Audit Misconceptions

Tax Planning TurboTax Audit Infographic

Many taxpayers fear going to their mailboxes and finding an IRS audit letter, but what most people fail to realize is that only 1% of individual taxpayers receive an audit letter every year.  In addition, if you are one of the few being audited, you most likely won’t be staring face-to-face at an IRS agent.  Most audits are conducted via mail and some documents you may receive may not be related to an audit at all.  Here is our infographic presentation, which shows the likelihood of being audited and the types of audits.

[intuit_tt_infographic id=9985]

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  1. I am being audited for 2012 and they disagree with the figures Turbotax downloaded from Fidelity and Social Security. How do I find out what happened as now I owe money plus interest.

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