TurboTax Goes Mobile: You Can Prepare and File Your Taxes

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Exciting News!  Today, TurboTax, the first to offer full tax preparation and e-filing directly from a mobile device, announced the latest tax apps to help taxpayers on their mobile devices.  The expanded suite of tax apps, includes new and enhanced versions of the popular SnapTax for iPhone and Android, as well as TurboTax for iPad.

“We are really excited to build upon our success from last season,” said Jason Smerican, senior product manager.  “We have the benefit of going through the full tax season this year and can’t wait for even more customers to experience the convenience of doing their taxes from their iPad.”

Mobile Apps

With the first apps in the market, to allow people to prepare and file their tax returns all from their mobile devices, TurboTax apps make it easier than ever for taxpayers, anytime, anywhere.  You can estimate your tax refund, prepare and e-file your tax return, and track the status of your tax return after you file, all from your mobile devices.  Unlike other tax apps, TurboTax apps are specifically designed and optimized specifically for an app user experience.

The new suite of apps includes:

  • SnapTax: Designed for taxpayers with simple tax returns (1040EZ), SnapTax lets you snap a photo of your W-2 with the camera in your phone and then, automatically transfers information right onto your tax return. You then answer a few simple questions, review your tax return and tap “File My Taxes” to e-file in minutes.  Available for iPhone or Android devices.
  •  TurboTax for iPad:  Improved for tax year 2011, TurboTax for iPad, now includes the ability to easily transfer information from your prior year tax return and automatically import income information directly from 400,000 employers, banks and financial institutions. Free one-on-one tax advice from highly-qualified tax experts is now available if you use TurboTax for iPad and SnapTax as well.  This year there will also be new apps for android tablets, including Kindle Fire.
  • TaxCaster: Now available for iPad as well as iPhone and Android devices, TaxCaster is a free and easy way to estimate your tax refund.  With this interactive and engaging app, you can quickly and easily enter information using visual icons and sliders to see where you stand before you file.
  • MyTaxRefund: After e-filing, you can check the status of both your federal and state tax returns with this free and easy mobile app available now for iPad, as well as iPhone, Android devices.  MyTaxRefund also tells you when to expect to receive your federal tax refund based on IRS projections.
  • TurboTax Card Mobile- Free to TurboTax customers who choose to receive their tax refund on a TurboTax Prepaid Visa® Card, the TurboTax Card Mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.  The app allows you to track your federal tax refund, activate your card, check your balance and transactions, locate ATMs and more!

 TurboTax Online products are also accessible to mobile users.

All TurboTax online products, including Free Edition, are now compatible when accessing through a browser on the iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, iPad and other tablets. With an improved mobile experience, if you are using a browser, you can move between your mobile device and your computer giving you more freedom and choice to prepare your taxes whenever and wherever you want.

TurboTax Goes Mobile

To check out new videos of the tax apps, click here to see TurboTax for iPad and SnapTax in action.

Pricing and Availability

All apps from TurboTax are free to download.  TurboTax for iPad and SnapTax customers pay when they are done.  All pricing for TurboTax mobile apps is available on the App Store, Android Market, or Amazon App Store for Android.

What could be better?  The ability to accurately and easily estimate, prepare, and e-file your taxes or track your tax refund all while being mobile.  So what device do you use to file your taxes?

Check out SnapTax and TurboTax for iPad on YouTube here:


10 responses to “TurboTax Goes Mobile: You Can Prepare and File Your Taxes”

  1. I used snaptax to file….it was soo easy and all I had to do was take pics….and billed the filing fee to my cell acct. Will always file this way.

  2. Am I able to file our Income taxes w/my Android phone if, we have Medical expenses & Property taxes & Interest to declare…Also, in the State of Ohio are all Medical expenses allowed to be claimed or is there a certain amt. That we must meet??? Thanks & Very Appriciatively yours, Mrs. Tammy Rose Rohrig.

    • no i spent forever on the phone with turbo tax to find this out. also if you start your return on the ipad app version of turbo tax you cannot log on and finish it on the pc online version and vice versa

  3. I started filing through the Turbo Tax App on my IPAD but can’t log in to Turbo Tax on my PC. Has any one else encountered this? HELP!

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