What Can E-Filing Your Tax Return Do For You?

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There are an abundance of reasons why e-filing is more beneficial for you and why 79% of taxpayers e-filed their taxes in 2011.  Some of the benefits of e-filing your return are faster refunds (per the IRS, 7 – 15 days compared to 6- 8 weeks for paper filed), greater tax return accuracy, IRS confirmation of tax return receipt, and secure and confidential submission of your tax information.  Check out our nice Infographic, highlighting the benefits of e-filing your tax return.

[intuit_tt_infographic id=8996]

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  1. gud day i recieved something from sars saying my account has been activated with 3100 problem is am unemployed for 2yrs and dnt even have a bank account anymore so what account did they send money to , cause i never filled out any forms for tax returns also am so confused pls help

  2. Hi, My Name is Roxy,
    I have never filed my own taxes befor. However I lost my job in June of 2011 and I can’t affored to pass the woman who used to do them for me.
    Is this completly fee ? Will someone help you along the way.

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