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  1. I am a 93 ywars old long time user of Turbo Tax and have found it to be an excellent product. Have never had a real problem although I do not like some of the bells and whistles t hat have beem added over the years. I particularly like t he ability to my annual data from my broker into my return. After several years of doing the math to verify, I quit doing it . The accuracy is g reat. Never a problem with IRS despite several things that add to the complexity of the return.

  2. As a senior with SSI and Medicare and AARP supplemental drug and MD insurance; if I change nothing; will ObamaCare have any affect on me or my taxes?

  3. I would like to know more about the results of selling a rental property – especially for high incomers who cannot take any passive losses every year. We assume that our total loss is deducted in the year of sale. What if the losses are more than income? Ours are getting up there… Will Obama laws change anything? Thank you!

    Long time TurboTax user.

  4. What will TT CD for 2013 require for Apple
    operating system this time out.
    Last year was hugely disappointing to we long time Turbo Taxers. My iMac-5 and Quicken
    would not match up. Upgraded OS but Quicken was negatively impacted. Ugly. Reported 2012 on line but prefer CD version. This year?
    Thanks. Still a big fan of Intuit but “hoping.”

  5. Recently sold parents home which was deeded over to the 5 children prior to their death and sale of home. A loss was taken. How is this reported to IRA and how do we file for this?

  6. Many over 65 have complex interactions of multiple retirement systems such as state, federal, military and 401K not always foreseeable by those still busy out in the world. Some get trapped by inadequate evaluation. An alert system such as yours could help.

  7. I do not know whether you have any control over the crummy (not adobe) flash player that is piggy backing on your email. It is very tough to get off the screen without activating the download.

  8. i had a problem with Turbo not being able to download data from UBS Financial so had to repurchase Premier version…paid for two different versions. Must i purchase Premier this year and should i purchase disk or on line?

  9. I qualify for Free Tax Preparation with TurboTax and wonder why this benefit is not easily accessible through TurboTax online operations. Over the pass eight years, I have paid TurboTax to file my taxes each of those years. Is there some kind of tax adjustment concerning this tax production issued?

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