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Responding to Your Feedback

We recently communicated with customers about the changes we made to TurboTax desktop software products and apologized for mishandling this important decision.

Many of you told us that our apology and explanation were just not good enough. You said that our offer of money back was too complicated. And you wanted to know what would happen next year. All valid points. You also clearly told us what would make this right.

You want your TurboTax desktop product to do what it always has done – handle the same tax situations as it did in years past. We’ve heard you, and we’re going to fix it.

Next year, we’re changing back to the TurboTax desktop software you know and love, restoring the forms that you’ve counted on for years.

Beginning February 7th, returning Deluxe desktop customers who need to upgrade will be able to do so within the product for free, making it simple and seamless.

For returning customers who have already upgraded to Premier at the higher price, we are continuing to offer $25 cash back through April 20. Just go to to get your money.

We will be communicating to our desktop customers in the coming days. In addition, Brad Smith, Intuit president and CEO, posted this video on LinkedIn.

I realize this hasn’t been easy on you, and I’m sorry for that. I also recognize that it took us too long to make this right. We are committed to regaining your trust.

You matter to us. You always have.



Sasan Goodarzi, General Manager

Intuit TurboTax