Winners of the TurboTax Customer Stories Contest!

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Drum roll please. Today we are announcing the five winners of our TurboTax success story program! As you may remember, we asked our customers to submit their stories on how TurboTax made their lives easier for a chance to win a whopping $1,000.

Thanks to each and every customer who submitted their happy TurboTax experience!We received many amazing stories ranging from how TurboTax helped people get a bigger refund, make an unexpected donation, or make their first time filing taxes a breeze. Each submission further inspired us to continue to bring you an easy to use and affordable option for filing your taxes.It was a tough decision, but we have sorted through lots of fantastic entries, racked our brains, and came out with five winners who will each receive a cash prize of $1,000! Check out our winners and their stories below.

Mandy Petras

“Using TurboTax provided me with peace of mind – knowing that all the calculations were correct and having TurboTax do all of the “hard work” for me was priceless! And the unexpected deduction that TurboTax alerted me that I qualified for was a much-appreciated surprise…with the bigger-than-expected refund, I was able to put a nice down payment on a new, fuel-efficient car to replace my 12-year-old, gas-guzzling SUV that was ready to break down! I have used TurboTax for 2 years now, and the price, quality and ease of tax preparation versus the tax preparation services I have used in the past are unbeatable. Thanks, TurboTax!!”

Laura Wagner

“A few years ago, I was a young, married professional, my husband an attorney, me an urban planner. While I had always used TurboTax as a college student and recent graduate, my husband and I decided that we needed an accountant because we felt our financial situation too complicated for a computer program. We went to an accountant and he was fine, but I could not help but feeling that we had overpaid for his services. In fact, I entered our information into TurboTax and received the exact same results. Fast forward a few years, several cities, and two continents, I found myself still young, still a professional, but going through a divorce. The last thing I wanted to do was go back to that accountant my now ex-husband and I shared while married. I felt some degree of shame at being a young, divorced professional, although I have since banished those feelings. Anyway, I went back to TurboTax. My supposed “complicated” financial situation was not really all that complicated. TurboTax is so very intuitive. I quickly and easily filed my taxes and received my refunds. TurboTax: no judgment, no opinions, no “Smug Married” advice, simply fast, user-friendly, and competent. I am back on track in so many ways.”

Moxie Dawn

“Times are tight for a lot of people. I’m one of the thousands and thousands of long-term unemployed in this country during these bad economic times. Eventually I decided to go to school again and learn something new that might help me find work, and that really put a strain on expenses. We opted to dip into a retirement account to help keep things afloat, and we knew we’d take a big tax hit on that. I really dreaded doing the taxes. And then what a happy surprise! That dip into the retirement account indeed wiped out what little refund we had expected, but the tax credits TurboTax located because I was going to school got it all back and MORE. I’ve never cheered when doing the income taxes before! And I would have never thought to find those credits on my own. It was like Christmas in April thanks to TurboTax, and made me feel even better about my choice to go to school. Thanks!”

Holly Nations

“This year I filed my taxes while I was overseas in Australia. I moved to the great land Down Under last October as a volunteer/missionary with a global organization called Youth With A Mission. During the work year before I left, I worked less than the previous year, since I left in the fall. The training I did in Australia is connected with the University of the Nations in Hawaii, and when I filed my taxes online with TurboTax, I was able to include my school tuition and received a little over $2000! I was definitely not expecting that much back, since the year before I had worked more and had gotten less back. It was an unexpected blessing and was heaps helpful in funding the rest my volunteer/missionary work until I came home to the States for holiday. I was even able to bless other volunteers that I work with. Heaps ta! (Thanks a lot!)”

Chris Scott

“I have used TurboTax for all my taxes! From the day I had my first w2 at 16yrs old. Just this last year though I decided that I love TurboTax even more for its ease of use, amazing services, and particularly one incident that just occurred. I had decided that I would try something new and went to H&R Block since they were offering to do my taxes for free. So after I was done with them, somehow they decided that I OWED $800 to state taxes. I knew there was no way that could be true and they weren’t willing to work with me to find out where the flaw could be. So back online I went and when I was done with Turbo Tax I got money back for state taxes. Thank you TurboTax. You’re amazing and you saved me :)”

While the competition has ended, we always love hearing your TurboTax stories. Leave us a comment with your story or tell us which of our winner’s stories you like best.


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  1. This year, I had lots of stock transactions, investment property, sale of foreign property and repatriation of funds to US, gifts from family members etc … sounds complicated, right? I thought so too and decided to hire a CPA. Most of them asked for $500+ plus you have to give them EVERYTHING and they would simply punch it in their software. I had so many questions on these issues so I decided to use the turbotax tax advise call back feature. It works !! I posted my questions and got called back in 10 mins. They went over everything step-by-step and spent like 45 mins on the phone with me until my returns were complete. Can’t imagine a paid CPA spending that much time unless I’ve cut him a nice check. Anyways, I’m super pleased with Turbotax and recommend you use their tax advise service. Its good.

  2. Governments soeldm put taxes on things to save or help the people. There is usually lobbyists who want the tax to help their clients. I’ve read that Denmark doesn’t have an obesity problem…the obesity rate is among Europes lowest. Some reading I’ve done, however, turns up this: Denmark’s farming industry is in crisis and near collapse.Since the highest fats in food come from dairy products,( butter, cheese, whole milk, ice cream, cream) and fatty meats, is the farming industry (agriculture) behind all this? Agriculture vs. dairy? Agriculture vs. livestock? I always look to find who benefits from a tax.Of the top 15 industries in De mark, chemicals, food processing,pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment could benefit. And what about the recipient of the educational “programs” they talk about., the ones who will print or sell the “healthful information”?I don’t know, Victoria. Somehow the Denmark governments concern over their peoples obesity just sounds fishy. Say! Could the fishing industry be behind it?10 years of watching you, and you still amaze me.

    1. The smaller the nuebmr, such as zero, the MORE taxes/withholding are taken out. The bigger the nuebmr, the LESS taxes/withholding are taken out. I always claim zero in order not to owe taxes come tax time. My paycheck is smaller, but it is better than having to come up with money to pay taxes in April!

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