TurboTax Brings “All People Are Tax People Remix” to Super Bowl LIV

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It all comes down to this – NFL Super Bowl LIV! TurboTax is excited to return to the Super Bowl on February 2nd for the seventh consecutive year. As part of this big week for Americans and football fans everywhere, we’re unveiling “All People Are Tax People Remix,” a music video that will air during the Super Bowl.


A culmination of the TurboTax “All People Are Tax People” campaign that debuted earlier this year, our Super Bowl LIV commercial is our moment to inspire and empower fans, and celebrate what unites us. We believe that people are capable of amazing things and, with the right tools and encouragement, they can do anything – including their taxes.

There’s no better time for this message than the Super Bowl, a moment in American culture that brings people together around the things we have in common – football, family, food and, of course, taxes. We’re thrilled to share it with you today, and tune in to the Super Bowl on Sunday night to see this commercial during the big game!

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