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Do you have tax-time questions? Now, you can Tweet TeamTurboTax for answers.

Starting today, taxpayers on Twitter can tweet questions to @TeamTurboTax and get fast, free answers from a team of tax, tech and TurboTax® product experts providing help and advice to make tax time easier.

TurboTax®, the nation’s best-selling tax preparation software from Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU), created @TeamTurboTax in response to the growing use of Twitter by customers. Twitter users now top 75 million people worldwide.

What we’ve done with @TeamTurboTax is enlist the passion and knowledge of TurboTax employees to assist Twitter-savvy customers. With expertise in everything from tax matters to product questions and technical support, the team will answer product questions, troubleshoot problems, and resolve customer service issues.

As the lead for this project, I can tell you we’ve seen people are increasingly going online to file their taxes. Now they can just as easily go online to get answers from @TeamTurboTax on Twitter. This expands the options people have to get answers – whether it’s on Twitter, on the Web or on the phone.

The team here at TurboTax continues to pioneer new ways to use social technology to help customers easily do their taxes. Three years ago, TurboTax launched its Live Community, now used by more than 10 million people, to provide instant answers from TurboTax users and tax experts online.

In addition to submitting question @TeamTurboTax, Twitter users can also follow the site to see what questions have previously been asked and answered.

We hope you find this new way in which we’re interacting with you will help make tax time even easier. We’re committed to helping our customers where and when they need it.

Tweet you later!



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  1. I cant file my tax because of the credit from my ex husbands 1st time home buyer crdit account which he is filing and paying.. What should i do?

    1. Hi, Marissa

      In TurboTax, please go to:

      •Deductions & Credits >
      •Your Home >
      •Start/Update next to “Homebuyer Credit Repayment” >
      •Select the year you bought your home and enter the purchase date >
      •Continue >
      •Continue >
      •Select, “No, my situation’s changed” in the “Do You Still Live in the Home You Bought in 20xx?” >
      •Enter a date next to “Date Stopped Using Main Home” >Tick one of the radio buttons below.
      •Continue >
      •In the “Tell Us More About Your Home Situation” screen, tick the “Transferred the home to an ex-spouse due to divorce” >
      •Continue >
      •Enter the date you stopped using this as your main home and enter your ex-spouse’ full name >
      •After this, you should be fine to e-file your return.

      Please let me you if you are successful.

      Best regards,


  2. Hi, I’m currently in Nursing School, my tuition and fees thus far for 2010 is $12,000. I work at my Veteran’s Affairs office on work-study, and receive VA education benefits, and took out loans to pay the tuition and was wondering if I could claim the Lifetime Learning Credit for my 2010 credits. I also won $5,000 in June, and made about $3,000 altogether in January, Feb, and March 2010. Also if I can’t claim Lifetime Learning credit, what else would I be able to claim, thanks

  3. Hello,

    I would like to know if my wife and I are eligible for any 1st/2nd time homeowner credits. The resident that was sold was a coop which is under my name and I lived there for over 5 years from date of sale (11/23/2009). My wife moved in from her parents home into my Coop in Feb. 2008. She has never owned a resident before. What if any credits are we eligible for? Thank you.

  4. I’ve already filed and should be expecting my 2009 refund on 03/19/10. We just closed on a home on 03/05/10. Can I amend my return via TT? In the option section I would just select mail version instead? It adds the 8k to my original 4k total, IRS will know that it’s amended and just refund the difference? Any help is appreciated…THANKS!

  5. I used Turbo Tax in 2008 and was wondering how to go about upgrading and using Turbo Tax to do my 2009 taxes; is there a computer upgrade or where can I access the upgrade?

  6. We filed our taxes with turbotax online, and of course we can’t e-file because we need to send in specific paperwork. Out of the huge stack of papers we signed when we purchased our house, I’m not sure which one is the Home Purchase Settlement Statement. Can you advise me what to look for?

  7. I purchased TurboTax Personal and Business because I have a W2 and a 1099-MISC. I enter my W2 information in easily. However, when entering in my 1099-MISC information, it asks me for my companies name (as if I own a company, which I don’t). It also asks me for my company vehicle information and whatnot. I am an Independent Contractor for a company, and I in no way own a company. Please help!

  8. We filed an application for extension of fed.tax do we need to wait for confirmation to know its been accepted? We paid all of our taxes already.

  9. I did a 1031 exchange on a rental house, then after renting out the new house for a year, we moved into it. We’ve now owned it 4 years, lived in it 2+ years, and need to sell. Can capital gains taxes be prorated, since we haven’t owned it 5 years yet, or will we pay the full capital gains taxes?

  10. I am a first time user to turbo-tax…I will probably use the deluxe software…I was wanting to know if my cost for the software and the cost for the state filing could be deducted from my refund, because I am short on cash @ this time…

    1. Kathy:

      You can deduct the cost of your tax prep software (TurboTax) from your federal return. TurboTax will ask you for your total cost for tax preparation. Punch in the total cost of the software. Thanks!

  11. Turbotax online is not calculating the American Opportunity credit correctly. The software is choosing the Lifetime learning credit worth 2K vs the American Oppt at 2,500. How can this be fixed?

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