5 Life Events that Qualify You for Special Enrollment

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Certain life events can qualify you and your family to sign up for health coverage, also known as a special enrollment period. If you are uninsured and missed open enrollment for 2015 health insurance, you can qualify for health insurance with these life events through an employer or the Marketplace. Not only does this allow you to have coverage, but also ensures that you won’t face the penalty for the months you are not covered. You usually have 60 days from the time of the qualifying life event to enroll, or make changes to your existing coverage. So, exactly what “life events” are considered qualifying…?

1. Getting married

You made the commitment, both in sickness and in health. Now that the celebration extravaganza is wrapped up and your marital status has officially changed, you also have a moment in time to make a change in your health coverage with your significant other.

2. Growing Your Family

Having a baby or adopting a child? This new bundle of joy is also an opportunity for you to sign your family up for health coverage to make sure all new family members are healthy and covered.

3. Losing other health coverage

Perhaps you lost your previous coverage when your employer stopped offering coverage, you left your job, got laid off, or your job-based plan is not meeting the definition of affordable or minimum coverage. Or maybe your marital status changed, COBRA coverage ended, or are turning 26 and aging off of your parent’s plan.

4. Moving to a new permanent residence

Going to call a new state home? Packing up for the big move can mean a new home and new health insurance options for you.

5. Gaining citizenship

If you’ve recently gained citizenship, you have also gained qualification to enroll in health insurance.

If you’ve experienced these or other qualifying life events, you should head over to healthcare.gov or your HR Department to check out what your options are for special enrollment.

If you don’t qualify for any qualifying life events don’t forget that the new open enrollment period for 2016 health insurance begins November 1 and ends January 31, 2016.

And as always, you can visit TurboTax Health for all of your health coverage questions.

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