TurboTax Announces Best TurboTax Free Ever

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For the 60 million hard-working Americans with a simple tax situation, TurboTax has created a new, streamlined experience to deliver the best free TurboTax ever.


In addition, TurboTax is helping customers stretch their tax refund even further with an exclusive 5 percent bonus on top of their federal tax refund.

Wondering what else makes TurboTax Online Free Federal Edition 2013 the best free ever?

TurboTax Online Free Federal Edition now includes:

New Streamlined Experience

For the first time, taxpayers can prepare their simple tax returns in a few easy steps and be done in minutes.

  • W-2 Import – Automatically import your W-2 and other tax forms directly from over 400,000 employers and financial institution so you don’t have to enter that information, increasing ease and accuracy for you, especially since you may only have one W-2 to enter.
  •  Year-Over-Year Transfer – If you filed with TurboTax last year, your data can easily and accurately be transferred so you don’t have to re-enter information.
  • Answer a Few Questions Related to You – Next you answer a few simple questions related to your life and e-file your tax return so you can get your biggest tax refund possible.
  • Double Checks Tax Deductions and Credits – To make sure you don’t leave a single dollar on the table, TurboTax automatically double-checks your tax return as you go, searching for every tax deduction and credit you’re eligible for.
  • Expert Answers – If you have questions, credentialed TurboTax tax experts, all CPAs and enrolled agents are available by phone to all TurboTax Online and mobile customers for free.

Best Value

  • Because we know that you work hard for your money and that every dollar is important, TurboTax is offering a 50 percent discount on state tax return preparation prices for a limited time, when you file with TurboTax Online Free Federal Edition, making it the lowest state price from any major tax preparation software.

More Money

  • When you use TurboTax Online Free Federal Edition, TurboTax also gives you an extra 5 percent on top of your federal tax refund when you use part of it to buy an Amazon.com Gift Card from TurboTax.  TurboTax is the only free federal online tax service that offers this type of exclusive bonus to its customers.

With the new, streamlined experience and the ability to stretch your tax refund, there’s no reason to delay preparing your tax return.

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  2. I do not have a business, which is why I said I do not need Home and Business version. I file a simple 1040A, with no additional forms.

  3. This doesn’t appear to be the “best” TurboTax Free ever.. I just tried to file my tax return and it’s not correct. It’s showing that my federal refund should be $7 when it should actually be about $4600 refund. That’s a bit of difference.. I’m an accountant so I know that the $7 refund is incorrect (even after checking and double checking my entries). I even tried a different tax return website and it had the correct refund of $4600, not the $7 that Free Edition continues to show. I think there must be some bugs that still need to worked out maybe?

  4. I used Free edition last year and cannot transfer over my info this year unless I pay. It put me into the Home and Business edition, which I definitely do not need at all. I cannot switch back or get out of the expensive version. I tried to make a new account and start from scratch, using the Free edition and it gives me a refund of $650 LESS than the Home and Business edition. All amounts are input exactly the same. I cannot figure out why there is a difference in the refund amount. I have been going over it for literally the past 4 hours – there are no differences between the info I entered on each edition/return. I do not want to pay the $75 for Home and Business, since I do not need the extra features, but I do not want to miss out on the extra $650 either :/

    1. Hi MrsG,
      You are being switched to the product that fits your needs and your tax situation. Free edition is for those that have a simple tax return. If you received income for a business you own, you need to use Home and Business so that you get all of the tax deductions and credits your eligible for related to your business, which is why you are getting different results using Free.
      Thank you,
      Lisa Greene-Lewis

      1. I do not have a business, which is why I said I do not need Home and Business version. I file a simple 1040A, with no additional forms

  5. I used turbo tax for 3 years and for that 3 years I always received my tax refund delayed of 2 or 3 months. How can turbo tax improve or can expedite my refund ? IRS always answered me because I received a big refund. Will turbo tax can do something on this ? Thanks.

  6. How do you know which tax situation you’re in? Is there some type of metric that lets you know your tax situation is a simple one?

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