It’s the Fourth of July: Independence Day Boost the Economy

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Independence day is here!  The day we remember those who fought for our independence in the past and honor our heroic military troops of the present.  It’s also a day we celebrate with our families and friends by doing everything from firing up the grill to attending explosive firework shows.  No matter what we chose to do, Fourth of July celebrations are on the rise. With more than 67.6 percent of Americans planning to join in the festivities this holiday and with the Fourth of July falling in the middle of the week, many Americans plan to start their spending and celebrations earlier than usual.  Our infographic shows you everything from how much Americans spend on Independence Day to how many millions of dollars in damage their personal firework celebrations are causing.

[intuit_tt_infographic id=10893]

How do plan to spend the Fourth of July?  Whatever you do, stay safe and remember our military troops.

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