The Taxing Life of a Pro Athlete

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While most pro athletes probably don’t sign their contracts based on how much of their salaries would be taxed by individual states, it may cross their minds.  Let’s take a look at how individual states may tax income of a pro athlete.

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  1. Just a small clarification, a Washington Redskins football player plays in DC, not WA, and therefore has an 8.5% tax (rather than 0).

  2. The Redskins are associated with Washington DC, where there’s an 8.5% state income tax, NOT in Washington state where there is none. They play in Maryland, which has a 5.5% state income tax.

  3. This article states that the Washington Redskins owe no taxes in Washington state. This is only true for one main reason: they are not based in Washington State. Having grown up in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, I can assure the writer of this article that the Washington they refer to is Washington, DC…unless there are two NFL Redskins teams…

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