Everyday Taxes in Five Major U.S. Cities

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Whether you are a resident of a major city or you just traveled to one for something fun like the Mardi Gras, you most likely paid for items such as food, beverages, and gas.  You may or may not, however, notice how much sales tax you paid and how much the taxes vary.  Here is our infographic presentation showing how much everyday taxes may vary across five major cities.

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  1. Yes. Ins premium, dcotor visits, prescription drugs, contact lenses, and necessarily surgery or purchases are deductible. Over the counter drugs and unnecessarily surgery like boob jobs are not.You add them all up, substract any medical reimb and thats your medical tax deduction. but it is limited to 7.5% of your Adjusted Gross Income (which is your income adjustments), so if you make too much money you most likely cant take the benefit. If you want to save more money, add in you over the counter drugs.

    • Thank you for your response. There are two corrections. You can only add your over the counter drugs if your doctor writes a prescription for them and adjusted gross income is income after adjustments.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

  2. Hi Snowball! That gowrth 5.5 is the real GDP gowrth, where the inflation has been substracted already. The nominal gowrth would be above 10%.The main change in Slovakia was a conceptual one – the taxes were designed to collect as much as the previous year. You can’t really see the effect of the Laffer curve immediately on the increased tax revenue. You see it on the GDP gowrth which will imply a higher revenue next year. It has some inertia.Laffer certainly did not claim that if you reduce the taxes to one half of the rate now, you will immediately get a higher revenue: sure that in the short term you will get one half of the previous revenue. But the point is that a reduced tax rate allows the subjects to be more active, grow, and pay more taxes next year or tomorrow.

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