TurboTax Turns the Story of Your Year into the Biggest Check of Your Year

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Few things are as personal as taxes. After all, taxes are the story of your year and no one knows them better than you. That’s why TurboTax is easing the burden of tax preparation for hard-working Americans like you by creating a new, simpler and highly-personalized online experience that fits your life and tax situation so you can be confident you’re getting your maximum refund – guaranteed.

For tax year 2014, TurboTax is once again reinventing tax preparation and delivering on our commitment to dramatically simplify tax preparation and put even more money in your pocket on top of your refund.

It’s never been easier to prepare your own taxes:

  • Getting to know you: TurboTax for 2014 is all about getting to know you personally. From the start, fun, colorful tiles ease you into your tax return. Returning customers who transfer last year’s data into this year’s return will find their taxes are virtually complete – they just need to indicate if anything has changed. New customers will see simple questions about their life and taxes so that TurboTax can create a custom-fit tax return to meet their unique needs. You just tell TurboTax the story of your year and in turn, you’ll get every dollar you deserve.
  • Anywhere, Anytime Tax Prep: For the first time, you can move seamlessly across different platforms – working online, on tablets or on smartphones – with the ability to start, stop and continue your taxes on the device of your choice. The new TurboTax app, which now offers the full lineup of tax preparation products, is available for both iPhone and Android phones and iPad and Android tablets. It is free to download, and you pay only when you file your return.
  • Expanded data import: TurboTax customers can now import W-2, 1099 and other tax documents directly from more than 1 million companies, making your tax preparation easier and more accurate.
  • Seamless health care reporting: For 9 out of 10 Americans who already have health insurance through their employer, Medicaid or Medicare, or any other qualified health plan, reporting health care with TurboTax will be as simple as checking a box. TurboTax automatically completes the required forms, accurately calculating the correct tax credit or penalty. TurboTax also helps you determine if you qualify for an exemption to waive the tax penalty. And because health care forms are included in all TurboTax products at no extra cost, you can keep more of your hard-earned money.
  • Expert help: TurboTax for 2014 is with you every step of the way so you can be confident your taxes are done right. TurboTax delivers customized answers to your questions and provides examples of the next steps you need to take to complete and file your taxes with confidence. If you need further assurance, credentialed TurboTax tax experts, all CPAs and enrolled agents, are available by phone in most TurboTax online and mobile products at no additional charge.
  • TurboTax Benefit Assist: One of the ways TurboTax has set out to help hard-working Americans put more money in their pocket is by helping them uncover and apply for government benefits. With TurboTax, eligible customers could find on average nearly $2,000 in government benefits and savings. TurboTax shows you which major government benefits you may qualify for all in one place and how much assistance you could qualify for. A streamlined application makes the process to apply for benefits, such as Food Stamps, discounted gas and electric, or low-cost phone service, easier and faster
  • More Money Beyond the Refund: TurboTax is the only tax preparation service working with Amazon.com to give you extra money on top of your federal tax refund when you use your refund to buy Amazon.com e-gift cards. You can choose to use part of your federal tax refund, from $100 on up, to purchase Amazon.com e-gift cards and TurboTax will add an extra 5% or 10% on top of it, depending on the product you’re using. This exclusive bonus is just another way TurboTax helps you make your hard-earned dollars go even further.   

TurboTax online and desktop products are now available at http://www.TurboTax.com and are up to date with the latest tax and health care laws. Taxpayers can file now with TurboTax and their tax return will be held securely and submitted as soon as the IRS begins processing e-filed returns on January 20.

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