not pay the credit card until after that date. Donations by check are also eligible if they are mailed by April 14. For more information, check out the IRS newsroom announcement.

To see how you can help the Philippines typhoon victims, visit the American Red Cross or see this list of charities from the New York Times.


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