IRS Free File Program Opens Today

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The IRS today opened its popular Free File Program, available at, a public-private partnership between the federal government and private tax preparation companies, including TurboTax maker Intuit. Twenty states plus the District of Columbia, also have Free File programs modeled after the Federal program.

For tax year 2014, taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $31,000 or less, active military personnel with adjusted gross income of $60,000 or less or those who qualify for the earned income credit can prepare and file their federal and state tax returns with TurboTax All Free(SM) at no cost through this program.

The TurboTax All Free(SM) (previously called TurboTax Freedom Edition) transfers your data from last year’s TurboTax return and automatically imports W-2 information from participating employers. And if you have tax questions while filing your return, you can get them answered from our credentialed tax experts who are CPAs, IRS Enrolled Agents, and tax attorneys – free.

We’re proud to support IRS and State Free File Programs, which are designed to deliver free online tax preparation and e-filing to lower and middle-income taxpayers. In fact, we’ve been part of the program for more than a decade.

Additionally, anyone, regardless of your income, can use Free File Fillable Forms at  It’s a free, simple forms utility that’s basically the electronic equivalent of a paper 1040 along with associated schedules and forms.

Intuit partners with nonprofits and IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance programs (VITAs) across the country to help eligible taxpayers learn about and use our Free File product offering. Intuit staff also volunteers with these groups to assist taxpayers as they use it. More than 300 employees volunteered last year at programs in California, Arizona, Virginia, Texas and Nevada proving once again that helping people prepare and file their taxes is not only our business, it is also one of our favorite ways to care and give back in the communities.

Please note:  TurboTax All Free (SM) is not to be confused with our Federal Free Edition available on if you don’t meet these qualifications.




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  1. Have asked several times with no response: Why does having too many 1099 forms prohibit my filing electronically using Turbo Tax (which I have, for many years?)

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