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TurboTax Releases Ninth Annual List of Top 10 Tax Procrastinating Cities

With the April 15 tax deadline just four weeks away, it’s a sprint to the finish for many taxpayers. Intuit (Nasdaq: INTU), the maker of TurboTaxâ tax software products, has once again tallied which cities are waiting until the last minute to file federal income tax returns online. View an interactive map of this year’s biggest tax procrastinators on the TurboTax Blog.

The following list includes the TOP 10 TAX PROCRASTINATING CITIES IN AMERICA which are determined by the number of tax returns electronically filed via the TurboTax Online service from April 14-April 17, 2009 (previous year’s ranking in parenthesis):

1. Houston, Texas – (#2) Houston once again tops the list, moving up one spot from last year, proving yet again that everything is bigger in Texas – even tax procrastinating.

2. Chicago, Ill. – (#4) The “Windy City” blows back to the top of the list from number four last year.

3. New York, N.Y. – (#3) For the past two years, the Big Apple has been number three in tax procrastination. It’s the City that Never Sleeps so what is everyone doing in April?

4. Austin, Texas – (#11)This “Capital City” known for a great music scene sings its way back into the top 10 this year, putting Texas in a tie with California for biggest tax procrastinating state on the list.

5. San Francisco, Calif. – (#1)The Golden Gate City moved 4 spots this year, going from number one to number five.

6. Seattle, Wash. – (#7) Folks in Seattle must be drinking more decaf.  They’re doing their taxes just a bit slower, moving up one spot from number seven.

7. San Diego, Calif. – (#5)Despite a warmer than usual winter, San Diegans appear to be spending less time in the sun and surf, and more on their taxes, dropping 2 spots from last year.

8. Los Angeles, Calif. – (#8)For the third straight year, residents of the “City of Angels” are too busy star-gazing to change their approach to tax filing, landing again at number eight.

9. Dallas, Texas – (#9) Dallas continues to put off tax time, cruising in at number 9 for two years running, after years of staying ahead of the late tax filing game.

10. Las Vegas, Nev. – (#10)“Sin City” is full of temptations and putting off taxes is a big one. Residents of Las Vegas again wrap up the top 10 list, paying more attention to rolling the dice than rolling in their tax returns.

Dropping off the list this year: Phoenix, Ariz.

Extended List 11-20

11. Atlanta, Ga.

12. Philadelphia, Pa.

13. Phoenix, Ariz.

14. Portland, Oreg.

15. Washington, D.C.

16. Orlando, Fl.

17. Jacksonville, Fl.

18. Tampa, Fl.

19. Indianapolis, Ind.

20. Charlotte, N.C.

Last-Minute Tax Tips for Procrastinators:

  • Even procrastinators can save money on their taxes.  For example, taxpayers have up until the April 15 deadline to contribute to an IRA.
  • Don’t forget charitable contributions made in 2009.  Even mileage to and from volunteering is deductible.
  • Go online. Taxpayers can go online to prepare and e-file taxes up to the 11th hour at www.TurboTax.com – it’s fast, easy and convenient.
  • E-file.  Taxpayers can avoid the long lines at the post office and can get their refund back in as little as 8 days with direct deposit.
  • Learn what tax breaks are disappearing. Better catch them before April 15.
  • In the market for a home? It’s still not too late to get the Homebuyer Credit now rather than having to wait until next year.
  • Need more time? Taxpayers will get an extra 6 months to file (to Oct. 15 2010). But remember…an extension to file is NOT an extension to pay taxes. TurboTax Easy Extension allows you to file your personal or business extension online.

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