TurboTax Inner Circle Delivers 100th Customer-Driven Improvement

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Behind every great product all you need are experienced product managers, development teams, and experts, right?!? Wrong!  Since Intuit was founded over 25 years ago, TurboTax has taken pride in embracing change from customer feedback and knows that behind every great product you also need a vehicle to learn from customers and understand how to make their user experience even better.

Idea Exchange
Idea Exchange

TurboTax has that influential community, the TurboTax Inner Circle, and today TurboTax announced its Inner Circle reached its 100th customer-driven product enhancement.

You may be wondering:

What is the TurboTax Inner Circle?

The TurboTax Inner Circle Community is comprised of 20,000 influential customers that provide product feedback and innovations that are instrumental in making enhancements, from making TurboTax even easier to use to making it easier for customers to understand if they qualify for tax deductions and credits.  Through the TurboTax Idea Exchange, anyone can review and contribute ideas to improve the end-to-end customer experience.

What Are Some of the Customer-Driven Enhancements Implemented?

The 100th contribution being celebrated today and made by Inner Circle members make it even easier for TurboTax customers like you to understand whether you qualify for one of the most missed tax credits, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which may give you a tax credit up to $5,700.

Other successes implemented after feedback from the TurboTax Inner Circle Community include everything from the popular book-marking feature in the product to an enhanced user experience through the personal info and dependent section of the TurboTax interview.

What Are the Benefits of Being an Inner Circle Member?

The benefits of being an Inner Circle member are:

  • You can join an influential community of 20,000 customers to participate in surveys, alpha and beta tests, exclusive feedback sessions, town halls, and ‘sneak peak’ product previews.
  • Opportunity to work along side our developers, product managers, and marketers to enhance the TurboTax product experience.
  • You can give your opinion and have your voice heard.
  • You can see your feedback influence a product that helps millions of other customers.
  • It’s free and available to anyone
  • Every idea is reviewed and considered when product enhancements are developed.

How Can I Join the Inner Circle?

Want to share your feedback and impact change?   Join the TurboTax Inner Circle.

Still want to learn more about the Inner Circle?  Check out this video highlighting some of our Inner Circle members and managers.

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  1. I found the directions for entering capital losses from previous years confusing. The IRS instructions are simpler.
    I found entering the street address of every charity I contributed to tedious in the extreme. What address, national or local? Since I mailed my return because of a peculiar problem Turbo Tax does not deal with, it was pointless.
    I am a member of the Inner Circle.

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