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This tax season, TurboTax helped millions of customers easily get their taxes done before the April 15 tax filing deadline.

Intuit began as a company that uses innovative ways to get close to customers, such as founder Scott Cook’s infamous “follow-me-homes,” where he’d watch customers manage their finances so he could learn how to build a better personal finance product. TurboTax uses social media is to bring customers together and provide tax expertise (example: Live Community) or gather feedback (see: Inner Circle) and most recently to connect directly with customers existing platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

This year, TurboTax connected 40 tax and tech experts from across the company with customers in need on Twitter using @TeamTurboTax. The @TeamTurboTax team addressed hundreds of questions from Feb. 1, 2010 through the tax deadline. About 71% of those we asked decided to recommend TurboTax after their interactions with the team.

While using the best tools to connect with customers is always important  at TurboTax, we don’t want to forget to show you the most important part of making anything this big a success: the people behind the team. With @TeamTurboTax, the subject-matter experts, from seasoned CPAs to technical gurus, were the secret sauce to making our customers happy campers.

Last week we celebrated the end of tax season and inducted the employees that make the team what it is today into the @TeamTurboTax Hall of ‘Twame.

Below we highlight seven of our 40 best and brightest: our Customer Advocate, MVP, three Process Gurus, and two Go-Getters. As you’ll see, not only did we evolve the means by which we deliver customer service, but the way we measure it too.



Our Customer Advocate, Christine Thacker, is a TurboTax Live Community Moderator day-by-day. This tax season, Christine helped the most customers on Twitter this tax season (and she’s even a Twitter newbie!). Being a part of @TeamTurboTax is a natural fit for Christine, who sees @TeamTurboTax as a great way to build relationships with customers and an extension of her work in Live Community. Christine says, “I’m so happy that I have opportunity to participate. My favorite part of the tax season was seeing retweets from customers that were ‘wowed’ by their @TeamTurboTax experience.” When not tweeting or otherwise helping customers right and left, Christine spends her days with her two children, volunteering in her son’s kindergarten class, or doing anything from relaxing to gardening outdoors.

What is in the DNA of an @TeamTurboTax MVP? Far more than Twitter expertise, so it seems. Lee Ferris, CPA and 30-year tax season veteran, brings her tax expertise to TurboTax customers on Twitter by participating in @TeamTurboTax. While not tweeting, Lee is busy as tax expert for a broader team built around getting customers answers fast, and managing tax experts from various states, from Alabama to Oregon. Lee’s favorite moments helping customers this tax season involved helping grandmas understand if they can claim their grandchildren as dependents, and military spouses understand new tax laws. Lee’s favorite thing about using Twitter to answer tax questions? How short tax answers can finally be! When not helping customers or TurboTax employees keep up with tax law changes, you can find Lee reading, watching CSpan2 Book TV!

@TeamTurboTax is all about how we help customers as quickly and easily as possible. Our three Process Gurus, Zak Jacobson, David Kanter, and Ben Kanspedos are part of the Hall of ‘Twame because of their focus on quickly finding innovative ways to help customers even faster during a very busy tax season.




Zak Jacobson, Process Guru and software engineer at TurboTax, has been part of a variety of projects at TurboTax, including the team behind the sweet new iPhone app from TurboTax, SnapTax. Zak, a long-time Twitter user in his personal life, joined @TeamTurboTax because he feels using Twitter to reach out to customers on a personal level is not only a great idea, but a perfect application of Twitter and social marketing. In his spare time, you can find Zak snapping pictures around San Diego and elsewhere.


David Kanter, Process Guru, spent six years as an operations manager at Intuit before moving into our Customer Care organization. David’s pedigree makes him the perfect match for TurboTax customers in need: operations expertise, a customer-centric attitude and a passion for social media. David is an early adopter of Twitter, and in fact, secured many Twitter accounts for major Intuit brands before the rest of the company rallied around the cause. His favorite experience this tax season? When one customer said “eureka!” once he was able to solve their problem. This gave David a case of the warm fuzzies. When not tweeting or working, David enjoys playing with his four-year-old, playing rock guitar, and attending SO3 concerts in San Diego. You can also find him running in San Diego through Balboa Park.

Ben Kanspedos, Process Guru, creates training content for TurboTax employees. An avid Twitter user himself, Ben appreciates when companies he reaches out to for help on Twitter take the time to respond. As a result of his own experiences, Ben thinks using social platforms to answer questions and provide targeted information has so many benefits for customers. Outside of work Ben likes playing with gadgets, listening to music and searching for the perfect beat.

Tons of customers are out there talking about TurboTax on Twitter, but since @TeamTurboTax is so new, we need to let them know we’re here to help. Our two Go-Getters, Kim Bayne and Lucy Beard, helped connect the most customers with @TeamTurboTaxthis tax season.



Kim M. Bayne, a Go-Getter and Twitter veteran, is a senior technical writer and content developer at TurboTax. Her focus on customer and agent facing support content makes her a perfect match for supplying customers in need with helpful tidbits fast. Kim is an avid blogger herself, and was at the forefront of watching how companies would use Twitter. Kim joined the @TeamTurboTax team because she wanted to return to using Twitter for Intuit and helping customers. Kim’s favorite case of helping a customer this tax season took place when she helped a frazzled customer with login issues via chat. Kim quickly got the customer’s login information late at night when the customer needed help most. Outside of work, Kim is an avid crafts artisan and loves researching the business applications of augmented reality. She plans to live long enough to experience a Star Trek holodeck in her lifetime.

Lucy Beard, Go-Getter, and a customer care analytics manager, focuses on data most of the time. Her passion for connecting customers with the right expert brought her to the @TeamTurboTax team, where she helped customers during odd hours (when they need it most!). When not using Twitter for work, Lucy uses it to find out more about her favorite topics, like geocaching or David Beckham. Her favorite way to have a ball with customers on Twitter? Finding out what customers were going to spend their refund on. Lucy says, “…they get excited to tell me about the new pair of jeans, the student loan to pay off, or a wedding they are saving for. It brings it home that TurboTax makes a difference in people’s live and puts more money in their pocket.”

Did @TeamTurboTax help you on Twitter this tax season? Share your story in comments!

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  1. I have question.

    The Schedule K-1 is 5 pages long as formatted by TurboTax. When I print a K-1 only the first 2 pages print. How do I print the last 3 pages?

    I have asked this question several times, but never get an answer. Please pass this on to someone who will. This is a problen with both 2008 and 2009 TurboTax. I believe in 2007 all 5 pages printed.


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